Balls and Howls (Scorpio Queen and WitchChild)

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    The streets were piling up with soft snow in the November night, people keeping inside and huddle up to the best source of warmth. Shopkeepers locked up their businesses to head on home or to the pub for a swig of drink. Meanwhile however, just outside of London proper in a large manor, a masquerade was being held for the upper class of citizens of London city. Surviving noblemen, industrial tycoons and other wealthy people of some renown attended, wearing extravagant costumes and masks. They all mingled while live music was played on an elevated stage, the players themselves wearing matching masks. The smell of food, wine and tobacco smoke hung heavy in the air of the manor's ballroom. Boisterous laughs and some condescending responses, flirting, hidden insults and threats surrounded conversations.

    One of the guests, Clinton Ocallaghan, held a glass of wine and dined upon some finger foods. He basically wore a black suit with a white silk shirt and a red silk cravat. His coal black hair was pulled into a tail similar to how the colonials had them a few hundred years ago. His face was covered by a stylized wolf mask which was more or less a private little joke which most of the guests. Clinton was, in fact, a werewolf. An old werewolf as well and had accumulated quite a bit of wealth throughout the years which he had later invested into various businesses as to grow his wealth some more. Not only was he a wealthy werewolf but he was the current king of the werewolves in England.

    Clinton smiled and socialized with the rest, even flirting with some of the women. He was known to be rather eccentric and a jovial man and he quite enjoyed such get together but there were times where he was unavailable. No one really know where he went at times and always on a monthly basis.
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    London had grown cold breath clung in the air on chilly November nights. many hid in their homes for warmth or were in a pub. However tonight was the Werewolf king's ball. Well they all just thought the man was a rich nobleman. So they always attended his parties tonight was no different with the party. Everything was extravagant, as always all the higher ups attended this ball. Elthrial was forced to go by her parents.

    Elthrial was ready and dressed. She was skinny for a noble. She was also pale which was a good sign meant she did not work in the sun. She had on a black dress with a hood attached. She also wore a mask of the Moon Goddess Mask. Her carriage pulled up and she stepped out. Elthrial was as pale as the moon her lips red and all set against a black dress. Her long white hair lay flat against her dress. She put her mask on as she walked into the party. She was offered a drink and took it.

    Elthrial walked around the ball room her eye's landed on Clinton as he walked around. Her thoughts were interrupted by a man.He held his hand out for her to dance. She shook her head and said no thank you. She moved to lean on a pole time a sigh. She wasn't one for the normal noblemans life. She liked to ride and shoot a bow and arrow. Tonight she had to be lady like.
  3. Clint watched over at the attending guests. Those who weren't wealthy among the guests were the manor servants and the occasional personal servants of some of the guests. He was quite satisifed with the amount of attending guests and was more than happy to engage in some meaningless chatter with some of them. Some of the attending guests were also like him, werewolves. He talked to them, speaking in vague words and euphemisms to refer to recent hunts rival pack disputes. Those were discussions he kept brief as those got on his nerves more often than not.

    Clint made his way through the various groups of people when his eyes landed upon Elthrial against one of the pillars. He arched his brow as he studied her appearance. Night black dress, pale skin, moon goddess mask and blood red lips. "My my..." he mouthed as he took in what he saw from a distance. She didn't look to be enjoying herself though which was close to heresy as he held his parties so he decided to approach her.

    "Good evening" he said once he was close enough so that they could talk just loud enough to be relatively private. "I do hope you are enjoying yourself. It would be quite a shame and a blow to my self esteem if my little bash would not put at least a smile on everyone this evening" he said in a jovial and friendly tone of voice. He kept a respectful distance from her as not to seem overly eager but not hiding that he was in fact eager to interact with her.
  4. Elthrial jumped turning and saw him co exhisit into her view when she turned. she bows her head to him," Good Evening sir." She bows her head to him amd curls her blood red lips into a small smile. Sorry I had no one to speak to that was interesting. Looks like now I do though." She said." Very elegant party." She said. El was facing him amd had stepped close to him." I don't bite." She said.

    " So, going to show me around your grace or does a girl have to rethink how interesting her host is." She said. She sighed and looked at him. Elthrial winked and walked away a bit. She walked to the balcony and sighed. The doors swung open and she leaned on the balcony and turned towards the doors and looked waiting on him. She was sure he follow. Elthrial had seen his intrigue in her.

    Elthrial looked at him when he did show." So I have heard story's of this place. They say a Werewolf named Lucian use too walk these halls and his descendants now walk the halls. This place is cursed and your not allowed to leave the grounds. Did I miss anything well besides it being a story. However the history of this place is amazing. The fact you live here is beyond compare." She said and kept her arms wrapped around her. She was slightly cold in the cool night air.
  5. Clint did indeed follow the lovely woman. He was a little bit surprised at her behavior as he expected her to be much more reserved and reticent but proved to be quite intriguing. She was much more...forward, suggestive even as she answered his question. He with a bit of eagerness followed her to the balcony. The cool winter night air breezed through the open doorway and into the manor. There was a gentle wind and there were light clouds in the sky, the moon bright in the sky. It wasn't quite full yet but would be within a week.

    When at the balcony, he walked outside, turning around to partially lean and sit against the railing after brushing away the snow that was on it, regarding her as he folded his arms with a smile on his face. He listened to her when she spoke about the manor and its previous owner, Lucian, and he only made a small chuckle. "My my. That is quite the tale you heard. One might wonder where exactly you heard it from" He said. It was more or less true though he wouldn't exactly just blurt that out to a stranger and an outsider, someone who wasn't part of the community that the werewolves were a part of...unless she was something more than he had expected.

    He pushed himself off the railing and took a couple of steps closer to her, hand out to take hers if she were so inclined to take it. "Lord Clinton Ocallaghan. I am quite charmed to meet you, miss..." He said as he looked her in the eye, the moonlight reflecting off his eyes to make them a little bit more intense than they were.
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  7. Elthrial kept her eye's trained on him." One hears things when they are in the market. It is said peasants are such a gossip. Though Legends must come from some where. They come from true stories, as your mask suggest it could be real." She said and frowned slightly. She watched him get up and step closer to her. He held out his hand. His body was in an intimidating stance. The moon seemed to enhance his eye's. she nods to him and takes his hand."Elthrial Mortelle, Baroness." She said. she shook it and nods to him.

    Elthrial kept her back straight and looked evenly into his eye's. He tried to make a woman like her back up or cringe. she was a brave girl that was outspoken. Her eye's were even with his and she held his gaze. She pulled her hand back. He was warmer then her and it made her curiou She only pulled her hand back to wrap her arms around her shivering body. Her long sleeves kept some warmth in, However it was not enough. She nods to him and sighed," So my Lord what exactly do you do around here for fun?" She asked.

    " Do you ride horses, shoot bow and arrows, I mean you have all these woods and all this spare space. How I envy how you live. Well as all men Live I am not your typical girl I don't always like to be proper. I like to be proper yes, but I can use a sword and many things like that." She said. She stopped sorry." I know it isn't proper or lady like, but I feel I can't be cooped up in a place. when the moon is high. I have to just run."She said."you get what I mean?" She asked him.
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  8. Clint just grinned under his mask when she spoke about legends being based on truth. This girl certainly was an inquisitive one and quite outspoken, two traits which weren't exactly common among nobles. This was going to be an intriguing night indeed. He leaned to her hand, brushing his lips against her knuckles before raising again. "Clinton Ocallaghan" He said courteously and let go of her hand and straightened his own back.

    He listened to her ideas of fun and her comments about the mansion grounds. He didn't comment until she asked him what she meant. "I believe I know exactly what you mean" he said with a little suggestive tone before turning to walk back inside. He stopped at the balcony doors and turned his head to look at her. "As for my idea of fun, I think I have something that might be of interest to you" he said and proceeded inside, expecting her to follow. He walked briskly through the room and took a turn to an area less frequented by the guests of his party and opened a double door room. It was dark but he flicked a switch and the room lit up. He apparently had installed one of those new electric light systems which had started to trend. It revealed a large room with wall displays. He apparently was an avid collector of historical weapons as from left to right it started from ancient bronze weapons and continued to modern day firearms. Swords, axes, polearms, spears maces and suits of armor were polished and displayed, a fortune's worth of weaponry. There were also lances and shields with various emblems and designs. There were Japanese katana swords, Northern European viking blades, Spanish fencing swords and even Arabian scimitars just to name a few. "Please, poruse at your leisure" he told her with a smile. One section of wall was seemingly dedicated to various bow designs such as a regular English longbow, Mongolian composite bow which were designed to be used while mounted and even a Japanese kyudo bow.

    "I myself find the art of combat quite exhilarating and rewarding. I have practiced with nearly every single one of these weapons, familiarizing myself with their strengths and weaknesses" He said as he walked to a certain stand in the room which displayed a suit of old viking armor of leather, mail and furs along with a circular shield of old wood and with a sheathed ulfberth sword. He took the sword and drew it from the scabbard, the blade notched but well maintained. "I think we may have something in common, lady Mortelle" He said as he turned to her with sword in hand, giving her a fencers salute with the sword.
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    Elthrial followed him away from the ball room and towards a room when she entered. She stopped and gasped. She loved this room and all that was in it. she looked around and stopped at the bow wall her eye's scanned them with a quiet longing to touch and release a arrow from them. She bit her lip and turned when she hears metal. She looked at the sowed and bows gently. He walked over and nods as she eye's the sword." Oh that I think we do. " She said.

    Elthrial stepped close and looked at the blade beautiful intricate handle and the evaluation seems perfectly balanced. She looked it over. "Wow the maker did an amazing job Iron, not silver." She said. She looked at him. Her body stepped back from him with a small jump of being to close with so many people around outside. She bit her lip." This is all very amazing.However won't the host be missed at his own party?" She asked
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