Baka and Test: Lost Beasts (Sign-ups/OOC)

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  1. Students at Fumizuki Academy woke up one day as their avatars in a world that looks like Fumizuki Academy. The battle field's location varied on location, and there were enemies that are just avatars with clothing on, but no face. No clue how they got there, or the reasoning behind it, they try to fight out. They don't know if there are remedial tests, so they assume the life they have now is their last.​

    1. Please notice that Soraru and I are co-gms (They came up with the idea)
    2. All Iwaku rules apply
    3. This isn't that other forum so remain fluffy
    4. Post at least once a week.
    5. Respect each other in the OOC, but that rarely doesn't happen
    6. Understand that your character may die
    7. Have fun, but then again I can't force you.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: (Chibi/ Avatar is mainly required, but your actual appearance can be included if you want Pretty helpful site )
    Name: (Typically Japanese, but transfer students exist.)
    Age: (15-17)
    Class: (Class 2-A through 2-F. If there is 2 of one, then it'll be no longer available.)
    Subject Scores: (Make sure to match your class)
    Phys. Ed.-
    Overall- (For this add them up. Yes, I know. Math...)
    Personality: (You know what this means)
    Quirks: (Many characters in Baka & Test have unusual quirks, so what's yours?)
    Background: (No life story, just a small summary of it)
    Accepted Characters
    Reserved|2-A|~ Lunar Muse
    Reserved|2-A|~ Lunar Muse
    Reserved|2-B|~I.S. Zero
    Reserved|2-D|~ RareSecret​
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  2. I am interested but mind telling me a little more about the plot?
  3. @Lunar❖Muse
    What happens is that after a regular day of classes, the students go to sleep. When they wake-up it turns out they are in a whole different world that looks like Fumizuki Academy and are in their avatars bodies. The school is full of test fields except for a few spaces which are safe zones. These test fields contain avatars that lack a face so dummies. Different parts of the school have different fields, so that means different subjects to battle in. The rpers have no clue about remedial tests, and if they exists, or if they will lose their lives if they lose. Basically, you are now trying to figure a way out of this odd situation you are in.
  4. Sorry some mroe quick questions~
    1. What do yo mean by Avatar bodies?
    2. will there be character death and gore and horror?

    those are really the only two questions~
  5. 1. Let's see. They are now moving as their avatar rather than their actual self. Such as the character that fights for them in the show.
    2. There will be character death as for the other two, it depends on one direct you want to go in.
  6. 1. I still don't udnerstand where the avatars come from. Are they from a site that they are all part of our are they from a school forum that they had to create or....?
    2. .... Not really into gore and horror.....
    I LOVe THAT SITE~!!! <3
  7. Then that fine . but are fine with little horror
    Me too
  8. Yeah I am able to handle a little horror just not a huge amount ^^

    But can you please explain to me about these avatars.... I still don't really get it... Sorry i just want to udnerstand completely before I really decide to join~ ^^;
  9. Okay good to know

    Second , your avatars are like a chibi version of you. So since you are passed out or sleep . Your avatar fight for you in the other world. So when you get in this world you turn into your avatar. So your avatar is you in a another world. Basally.
  10. OH! I will join~
  11. Also if you don't helping us get people to join

    One question
    How many character are you making?
  12. Probably one or two~ Is that alright? (characters)

    and I can see if I can gather more people no problem~
  13. Yeah that all right. Just not three or four
    Rare Secret and myself. Will also make your own characters
    And thanks that would help
  14. No problem at all~ I don't mind helping out~
    I have RPed with RareSecret before so when i got a notification that she made a new thread I thought I would check it out~ ^^
  15. May I ask what your name?
  16. What my name is~? I don't give out my real name but you may call me Muse~ ^^
  17. If I ask for your real name I seem like a stranger. Well then nice to meet you Muse . I'm a 13 boy named Soraru
  18. *smiles* nice to meet you Soraru~
  19. *smiles* nice to meet you too , Muse