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Which idea would you be more willing to RP?

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    The Planet of Worlds
    In the beginning there was naught but our mother goddess and the void. For when she came to be though, she opened her beautiful eyes and felt the need to birth children into this void, but before that could happen she needed to create a world for them.
    Long, long ago, the world slept in the arms of the dark void.
    From this place of nothingness, Spirit drew together and created Our Lady of Infinite Love.
    Our Lady danced among the heavens, her feet beating out the rhythm of all creation.
    Sparks of light catapulted from her hair, giving birth to the stars and planets.
    As she twirled, these heavenly bodies began to move with her in the divine symphony of the universe. When her dancing quickened she formed the seas and mountains of Baile.
    She chanted words of love and joy, and as these sounds fell to Baile, the trees and flowers were born.

    Baile is our world, it is our land but long ago it was ravaged with war. The creatures that covered the planet fought wickedly amongst themselves and our mother saw this. She disliked the way her children fought with one another, killing each other and manipulating each other. She knew there was flaw within them, though she loved them dearly. So, with this our Father came to be. Father is not as loving as Mother, he is wicked and cruel, punishing the creatures with a cruelty and lack of mercy like no other. Mother saw the flaw within Father so she created her soldiers. Some called them angels, others called them terrible creations. They were emotionless and killed off Fathers soldiers with no feeling. They felt no regret when they took the life of Fathers spawn. Baile was still ravaged with war because of Mother and Fathers fighting, they used the creatures of Baile against one another in order to aid themselves in the war. Father was power hungry, and some would say Mother was as well but she simply wanted to protect her children from the wrath of Father.
    As the wars waged on Baile became a terrible place to live on, many attempted to leave and though some were able to it didn’t last long. Once you were accustomed to life on Baile, it was home to you. The people of Baile disliked being used as pawns in Mother and Fathers game of chess so they began to fight back. Elves, fairies, dwarfs, demons, angels, trolls, elementals; any mythical beast one could think of worked together and apart to push Mother and Father’s soldiers from their homes. Exiling them to the darkest depths of Father’s domain and pushing many completely from existence. When Mother and Father saw this they felt pity for their children, despite their fighting Mother and Father were and are one of the same. They work as Ying and Yang, one ruling the light and the other dark. So, they worked together to bring to life the Trócaire, the Trócaire were treated as royalty and ruled over many different continents or states upon the continents as governors, queens, kings, or plain rulers. Though over time a few stepped down to migrate to their own continent. The Trócaire were very similar to Elves, Drows, Fairies, and Pixies in different ways and they felt most comfortable around them. Because of this though, each continent upon Baile took on its own form of government though all answered to one in the end. Each continent has its inhabitants with different cultures and customs. There are at least seven different ones in total.

    But, as the Trócaire were created peace began to spread across the planet. As this peace took place though some became tired of it, and the warriors itched for a fight. While the Trócaire grew accustomed to their home, some began to choose different paths. Some choosing the Light, some the Dark and this resulted in different cities or nations going to war with one another. The Light against this Dark, these wars were accepted by the creatures of Baile, they knew that this battle would always be fought by people no matter where they were. As the Trócaire moved to a different land, the people of the cities or nations they left continued on with their lifestyle, some still following the light and even worshipping Mother or Father solely in that area so hence, the wars continued to be waged in these areas. But, they were never bad enough to end the world; they helped it move forward with life. Because, with life death will always creep in and the people of Baile can accept that for how it was, they can accept that the Light and Dark will always be at odds as long as each of them exists in the universe.
    Option One:
    My idea is that after these wars have ended and everything has been put back together the people of Baile have decided to search Earth for others. They want to bring back humans that are gifted with magical powers or even other magical creatures that are simply lost there. Because of the fact that the way I have the different continents of Baile set up they are immensely advanced in technology they could travel through time so the people could be from all different periods of times. What I want to do though is do a story where these people or refuges are being taught the ways of Baile and going through a course almost like schooling so they can learn to hone and master their powers and skills.
    Option Two:
    If not that, then I want to do something where the population of Baile has been past the years of war for over 100 years but war is among them again but from an outside source. Because of that though, I've already designed a tunnel system for the entire planet that the population could evacuate to. I would want to do a story where it starts when the evacuation first begins but a few are left behind and locked out. They have to travel across the planet to get to the capital and gain access to the emergency entrance to the tunnels but along the way they would have different challenges to face.
    If you're interested in one more than the other please let me know! If both, awesome! Maybe at some point we could do both but for now I just want to do one. Please let me know.

    Continents (open)

    Aratana Hajimari
    Aratana Hajimari was made home by the more human type creatures of the planet and the dragons. The land is separated into multiple smaller islands creating a circle with a much larger one in the middle of the circle. There are many miles of ocean between each island but they are still connected when the tide goes down by sandbars. Many of the islands each have mountains covering the land with few flats areas for farming. The people of the islands have been innovative in their farming techniques and many people travel to these islands for the spices they have. They are known for being skilled in martial arts upon these islands and the lands would remind many of Earth’s Feudal Japan. The people live a peaceful life with beautiful artwork and architecture unlike many of the other continents. The capital of Aratana Hajimari may be found on the center island, which is where most of the trading and decisions are made by the government of the islands. The capitals name is: Irasshai.

    On the most Eastern island one can find Eastern Style Dragons, these dragons do not always have wings and many reside in the water surrounding the island and within its lakes as well. This island is beautiful, though many humans do not visit this island because the dragons are quite territorial and picky about whom they allow onto their land. On the most Western island, there are the more western style dragons with wings and many breathe fire. The land here is beautiful as well, a mountain and waterfalls can be found and just as the eastern island, many humans cannot be found here. The dragons are well respected by the people of Aratana Hajimari and each year there is a festival held on Irasshai called the Dragon Festival, it is a time for the people to thank the dragons for their protection.

    Western Island (Elion): Lush green forest, and high mountains, the mountains themselves form a sort of barrier protecting the central valley of the island. Here resides a certain species of dragons, the western styles of dragon have wings and either walk on two or one set of legs like wyverns and drakes for example. Then there are the others that walk bipedal and have arms and hands, more humanoid in stature then your standard dragon. The western dragons are known for their ability to breathe fire, but this is not their only talent. Some can control different elements and some can even manipulate the cosmos. Within the valley rest the central nesting ground of all the western dragons that reside there, highly protective of their home they seldom let anyone near let alone on the island. Only a chosen few are allowed to set foot upon the island, among those are the Dragon Sages, Shikyo and Kiyomi. For those that are unwelcome to their home are most likely to find themselves burnt to nothing but a pile of ash within the first few seconds of setting foot upon the beach.

    Eastern Island (Felaern): Somewhat different to the western island but a little alike in terms of having a mountain range but no valley. Instead the island is more shaped like a large crescent moon with a large open bay, the water crystal clear and filled with aquatic life. Residing upon this island is the eastern idea of dragons, mystic creatures that have long elongated bodies. Sporting no wings it’s still a mystery on how they fly but majestic none the less as they seem to swim through the air as easily as they swim through water. These creatures are believed to have magical powers, like the western dragons some can control different elements of the world, some are even known as celestial dragons for being fabled of flying high in the sky just below the exosphere. Though these dragons are not as protective as the western dragons, strangers best be careful while treading the water of the islands bay or may find themselves being a dragons snack.

    Irashai can be found at the base of the largest mountain upon the center island, Moshimuto, the capital is large and has the largest fish market known on Baile. Many travel here to get a taste of their fine cuisine. The style of dress is simple, kimono’s being the most prominent here. Irashai may be a large city but there are smaller villages surrounding it upon the island, making it truly the center of business and trade. The villagers of the smaller villages travel to the city to trade with merchants that travel from afar and many times there are shows put on for the foreigners. The city is always busy with life, the bright colors of cherry blossoms lining the streets and the scents of fresh baked goods or the blooming flowers filling the air. Though, of course if you get too close to the fish market you’ll smell more fish than anything else.

    Throughout Irasshai one can find small businesses such bakeries that offer some of the most amazing smelling and tasting pastries known in Aratana Hajimari. The breads are soft and simply melt in your mouth when you take a bite of one. The smell of the sea is prominent all through the city, the people taking so much pride in their home that they have special regulations for wastes being disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. There are a splendor of ramen shops lining the streets and many dojos for someone wishing to learn a new skill. Irasshai is very welcoming to visitors and tourists, the beaches along the coast constantly being filled with happiness and families playing about in the sand and waves.

    Éire is a beautiful country, its lands are filled with breathtaking views of streams, rivers, countryside meadows, snow topped mountain ranges, castles, beachside villas, and forests with an abundance of wild-life. Eire, can be described as medieval in many ways. It’s lack of modern technology besides a few amenities that make life simpler and easier such as indoor restrooms and running water! But, other than they the people of Eire live in the 5th to 15th centuries of the Earth’s Europe. These lands are filled with small border wars and castles of dukes of and kings, but let’s not forget the queens either. There is such an abundance of life in this continent that it’s hard to take it all in at once. There are the farmers, the royalty, the peasants, the simple folk simply trying to live life without troubles and the ones that lie, cheat, and steal for a living. There are different sections that have been divided into counties of a sort that are ruled by people of different beliefs. Each ‘County’ has its own set of rules but each one must answer to Eire’s final laws that follow Baile’s laws.

    The capital of Eire is Iwerddon, farther towards the north of the continent it is filled with a bustling city life and a calm countryside. The city is the largest of Eire, which makes it the home of many of the council members that help Eire make large decisions such as new leaders for counties and such. Despite the city being large it is small in comparison to some of the cities on other continents but this is the way the people of Eire like it. It is one large castle in the center of a walled in city with many streets and smaller building consisting of the market and shops where one can buy many different things or even make trades. The farms can be found farther out away from the walls, though there is a much smaller wall that surrounds them so that enemies may be kept out. Despite the fact the people of Eire live in a time period many would consider ancient their military tactics and choice of weapons can tend be considered overly sophisticated for their time period. Not to mention the magical creatures of Baile.

    There is one area of Eire that everyone goes to for special occasions or for healing. There is a lake by the name of Etiveloch, it is rumored to having healing properties within the water for anyone that bathes or swims within it. There are beautiful fish and a bounty of gorgeous, fragrant flowers as far as the eye can see along the edges of it. Etiveloch is a large, very deep lake with small islands dotting it, some live along the edges of it but it is rare for people to wander onto these peoples lands being they are usually considered witch doctors. Despite Eire being very accepting of magical beings some of the humans are still a bit wary of them. Etiveloch has a small island upon it that is the place of great importance being it is the place all of the royal court gets married. There is also a mountain range surrounding the lake, so in a way it is a valley that this huge lake resides in. Though many travel here each spring and summer some shy away from it and one area in particular is considered off limits, the royal family has a house upon the edge of the lake nestled into a forested area for times that they wish to have some kind of privacy.

    No Mans Land
    No Man’s Land is notoriously known as the continent all of the others send their criminals and villains to. Any criminal, villain, murderer, or simply evil person that has been sent here is damned to live out the rest of their years fighting for survival in this hellish place. Though the land isn’t terrible, there are many animals and insects that are considered dangerous and deadly. These make it difficult for some to survive that don’t know how to administer the antidotes needed or how to defend themselves prospering against these dangerous animals. It isn’t just the wild-life that makes it difficult for these criminals to survive, the fact that there are so many criminals and murders alike stuck on one piece of land together, there’s bound to be violence. A serial killers thirst for blood isn’t easily sated and so he/she preys on any around them. Many villains such as some of the most notorious ones: Jack the Ripper, Sweeny Todd, The Shanghai crews, James ‘Shangai’ Kelley, Albert Fish, Dennis Radar, Andrei Chikatilo, and many many more. The land is littered with makeshift cities surrounding the largest one. Large apartment buildings, bakeries and more line the streets of this dark city. Though crime is high, it’s almost as if it’s a normal city with people that have done nothing as well. These are wrongly prosecuted people that have been sent here and now much fight to survive. The criminals may fool some into thinking that No Man’s Land or Lotos is a warm, welcoming, place; it isn’t and many will see this once night time comes and their true nature is revealed.

    The elven races have their own continent all to themselves, they’ve secluded themselves this beautiful land, though they can be found traveling all around the world of Baile. The old royalty of Baile, the Trocaire have founded themselves a beautiful city all of their own. They felt most comfortable with the elves of Baile, believing that they can fit into best with the elves being their powers and appearances are very similar. The capital of Akhelbhen isn’t truly a capital; there are multiple capitals for each nation of people. The high elves have their own capital, the Trocaire have their own, and so do the Drow. The land itself is beautiful all over but it is divided between each race. One neutral area of the land though is shared and respected by all occupants of this continent, many call it the tree of the gods and some call it the tree of life. The beautiful tree has waterfalls pouring out of its branches and it provides power for much of the cities of Akhelbhen. The Tree is separated from the others by a large mountain range that creates a circle around it cutting it off from the rest of the world and thick forests with mythical beasts and creatures. Each nation for each race is separated from the other by mountain ranges that connect themselves to the center one and thick forests.

    The Trocaire capital is named, T’karon, the city is large and the architecture is different from that of any of the other cities in Akhelbhen. The city is nestled in the side of a mountain with many small rivers pouring out from beneath the beautiful buildings into a lake that the city is built around. The round topped buildings have gorgeous and majestic murals covering the ceilings. In T’Karon each the Dark and Light followers of the Trocaire come and mix together being that this is where all important decisions regarding the race is made. This is also where much of the trading may be done. This is also where all of the royalty from each the dark and light side come and having meetings or hearings for criminals or discuss the outcomes of feuds between smaller cities. T’Karon is also the home of many large libraries and art galleries being that the Trocaire race has a deep love and appreciation for art, literature, and history.

    The Drow capital is beneath ground, being the largest underground city within Baile and Akhelbhen, Itham is the center of life for the Drows. Though being underground would make many expect it be dark and lacking beauty it is oddly beautiful. Itham is where the leaders of the Drow community live and do most of their work form. Much trading, schooling, and much more is done within the area of Itham. Though, outsiders should be wary before wandering into Intham being that the Drow don’t usually welcome other people into their home and they tend to hate the high elves, their brethren that live above ground and have shunned them.

    Elashor is the elegant capital of the High Elf Race. This is where most of their libraries are located and most schooling, trading, shopping, and products are produced at. Being that the race is known to hoard information and be a bit snobbish they’re not very welcoming of outsiders that wish to come and take a look at their libraries or schools. There is the rare exception being that some are different and make friends outside of the race, though very rare. Elashor has many bridges connecting different levels of the city to one another and the buildings are most made of concrete, though the artistic effects to each one is noticeable yet subtle and creates an elegant city for many. Elashor is connected to many smaller cities made home by the high elves by roads and separated by thick forests and mountain ranges from the other races.

    Epochilis is a large continent with much to offer, with beautiful shores and dense forests it’s known as a good area for avid huntsmen to visit. But it’s also known for its technology. Being the technological capital of Baile it’s more advanced than all the other continents and futuristic in a sense. With two major cities, it’s surely one of the more populated continents as well. But humans aren’t the only things lurking upon the streets of these cities. There are droids, almost human like robots that live out their lives just like any normal human would. Hover cars, advanced satellites, advanced phones, even advanced humans exist on this continent of technology. The futuristic feel of it enamors any that visits the land. Epocholis has shared it’s wealth of technology with the other continents, having a base on each continent for space-ships, communications and more.

    The Northern capital of Epocholis is Ivorn. Being the northernmost city in Epocholis and one of the biggest, it has been chosen as the Northern Capital. The people living in this city are more tech-based people. Almost each one having their own mecha or suites they are respected by others for being the pilots of these suites or machines. These are a peaceful people, for the most part but there is a large arena within the city specifically constructed for battles between these mecha. The arena is also the place where many tournaments are held, but these are simply the tournaments for training by the people of Epocholis.

    The Southern capital of Epocholis is Aven, this is more or less home to people that have simply decided to enjoy the comforts of the futuristic technology of Epocholis. There is a very small amount of crime but it still happens from time to time. The medicines of this city are so well advanced that almost everyone within the continent come here for medical help and even people from other continents will come to Aven for their healing specialties. One of the most fascinating things about Aven is the railway that was developed by one of the founders of the city; they call it the Lightening Train being that it moves so quickly that anyone using it is never truly late for anything. Aven is truly the more tourist bound city of Epocholis for all of the entertainment provided for people within the city and much more.

    Tunnel System (open)

    In times of need each civilization needs an escape plan, they need a way to make sure their population and citizens are kept safe from every threat imaginable, even far off planets secluded away from all of the other planets of the universe needs a backup plan. Despite having wards and defense systems and mechanisms the Council felt that it was important that they come up with another way to keep their citizens and people safe from all outside threats or threats of invasion. When the plans were first brought to light by one of the members many thought it was odd and would not work, but after much research, discussion, and reflection the council decided that if anything were to work it would be this and one other plan. The Underworld Tunnels Project, UTP, was set into motion and ever since then, the council, engineers, and workman have come up with ways to make it bigger and better than it was originally planned to be.

    When the UTP was first thought of, it was originally planned that the tunnels would only be put into place beneath each capital of each continent, that was until the council realized this would make smaller cities and town feel like they were being left out, ostracized, didn’t matter and frankly, left out to dry. When this was realized, the tunnel systems were included to stretch beneath each and every single town and city known. Scouts went out, and found other smaller towns that were less known of and hard to find to include in the project and over times, the tunnels grew to become an entire world underground, hence its name: The Underworld Tunnels. Each tunnel system would be connected by smaller tunnels that could be closed down in situations that they were a liability or had been jeopardized. These tunnels could even be found beneath the ocean, connecting each continent to another. But these tunnels were not normal and not your average tunnel that you first thought of, they were larger, and constantly being added to. To make sure that there was always room for all of the citizens of Baile, the engineers took the population and doubled it, making the original tunnels large enough to accommodate double the population of Baile. When a child is born on Baile or a person moves to Baile, a system keeps records of the numbers and the engineers responsible for additions made to the tunnels take these numbers into account for each section added to the tunnel system below ground.

    The tunnels are deep enough below ground that all explosions from bombs, be it nuclear bombs, fire bombs, air bombs etc., may not harm these tunnels at all. They don’t even shake under the pressure or blasts made, these have been tested in sections of Baile to assure the safety of all evacuees when they will be needed. Each tunnel is circular in shape, to make sure that the structure can withstand the pressure being put on it from the ground around it along with all buildings above ground, trains, etc. Within the ground around the tunnels put at intervals of twenty yards are other walls, these walls are thinner but they are also equipped with defense mechanism to keep all from being able to dig through to the tunnels to harm them in anyway. These walls are equipped with fencing that is very similar to electrical fencing but much more complex in construction being that the construction is almost like that of a honeycomb shape.

    Along with these, the tunnel systems are equipped with a total of four ventilation systems. The first system in place is the named Number One; this is the main ventilation system that provides the tunnels with ventilated, filtered, and clean air so that all occupants of the tunnels are kept safe from toxins. In the case that the first system is jeopardized there are the other three ‘back-up’ systems that will kick into effect. The first system will shut itself down, closing itself off from the others and begin repair while the second, third, or fourth, are in working order. By the time the third ventilation system was to have to kick into effect the first system would have repaired itself back to working order. The lighting of the tunnels was chosen specifically for long periods without exposure to the sun, the lights being made specifically of a material that is just as effective as sunlight so that all citizens are kept from becoming sick from lack of sunlight. Below the flat flooring of each tunnel could be found mechanisms in place that would be a part of the ventilation systems along with storage spaces. Each tunnel has breakoffs, almost like the living quarters for each city with rooms equipped and large enough to accommodate up to ten people at a time comfortably.

    Along with these living quarters could be found bathing areas, with water systems that feed out treated water with minerals, and vitamins supplied directly into the water that each person would need to remain healthy. There are at least four water treatment systems just like the ventilations systems. Alongside these systems could be found farming areas, these rooms are much larger, large enough to produce enough crops for as many people accounted for within each city/town. These are constantly being added to as well as storage facilities that have nonperishable food in the case that the crops have been jeopardized to keep the people fed for up to twenty years. All of these areas are constantly being added to, with each section that is under construction having the ability to be shut off from the already finished sections in the case of an emergency.

    You are potentially wondering, how do the people enter these tunnels? That is a good question that the council members faced when the idea was first thought of, but just like any other problem they faced it head on. Within each city/town there are three entrance points, spaced out so that within each section of the cities so that the people of that city or town may enter the tunnels in an organized and timely manners. These stairways are equipped with technology that scans each person entering the stairway. This system scans the persons DNA quickly enough to identify them within the system of Bailes Citizens which is updated each time that there is a birth upon the planet or a person visits the planets. When, all people have been accounted for, the stairway ‘shuts down’. The stairway is a spiral staircase, with two for each entrance. These stairways go down a shaft alongside an elevator for the elderly or sick unable to travel down a stairway quickly. When the stairway shuts down, the stairs are straightened out; creating spaced out areas almost like thick flooring. These act as different levels to protect the entrances from being jeopardized by attacks. The elevator shaft spreads out as well, creating electrical nets between each section of ‘flooring’ in the situation that they are jeopardized. This isn’t even mentioning the laser beams that are turned on when the shaft undergoes its shutdown.
  2. In case there was any confusion for this I wanted to specify that this may end up being a long term RP. What I had in mind was that those participating and myself could continue it and once this part of the story is finished build off of it to create more stories for the world. I hope that's okay with all interested. Tonight I will be organizing the information to create sign ups for the second idea and have the information relevant to that story ready. I will need both good and bad guys. If anyone has ideas for the invaders species etc please let me know either here or messages.
  3. Hmm. how very intrigueing. what kind of 'school' system woudl there be for this? like a large academy, or just a few wandering tutors teaching those who should be taught?
  4. More along the lines of a large academy; that way there's a bit of organization to it and considering that Baile is so big on organization it would make sense. Also since Baile likes to keeps records of every single person upon the planet it would be yet another way for them to do so.

    I want to apologize for not being able to get the sign up topic up this past weekend though. I randomly ended up having to stay at my sisters for the weekend and her internet won't work for my laptop so I'm actually stuck doing this from mobile or on her desk top which doesn't have any of my information or even Word.