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    So many many dark memories for these children. Children who did nothing wrong. Who's lives were stolen from them by an impostor. Someone they thought they could trust. After all, he worked at their favorite place to play. He was dressed as one of their favorite characters. How could they have ever known....that it would come to this?

    Of course, years and years of makes people do things they never thought they would do. Makes them angry. And hurt. Revenge was something they thought would fix everything. But, it didn't. When the man who betrayed them died, his soul stayed. It didn't make them any happier, didn't fix what was broken. And now, they were stuck with him forever. Perhaps, more killing would? Yes, after all, there were plenty more people like this man. More people in that security outfit. They had to be bad too. All they had to do was get rid of all the bad guys. And so, they killed. And killed. Every person they saw when it was time for them to roam, they killed, and made like them.

    Yet, was wasn't anything working? Why couldn't these children just move on? Was there anything that could put their souls at ease? Or would the pain far in the past continue to haunt them worse than they haunted others?

    Information about the RP:
    Okay before I give information, I would just like to say that this is an RP. No one truely knows the whole story of what happened with the five children and so I have to think to put together a version that can be successfully rped. Thus, what I put here is for the RP and I will not change it because it 'doesn't go with the theory'. If you constantly are bickering about theory and the plot you will be kicked off the rp. Now, onto the information:

    1. There are more ghosts in this rp than just the five children. These ghosts include the Purple Guy, the ghost controlling the marionette, and possibly others depending on how things go. I will allow other ghosts to be made later on after all the originals are taken, BUT it has to control one of the left over animatronics and it has to go along with the story. If I don't approve it then you can't do it. As of right now, just stick to the ones I have listed before until I say otherwise.
    2. There will be a Nightguard but if you have noticed, for sake of not only having two or three older people in the rp, I have added in two other humans. These humans can either be friends of the Nightguard who come to Freddy's with him or they can be workers at Freddy's. The three humans can work that out together.
    3. In the rp, in contrast to the games, it will be in a Freddy's Pizzeria that the children are set free, not the Freddy's Fright. It just makes things easier since a lot of the characters were left out in that one XD
    4. The animatronics can not move during the day. This is kind of obvious. But that doesn't mean the ghosts can't
    :3 This also doesn't mean ghosts can go crazy during the day scaring people either. Ghosts, show yourselves in moderation not all the time. For the sake of the rp, we will say the ghosts can chose when they want to show themselves and when they don't.

    This rp will take place in this year (2017). The timeline of games to now goes: FNAF4, FNAF2, FNAF, and the rp would be basically canceling out FNAF3. I think FNAF4 and 2 happened in the same week as well, so keep that in mind.
    5. The ghosts would be able to communicate with the living, but it is likely they wouldn't do it often and the humans can communicate back.
    6. The ghosts are able to choose when they can and can't become solid, though it takes years of trying(of course, them being ghosts for over thirty years they have been able to accomplish this) and even then it takes a massive about of concentration to become solid even for just a few moments. This is why they still use the animatronics to do their dirty work.
    7. There is new information about another character, who is the head of security and the grandson of purple guy. To start reading where we discussed this information, click here.
    8. To view the map of the Pizzeria, click here.
    9. If I think of any other information or anything comes up in the discussion it will be added here.

    1. Okay, so for the last few group rps I have done people didn't really get what I meant when I checked the 'adept' box and the rp fell through rather quickly. So I'm going to write out my definition for it that you must follow. Adept is when you write 3+ paragraphs per character per post, have little grammar and spelling errors, and can move the plot along without cliches. I can understand errors here or there. I'm not evil or a writing nazi, but I expect capable writers that can move the story forward.
    2. Going along with rule #1. DO NOT POST YOUR CHARACTER SHEET HERE YET. What I need from you, so I can check and approve characters before people post and crowd up the OOC with characters that won't be used, is that you send me your character, along with a writing sample for a post (can be one you write on the spot or one from a past rp), in conversations. If you post on here without confirming with me first I will not accept you into the rp at all because you did not follow instructions. (if you are confused about his rule, please pm me and I will be more than happy to explain in better terms for you to understand ^_^). Also, there is no reserving characters. If you want a character you better send your CS in ASAP, other wise it might get taken. This is first come first serve. You cant just message me and say you are interested in a character, I have to see a CS and example post before that character is yours.
    3. Be civil. Don't start fights. And don't join in them. You will be kicked from the rp for drama if you do.
    4. You may play up to two characters BUT if you have two characters than they must be of opposite gender. Meaning one boy and one girl (I may make exceptions for people to have 3 characters later on if we need more people).
    5. Certain characters have already been marked for genders. This is just because its what we actually know form the games to be true (well expect for the night guard who I just see as a male so I marked him as that XD don't hate me). So yeah :) I will also mark genders after someone takes a character just for my own organization. Also, if it gets to the point where one gender is outnumbering the other I may close the signups for whatever gender character is the overpopulating one.
    6. Wow I feel a bit strict. So fun rule time! Put a banner for your character at the top of your character sheet! (for example look to my character :bsmile: ). You can make it or find one. Or if you absolutely need help I can try to make one for you though I can't promise it will be the best.
    7. What I say goes. Don't argue.
    8. Oh, let's also get a good range of ages. Don't make all the ghosts young but not of them old either. The 5 kids that died will range from 5-12, all the other ghost should be older than that.

    8. More may come. If they do I'll let everyone know.


    Ghost of Freddy(male)- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Bonnie(female)- MischieviousCheshireX3
    Ghost of Chica- Nico

    Ghost of Foxy- Robin man
    Ghost of Fredbear(golden freddy, male)- Justaddnutts
    Ghost of Marionette(female)- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Springtrap (purple guy)- AHeartlessNobody

    Security Guard(male)- NovaCaster
    Other Human(female)- Trainbrain16
    Other Human- Justaddnutts
    Other Human(must be male)-

    Age: (for ghosts, age when you died)
    What Are You?: (human or ghost)
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: (in other words, ghosts; what animation is your ghost in control of. humans; can just put any character their human likes)
    Theme Song: (preferably a FNAF song. this is just for fun but at the same time don't leave it blank ;) pick a song that says something about your character and have fun with it.)

    Click on the name of the characters to jump straight to their profile:
    Annabella Charring(Marionette) and Jacob Charring(Freddy Fazbear)
    Skylar Arsen(Bonnie the Bunny)
    Nora Ackerman(Chica the Chicken)
    Darius Shay Willem(Fredbear/Golden Freddy)
    Connie McCormick(Head Cook)
    Arizona Queen West(The Mechanic)
    Vincent Summers(Springtrap/PurpleGuy) and Xander Summers(Head Security Guard)

    Click here to view the IC

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Her name was Annabella Charring, but now she barely even remembers that, going be Marionette
    Age: She died when she was 19
    What Are You?: Ghost
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: The Marionette
    Biography: Anna was just your average girl. She was beautiful, well liked, and all around possibly the person with the most promise in her small town. She graduated high school at the top of her class and enrolled in the local university in her home town. Of course, with her living in her home town and her parents working all the time, she offered to watch her younger brother, Jacob when summer time came around, as well as a few of the other kids in town. One of their favorite places to go was Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, which had been recently remodeled with new animatronics and many rooms the children could play in. It was such a great place. she thought.
    One day, while they were all there, the kids running from room to room playing, Annabella had been doing some summer school work for her university at one of the tables and, due to her having stayed up late studying the night before, fell asleep at the table, only to wake up after closing with one of the workers shaking her awake before walking out saying she had to leave before the Nightguard locked the doors. Confused, the young woman got up and after packing her things, began to walk around the restaurant, trying to find the kids, and hearing them crying, followed the sounds to a room labeled 'Safe Room: Employees Only'. Despite the sign, hearing them crying, she rushed into the room to see a man, dressed in a purple security guard outfit, hovering over the children that he had cornered with a knife in his hand. It was instinct what she did next. She had to try to defend her younger brother and the other children. Had to save them.
    Yet, she failed.
    It was painful, filled with her screams as the man slowly killed her, torturing her until she finally died and her body stuffed into the box in the prize corner to lay dead beside the old puppet. After he killed her, he killed the children, including her younger brother. He had won.
    But....did he really?
    Gifts. Give gifts. Yes, that was what she did....or was it what the Marionette did? But...she was the Marionette, wasn't she? Yes...yes she was. Her body may have died, but now she had a new one. One that was....less disposable. And now, it was her job to give gifts. And her first gifts? The gifts of life. The children she died protecting, they would not perish. Their souls would live on. They would be fixed. She would make it so. And that is what she did.
    They got their revenge in time. It didn't take long. The man wasn't as smart as he thought he was. He had stuffed them in suits, and yet he himself was in a suit. One that was his end. The Springtrap.
    Yet...why did she not feel better? And why weren't the children at ease? Perhaps they still had more to do...more...killing.

    Theme Song: (I put this video together myself :3)

    Appearance: Her hair was blonde and her eyes blue. But after death, her spirit for some reason beyond her knowledge has grey hair and eyes.
    Other: She's very angry and has been since the day she and the children were killed. With her soul not at ease and pain she feels, now she will try to kill anyone that wears the same uniform that evil man did, as if it will ebb away at the bitterness and help her pass on. So far though, all it has done is make things worse and make her sick in the head.


    Name: Jacob Charring, though tries to just call himself Freddy a lot of times. In all honestly the only reason he still even remembers his name is because that's all his sister calls him.
    Age: 10
    What Are You?: Ghost
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Freddy Frazbear
    Biography: Unlike most siblings, Jacob actually had a very good relationship with his sister. Perhaps it was the age difference that they were able to get along with one another fairly well. Sure, there were times when his sister got on his nerves and he would try to defy her rules she had when babysitting he and some of his friends, but all together he and his sister were really close. When he found out his sister was babysitting him for the summer, he was a little disappointed. He would have much rather someone who wasn't apart of his family watch him, but he really didn't have a choice in the matter and went along with it quietly. Hey, at least she took them to Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria alot!
    Yet, it was one of those times that they went there where things changed for them...forever. When he saw his sister asleep at one of the tables, he didn't think much of it. After all, his sister had been studying a lot, so maybe she just needed a break. So, he and the other children went on playing, as if nothing was wrong.
    It was toward closing time though, that something strange happened. One of the workers in a Bonnie suit approached he and his friends, asking them if they wanted to see the newest animatronics in the back getting put together. They agreed happily and followed the man to a part of the restaurant marked for employees only. Though, that was strange...where were the animatronics he was talking about? When they asked him this, he stated there were no new animatronics and, in fact, they were going to be the animatronics. The children, realizing what was going to happen to them, began cowering and crying, the man pulling out his knife, ready to kill Jacob and the other children.
    Then, his sister came in the room.
    Jacob though, maybe, his sister would save them. She jumped at the man, trying to wrestle the knife away from him, but...she failed. The children were forced to watch the young woman's horrible fate, tortured and killed slowly by the man.
    And then, it was their turn.
    After he died, he thought that was it. But, he was wrong. He heard his sister, calling his name. Perhaps this was a dream? He only wished it was, but it wasn't. When he woke up, he was standing beside the Freddy Frazbear animatronic, but he felt strange. Different. And his sister, she was different too, standing beside the Marionette that used to give them gifts. The marionette seemed to move with his sister, mimicking her actions sometimes. It took him a moment to realize that she was controlling it. And he, when trying, could do the same, expect it was with Freddy. He had no more small frail body that someone could break. No, now he had Freddy. No one would ever break him again.
    Theme Song: Ya'll shoulda known I was gonna use this one ;)

    Other: Jacob listens to his sister a lot. If she tells him to do something, he does it without question. If he tells her to calm down, he calms down, if she tells him to listen to her music box, he listens, and if she tells him to kill the security guard....well, how could he argue with that?
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Skylar Arsen, she used to be her Daddy’s little rockstar, now she’s the guitar playing bunny named Bonnie

    Age: 12

    What Are You?: Ghost

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Bonnie The Bunny

    Biography: For a kid that came from a broken home Skylar was rather happy with her life. Ever since she could remember it had always been just her and her dad standing together to face the world head on. She just couldn't help but wonder where her mother was in all of this though, so when a clue finally came to light she just had to follow it to the only place it led to: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.

    Ever since she found a worn photo of her three year-old self, where she was trying as hard as she could to hug onto a purple bunny animatronic while holding hands with a slightly older woman, she pestered her dad into taking her to the pizzeria every week. She was determined to find out anything she could, but as the years wore on so did any hope of finding her mother. Now she just went to see the one thing that held any memory of her mom: Bonnie the Bunny.

    The last day she spent at the pizzeria was different though her dad was never late to pick her up, but as she continued to play with Jacob and the other kids she forgot about it entirely. That’s when things started to take a turn for the worse. She had followed after the man in the golden Bonnie suit along with the others, yet not once did she realize the danger she was in until it was already far too late. She had been blinded by her own excitement and in the end she would pay a very hefty sum for her one mistake.

    She cowered in the corner as she watched her one rescuer die at the hands of the man in the suit. She . . . she had to be the big kid now. She moved her trembling frame in front of the other kids in one final effort to save them, but in the moments that followed her small effort meant nothing. She cried and screamed for her daddy to save her as she was tortured to death, and as everything faded to black around her the only thought left in her head was why her dad had never came. He had left her alone when she had needed him most just like her mother.

    Something inside her had broken when she finally woke up after that fateful night. Now, well hehe, now she was always smiling no matter what happened. Every single day she stood on the stage playing that bright red guitar that Bonnie always played. Wait no . . . that’s wrong she was Bonnie, and this was her guitar now . . . and this was her body now. The others were here too . . . hehe but someone was waiting . . . waiting to become their new friend. Yes that’s what it was . . . someone was waiting to be like her . . . hehe but no matter what she would always make sure that the show would go on.

    Theme Song:

    Appearance: Just like Anna's appearance changed to mimic the marionette's, so did Skylar's when she awoke. Her brown hair and green eyes turned to the familiar violet and pink colors of Bonnie.

    Other: No matter what, she may not be the very first to say goodbye after your stuffed into the suit, but she'll always be the first one to greet you with a smile, and the first one to try and make you into her new friend hehe.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Connie McCormick
    Age: 19
    What Are You?: Human
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Chica
    Biography: She's beautiful girl inside and out, as long as you're tough enough to handle her. She's ADD and about as Tomboyish as you can get without straight-up being just a dude with a rack. She's incredibly smart, clever and curious, and she has a good sense of humor. She can get emotional at times, she's very playful for her age, and she loves kids even more than she loves cooking. She absolutely can't stand anyone who picks on people who can't stand up for themselves, especially kids, and is very capable and willing to stand up for others who can't do it for themselves. (She may not seem like she's very strong, but she grew up on a farm in Nebraska. That slightly meaty frame hides a lot of muscle.) She once went so far as to beat a man twice her size nearly to death when she saw him trying to abduct a young boy off the street, and she has a stab scar from his knife on her stomach to prove it as well.
    Theme Song: Ghostbusters (I just had to.)
    Appearance: (Note, her eyes are actually a deep purple, but I can't find a better pic for her than this one.)
    Other: Despite her age she is the head chef at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Nora Ackerman
    Age: 10
    What Are You?: Ghost
    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Chica
    Nora came from a middle class family. Her life wasn't posh but it was comfortable and she wouldn't have had it any other way. Her mother worked at an office building that Nora knew nothing about and really couldn't understand. Her father left when she was a baby and she never knew him. She knew her mother was tired from working so much and tried to help as much as a child could. Her personality was bright and she could always bring a smile to her mother's lips.

    One afternoon her mother asked Annabella to watch her with the other children. Little did she know that would be the last time she saw her beloved daughter. Nora had always loved Freddy's Pizzeria and Chica, who was her favorite animatronic. She played with the other children and was worried when their babysitter had fallen asleep. She had a bad feeling when the man in a golden Bonnie suit appeared and lead the children to a room. She tried to be optimistic and positive. When she saw the man come out of the suit and pull a knife out she became scared. It wasn't a game anymore, this man was bad. She worked up the courage and stood straight, she wouldn't let the man see her fear.

    That all failed when she saw the man torture and murder Annabella in cold blood. Then Jacob and the rest of her new friends. All she could think of was her mommy and cried for her as he gutted her and her vision went black. She heard a voice and soon her vision came back and she was standing next to Chica. She felt one with the animatroinc like she was it. She noticed everyone else too.

    Give gifts, give life....

    This was her new life.

    Theme Song:

    Other: Chica/Nora acts as the bright and happy one of the animatronics. She is always there for a kind ear and is very caring.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Three animatronics down, one and the guard to go...

    I'm so excited! lol
  8. You forgot Goldie TT^TT
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  9. Oh, right... that creepy motherfucker...
    I prefer to try not to think about him much. Helps keep the nightmares at bay a bit better...
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  10. Goldie is still one of the five children though
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  11. I just realized that I meant to send you that banner over conversation and I put it here instead XD Man I must have been tired last night lol.
  12. Just an update for you all;
    We have someone interested in Foxy and hopefully we'll have him by the end of today, as well as someone planning to make another female human and (possibly, depending on things) Fredbear. But we still need the security guard. So far no one has come forth wanting to be him and we can't start without him.
    Also, as a side note, after this other female human is made by the person I'm currently talking to, there will be no more sign ups for female characters. So far we have all female characters and one male (who is played by me XD). Sorry I just don't want a thousand females and only one or two males (we all know how that goes in rps. It'll be like the girls swarming the males for attention). Anyways, you get the picture lol.
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  13. Thanks for the update hun
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  14. I'd be fine with taking the security guard, so long as you'd be willing to toss together a quick banner for him like you did with Connie. :smile: I'll get started on that poor fool's CS, but would you need another sample post from me to go with it? I'm assuming not, but I'm just making sure because you know what they say about assume; all it does is make an ass out of u and me. :bsmile:
    Don't know how many times I've said this before and to how many of you, but I'm REALLY excited to get started with this! :bouncy:
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  15. Actually I just got someone who might be interested in the Security guard so hold off on that CS for now.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Darius Shay Willem


    What Are You?:

    Favorite Character at Freddy's:

    No kid plans on witnessing multiple murders in one setting, but when they do it's pretty understandable that they leave the event more then a little traumatized. (Not to mention probably a little confused and scared for his life, with questions like. "Was I seen? Am I next? What happened?") Needless to say, like any kind scared out of his ever loving mind he kept it completely to himself.

    Maybe if he hadn't his Brother would have known better.

    He had picked up rather quickly on Darius' new found fear of all things Freddy's, and he took great joy tormenting him with it as older siblings are known to do. His brother made his home just as much of a living hell as Freddy's was. No where was safe from the crippling fear and persisting nightmares. His life was polluted by a constant state of terror. His brother had taken things to far.

    And then he took them so far, he could never take it back.

    His brother took it so far he got him killed,

    The Bite of '87.

    It wasn't long till later in a hospital room he gave up to the pain and fear, and the last thing he hear was the heart monitor flat line.

    Theme Song:


    He tends to be a little more hesitant or unwilling to hurt the living, maybe due to the fact that he sees his death as a good thing as he is finally free of all the fear that haunted him??? But then again, it may be because deep down he believe he should have died with the other children.

    Due to the Damage to his Frontal Lobe before the time of his death his Ghost some times has issues expressing emotionless correctly, fine motor controls, and even verbally expressing himself. Though these issues come and go depending on stress and emotional turmoil.​
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  17. Oh, awesome! In that case I'll hold on.
  18. Lol you guys blew up my notifications while I was in class XD like 8 alerts and two messages. You guys must be getting pretty excited.
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  19. XD Hell yeah, I'm excited!
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  20. Oh so on my way driving home from class and listening to some FNAF music (im such a fan girl lol) and I got an idea for another character I myself might want to play but wanted to hear what you all thought of it since it wasn't in the main plot I had up there from the start. I figure if you guys don't think its a good idea then I won't make the character but if you guys do think it's a good idea I will. It's basically a group decision.

    Anyway, I'll stop rambling and tell you the character. So I was thinking, instead of the security getting 'trained' by the tapes with phone guys and such, what if it was a on the job training. Like The new security guard is on duty and doing all the work of course, but theres another character, perhaps a head of security or a fill in guard for when other guards suddenly 'go missing' (lol, or as we like to call it 'get into the proper Fazbear attire ;D ). On a side note this guard is probably in his twenties and would be pretty experienced at Freddy's, having worked and survived the night shift a few times. And being a guard would run in his family. In other words I wanted to make this guard either one of two people: The grandson of the Purple Guy (since it is thiry years after the murders [2017] in the rp or the son of Mike Schmidt.

    What do you guys think?
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