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    • Elijah Serrano

      "Mrs. and Mr. Serrano." The manager as he saw the pair enter into the warehouse, grinning as he approached them. They weren't common customers, but with their control over this city business hadn't been threatened like it had been by previous clans, so he was grateful for that. Mrs. Serrano smiled politely in response, but glanced around the cells as her husband spoke to the other man. "A bodyguard, you say?" Mr. Serrano nodded. Their daughter, Kristine, had been with a bodyguard from a young age; but Elijah had always seemed able to hold his own. With dangerous threats looming, closer than ever now, it was better safe than sorry. The Darcien clan had become increasingly more violent with their attacks over the previous months, especially toward the leaders themselves. "Preferably one that can fight, but will not turn on us." A grin broke across the manager's face. "Actually, I might have just the one."

      "He's a returnee."
      The manager explained as he led the couple further into the warehouse. "His previous owner sold him back here after quite a few years because one of their own was mistreating him. He didn't take well to the abuse, so they brought him back. I don't blame him, and as long as your son doesn't torment him violently, he should be well behaved." They passed by a werewolf, who growled at them, and Mrs. Serrano held her nose and turned away. "Mutts. Filthy mongrels." Her attention turned to the man they were following. "Please tell me you aren't going to try to sell us a wolf?" "A fox, actually." He answered. "He's a kitsune, a fire wielder so be careful not to spook him." The woman gave her husband a nervous look. The purpose of a bodyguard was to protect Elijah, after all; not to get him burnt to a crisp. "But he's quite tame, I assure you. Typically obedient, mostly quiet so he shouldn't give your son too much trouble. He can be a bit on the fiery side, but that's to be expected from those of his species. Best of all, kitsune are know for being extremely loyal, so I highly doubt you'll have issues with him sneaking around with the enemy behind your backs."

      Finally they reached Zach's cage. They could see the man's form in the back of the cell; sleeping perhaps, or just trying to get away from the noise that echoed throughout the large building. "Zach, looks like I may have found you a home." The manager said, leaning near the door. He checked in with the kitsune every so often, just like he did with most of his favorites around the warehouse.

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  1. Although his last owner had not been as kind as he had hoped, and the wife had ultimately been a complete bitch that deserved to die, Zach found himself almost yearning for that toxic situation. He had been bought as a pretty present for the female to look at, a novelty that was also capable of doing a few chores around the house and also acting as something of a guard dog if necessary. Sadly, the female in the equation had not been content to just look at the kitsune, and had seemed to quite enjoy displaying her power over him. It had started with a dropped glass and a slap to the face, spiraling out of control until the deranged woman was beating the man regularly. Zach didn't know why she was such a violent woman, he only knew that he couldn't take any more, and so he had reacted.

    Now he was back here, spending most of his time curled up on his bed as he sulked. There was nothing worse than waiting to be sold, the noise of the less content reverberating throughout the warehouse and hurting his sensitive ears. Every time one of those damn wolves howled his bushy tail twitched irritably, though he made no move to retaliate in any way. Once in a while the runes tattooed on his right forearm would glow, a signal that his latent power was threatening to activate, but he never went so far as to torch anything.

    At the sound of the manager of the establishment, one ear turned towards the voice, perking as Zach was certainly pleased with the prospect of what was being offered. The lithely built man stood, stretching briefly before walking to the front of his cell, peering out at the couple that were his prospective buyers. They didn't look like cruel people, and one always got a feel for that type when faced with potential buyers on most days. Generally, the manager shooed these undesirables away, but the odd one did slip through the net.

    Inclining his head politely, Zach spoke to the pair quietly, "How can I be of service?" He always did his best to make a good impression, even on the occasion when it was obvious he was not what the client was looking for. The manager had been good to him, and he wanted to make sure the man was recognised as running an excellent business with quality slaves. Some might have seen that as slightly odd, but for Zach, it was just an ordinary part of life.
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  2. Mr. and Mrs. Serrano had exchanged an apprehensive look when they first arrived at the cell. With him being curled up at the back of the like a sleeping dog, the wife took an immediate distaste. However, that judgment quickly changed once the man spoke. He was very human, unlikely a good portion of the half-animal creatures they had passed on their way back here. On top of that, he was polite and mannerly. Tame, indeed. "We are seeking a bodyguard for our son." Mr. Serrano responded. "Would you be compliant with that task?" He didn't go into details just yet, but if they buy Zach- which was swiftly turning into 'when'- he would explain the full extent of the situation while they headed back to their home. Besides, with such an open place, any of their enemies could be wandering about this place, and overhear. It would be better to catch them off guard that Elijah is being protected rather than let them be able to plot ahead. Mrs. Serrano stood alongside her husband, glad that a prospective had been found so soon; she had been worried that this task would be more difficult. And now wasn't the time to leave their children unattended, not that they didn't trust the guards. The kitsune seemed willing enough, and quite well-behaved. Strong, which was a plus for a task like this. Her eyes caught on the runes tattooed on his arm, and promptly asked the manager about them.

    "Those? One of his masters had tattooed him with a binding spell so that he is unable to call on his full power. Seems they were paranoid." The manager explained. "Still, from what I've heard he's still pretty powerful. And I'm sure you could find a way to remove it if necessary." The couple nodded, hoping that Zach would be up for the job. He seemed like a suitable choice, and trying to find an alternative would waste precious time.

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  3. Zach stood in a relatively relaxed pose as he waited for the pair that he assumed were husband and wife to appraise him. It was a slightly strange feeling, knowing that the two of them were assessing his temperament and his physical state, but it was something that one had to get used to as a slave. Even if one was in the same household for year upon year, it was still common to be subject to an appraisal at regular intervals, as the owners tended to want to ensure their investments were not subject to any undue wear and tear.

    The male soon spoke, and those words filled the slave with huge relief, as such a position was about the best he could hope for. "Of course. If that's the purpose you choose for me, my life will be his." He meant it, too. He didn't often do anything half heartedly, and this would be no different. If he needed to throw his life away in order to save his charge, then that was what he would do. Zach knew full well that his enthusiasm wasn't necessarily terribly convincing, as no doubt there were those that would happily lie if they thought it was going to grant them a modicum of freedom, but Zach was not one of these, something that the manager knew as well as anyone.

    "These runes don't affect my physical strength, which I would always prefer to use, anyway. Fire has its risks, and I've no desire to allow your son near that unless it is absolutely necessary." He explained this freely, blue eyes bright with what might have been excitement as he spoke. His ability to wield fire was rather limited, but it could be done if there was no other option. It would be an extreme drain on the kitsune, but more than worth it if it was enough to keep his charge alive. Of course, that all hinged on the Serrano's actually choosing him, although he did have a fairly good feeling about this. They were asking questions, and that was always a good sign.
  4. Zach's enthusiastic response made a smile quirk at the corners of Mr. Serrano's lips. No doubt the man was looking for a way out of here; a place as noisy as this would drive anyone insane. "Then that will be your task." He answered, glancing to the manager, who was grinning. He prided himself on knowing which customers would want which type, and he was also glad for Zach. Working under the Serrano family at a time like this was a threat on his life, but at least he would be treated well. After all, what good would a guard be if he was mistreated. While the men dealt with bargaining out a deal, Mrs. Serrano paid attention to Zach's explanation about his runes. A small smile appeared on her lips. Surely Elijah would get along with him. "I see. Then you should have no trouble." She mused quietly. "I really would prefer if you didn't use fire near our son, even in a fight if you can possibly help it. We vampires don't particularly like fire." Especially Elijah. Fire, whether by actual flames or sunlight induced heat, was the only sure way to kill a vampire.

    After handing off the money and finalizing details with the manager, Mr. Serrano returned to his wife's side as Zach's cell was unlocked. "Follow us." The husband said once the kitsune was free from his captivity. "And thank you again." The manager grinned and bowed his head. "But of course. Do come back if you need anything else." The couple began to walk off, Zach expected to follow close behind them.
  5. The small movement of the males lips did not go unnoticed by the kitsune, as he had always been an observant man. That tiny twitch was enough for him to see that the sale was all but done, and so while he remained stoic outwardly, he was smiling on the inside as he really was overjoyed to finally be on his way out of this hellhole. But, first the price had to be hammered out. These two didn't seem to be the type to be had, and so there would be some haggling, which at least opened up time for the woman to speak. Zach listened, nodding as he knew that was more appropriate than repeating himself. She seemed less comfortable with him than her husband, but it was nothing to worry about, as they seemed like decent people, and it was really this mysterious son that was the important person in this situation.

    It was barely a few minutes before the key was turned in the lock, and finally he was on his way out. Zach paused momentarily, uttering a quick, "Goodbye. I do hope we never meet again." He spoke to the manager with a smile, having grown at least a little fond of him during his time incarcerated here. He was a kind man and had done well by him, so he felt it only right that he make his exit in an amicable manner. But of course, this was an extremely short goodbye, as Zach soon trotted after his new masters, tail raised ever so slightly as he moved, a sign of how content he was with this change of circumstances. As the three of them got into the car, Zach sat quietly, knowing that he had no right to speak unless he was spoken to, and had no desire to push anything unless he had to.
  6. "I hope so too." The manager answered, chuckling as he saw the trio off. Zach had been one of the nicer, calmer slaves in the warehouse; the kitsune had rarely given him a hard time unless it was deserved. Definitely much quieter than most around there. Once the group was out of sight, the man sighed, returning to work again. The Serranos led Zach out of the facility and around the building where their car was sitting. The sun had recently set, and the city was beginning to darken with the oncoming of night. Going out in broad daylight was severely uncomfortable after all, but the allowed for more shade, so they braved a bit of sunshine in hopes that they could return home before night had completely fallen. The kitsune was allowed into the back seat of the van, the couple sitting in the front. It was quiet for a little bit while they drove before the husband spoke up. "I want you to be aware of the entire situation you've been chosen for." He began, though keeping his eyes on the road. "A rival clan has been vying for control of this city, and currently the attacks have become personal. We feared that our family may be in danger, and our son Elijah was the least defended before your assignment. You may very well be injured or killed should a direct attack occur. I just thought you'd want to know the extent of your duties." He was very to the point, but he felt it was better not to sugarcoat things. Zach had the right to know what was expected of him, and how dangerous the situation is presently.

    They arrived at a large house on the outskirts of the city; not exactly a mansion, but obviously home to a family that could afford to spend quite a bit. "We will show you to your room soon enough." Mr. Serrano said as they approached the front door. "But first, I believe some introductions are at hand, once we gather the rest of our family." His hand was at the doorknob when a rustling from the bushes caught his attention. A flash of messy silver hair made him sigh. "Elijah Mathias Serrano." The figure halted in his tracks, removing his hand from the fence that he had been about to jump over, slowly turning to face his parents. 'Damn it, too slow. When did they get home? And who is that?' "Where are you going at this hour? Isn't a bit early to be sneaking out?" Elijah sighed, shoving his hands into the pockets of his loose black jacket. His gaze was focused on Zach. "Who is the mutt?" "I asked a question first, and mind your manners." His father scolded, taking a firm grasp of his son's arm once he was close enough and pulling him into the house. "Don't you know how dangerous it is for you to be wandering?" "What am I supposed to do? Just sit around on my bed all night, fearing for my life every second? I'm not a child." "Well, you are acting like one." Mrs. Serrano cut in, giving the younger male an exasperated look. "Just behave, please." Elijah folded his arms, his gaze returning to the kitsune male. "When did we start bringing wild animals into the house? I thought you told Kristine no pets?"

    Mr. Serrano glared at him, rubbing his temple before ignoring the comment. "This is Zach, your bodyguard." The man responded. "Oh, so now I have a babysitter?" The young man muttered, huffing with annoyance. "Things have been getting worse with the Darcien clan. Your mother and I felt it would be safer for you to have someone to keep watch over you." "So you bought a fox to protect me?" His eyes narrowed at he stared at Zach. Sure, the man looked strong, and he wasn't half crouched like some domesticated animal. "You couldn't have found someone of our own kind?"
  7. Although he had always been well treated by his owners, aside from one obvious blip, Zach was surprised to find himself being spoken to so candidly and with such respect. He supposed part of that was the fact that this was the first time he had been selected for such a serious role, and also he had been a mere child the first time he had left with a new master. He had been a play thing for a child back then, and he had enjoyed what he had thought was a genuine friendship, having not quite understood his position in the world just yet. However, as the two had grown into their early teens, the other child had of course moved on to playing with their own kind exclusively, and so there had been no need for Zach to keep him amused. He had been sent back to the warehouse, and he had learnt a harsh lesson that day.

    "Thankyou, sir. I appreciate your honesty." It was a huge boon to him, and he was pleased to know that he really had lucked out in this, so long as the son took after his parents. "I'll gladly give my life if need be. Your son will be safe, so long as I draw breath." He was a determined character, and he would do anything to ensure the safety of the vampire child, and would of course extend his duty to protect the rest of the family if things became too dire. It was no good blinkering himself, something he considered as the drive continued.

    The house they arrived at was understated, considering the position this family were in. If they were the overseers of this city, and perhaps the region, then it wouldn't have been surprising if they had lived in a sprawling mansion, but they seemed not to be the type to flash their wealth. Certainly, Mr and Mrs. Serrano were a sensible and seemingly kind duo. It remained to be seen what their son would be, and he was very quick to make his presence felt.

    Sadly, the silver haired male was not quite as demure as his parents. He was also defiant, a first impression that would not be easy to shake, although Zach supposed it hardly mattered what a slave thought. The young man was older than what he had expected, and would certainly make his life a little more difficult, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. The redhead did pin his ears back as he was referred to as a 'mutt', but it was a momentary gesture that was more a twitch of the ears that was gone in a second, as the four of them made their way into the house - though one of them did so under duress.

    The kitsune stood by as the parents spoke harshly to their headstrong son, knowing that it was not his place to interject. However, he did speak when it seemed there was a suitable gap for him to fill. "Young master, I will be shadowing you, but I'll not be intrusive. You'll be able to live your life as normal, I promise you that." He would of course step in when he attempted to sneak out of the house, as he did answer to the elder Serrano's first, but that need not be stated just yet. First, he needed to at least be tolerated by the young vampire.
  8. By Zach's response, both of the vampires knew that they had made the right choice in buying the kitsune. He was honest and devout to the difficult task assigned to him; a task they themselves feared was too difficult for them to accomplish. After all, if you have to watch your own back, when you are the primary target, it is difficult to think of another as well. "We appreciate that. Your devotion is a great comfort to us." Mrs. Serrano said softly. And his devotion, and patience, would definitely be tested if Elijah decided to be uncooperative. Which seemed to be the case, given his initial reaction to Zach's presence. The parents exchanged a quick glance, having hoped their son would at least be reasonable about the situation. On the other hand, Elijah knew his parents would bring home a bodyguard sooner or later after all the attacks that had happened. The sentiment wasn't the issue, and he knew how heated the fighting was getting. He knew where it was safe to go, and where it wasn't. He wasn't an idiot, and he wasn't looking for danger. Being stuck in the house all day and every night drove him insane, and it seemed like the only way he got any freedom was if he stole it. And now that he actually had a guard looking out for him, even if he could go out more often because he was being watched over, he wouldn't be able to enjoy his freedom with a fox chaperoning him around like he was a child.

    Elijah listened as Zach spoke up, but fought back the urge to roll his eyes. His parents had brought home yet another doll; no matter what you said or did, they would just go about their business like nothing ever bothered them. It was always 'yes sir', 'thank you sir'. Or, with this one, his name seemed to be 'young master' instead. "Life as normal, except now I have a fox breathing down my neck." He muttered, ignored the sigh from his father. "Do you even know if he can fight? Because obviously you don't think I'm strong enough to defend myself, and personally, he doesn't look too tough to me." He closed a bit of space between him and the kitsune, looking daringly up at the older male to see if he'd react. "Let me guess. You're supposed to protect me, so you won't fight me." "Elijah, stop." Elijah grinned pushing his hands against the man's chest, though trying not to send him flying through a wall. He had never seen a kitsune before, so he assumed their brute strength wasn't near a vampire's, but he could misjudge. Besides, even if he didn't budge the man, he was testing him to see if he'd just take the pushing or try to speak up. "If I beat him in a fair fight, wouldn't that prove I don't need a bodyguard?" The excitement for something to do, something to get rid of some of this pent up energy that he had from always being indoors, drove him to look for any way he could to act out. It was the only way he got his parents to acknowledge that they can't chain him up with their commands, that they can't control him.
  9. Watching and listening to everything Elijah said was rather revealing. Zach was busy noting down how argumentative the teen was, how he believed he deserved as much freedom as he wanted. It seemed typical of many people his age, where he had forgotten that his parents really did know best, as their experiences in the world had taught them exactly which risks were worth taking and which needed to be cut off. No doubt, this was going to be an interesting vocation for the kitsune, and something he wasn't entirely sure he was going to enjoy. Perhaps in time the young vampire would understand that he was not here to make life difficult for him, and if the parents did grant him a little more freedom as a result of the bodyguards presence, then all to the good. As the somewhat petulant man continued to protest, Zach made a mental note to ask Mr. Serrano exactly how far he wanted him to go in controlling the movements of his son. He had a feeling that passively following Elijah around wasn't going to cut it, but he was by no means going to jump in and stop him if he hadn't permission to do so.

    Despite his obedience and diligence, Zach wasn't going to take any shit from his newest young master, and as he was addressed in such a clearly inflammatory manner, the vampire standing uncomfortably close, the kitsune pinned his ears back for good this time. He had enough self control not to growl at the young man, but he did briefly bear his teeth as he stumbled back a step, only to step forwards again to show that he was not going to just roll over and show his belly. "I answer to your father, and he has ordered me to protect you. I've no reason to prove myself, but if it is deemed necessary, then rest assured I will show you exactly why my presence is warranted." He would of course ensure he didn't hurt his charge too badly, but he wasn't one to shy away from a fight if that was what was needed. However, once this had been said, he took a step back, softening his blue eyes as he severed the animosity between them, at least on his end. Instead, he turned his attention back to his true master, "Sir, what would you like me to do? Am I to ensure he remains on the grounds?" He wanted to know exactly what was required, so as to better perform his task to the best of his ability.
  10. Just as Zach seemed to be observing Elijah's reactions and responses, the young man was paying attention to the kitsune's as well. All he had seen was reserved politeness and a thoroughly tame demeanor. That ear flick earlier when he had called him a mutt didn't go unnoticed, but could be attributed to other things. Besides, that didn't show any spirit, minor annoyance at best. If he was going to have to deal with someone always following him around, he didn't want it to be someone who was dull and always polite like the other servants. His parents disliked disobedience, but he craved to have something, anything, to keep him occupied if he was going to be eternally stuck here until this turf war was done. And so far, Zach wasn't showing much promise. That is, until Elijah decided to directly threaten him. Then things began to get a little more interesting. His ears pinned back, his typically docile gaze hardening, and the flash of his teeth- as brief as it might have been- was a triumph for the vampire man. 'So he does have some bite after all.' Elijah took note of the coolly spoken words; the kitsune was trying to keep his polite nature, but he wasn't going to avoid him like any of the other servants would have done. Many of them would have just stood there and turned their head at his bullying. But not Zach.

    Zach demeanor seemed to instantly change once she stepped back, addressing Elijah's parents and giving the younger vampire the cold shoulder. 'After a challenge like that, he dares to ignore me.' He thought, intrigued. 'He made his point, and he isn't avoiding. This might be fun after all.' He left the matter alone, not desiring to push a true fight in front of his parents. "Yes. Make sure he stays inside unless we allow him permission to go somewhere specifically." Mr. Serrano responded, giving his son a reprimanding look. What had they done to make his so adversarial? Staying inside the house was not fun, the entire family knows that. But what good is freedom if it gets you killed? He would have expected his son to rejoice in the prospect of being able to leave the house without fear of retribution, so long as he allowed the kitsune's company; but he'd gone and made the situation worse on himself by fighting with Zach. Now he was even more restricted than he was before. "That will be all, Elijah. Go to your room until we call you for dinner." Knowing he'd already pushed his luck enough for one night, the younger male begrudgingly retreated upstairs. Once his son was out of sight, Mr. Serrano sighed. "I don't know what's gotten into him. He acts like a caged animal. But you did well to react as you did. He likely would have struck you otherwise."
  11. It was obvious that this was not going to be an easy relationship, but Zach was determined that he would make it work in some way or other. Even if young Elijah never liked him or even accepted him, he would learn to tolerate his presence, no matter what. He had a good thing here, a noble role that he wanted to fulfill, and he was damned if he was going to let some brat of a vampire keep him from that. Zach was at least safe in the knowledge that the parents of this child were decent folk, and he would happily serve them, and he also hoped that they would appreciate him. Slavery really wasn't so bad. "Yes, sir." The kitsune answered once he had answer from Mr. Serrano. From there, he simply waited patiently while the family matters were dealt with, culminating in Elijah being sent to his room until dinner. It was almost amusing, an almost grown man being sent to his room like that, but it was understandable, considering how much of a child the silver haired idiot could be. This was going to be a fun ride, that much was obvious. "I'll do my best to remember that, I'm sure he'll have more to say to me soon. For now, I'll go and watch him." Zach offered a quick, respectful nod by way of goodbye, before then heading after the boy.

    Zach headed upstairs, making careful note of every aspect of the house as he went, clearly taking his role seriously, as he wanted to make sure his charge remained safe. To do this, he needed to know the layout of the house, as well as all the possible entry points, as he had no way of knowing how brazen the Serrano's enemies might be. He was coming into this blind, and so he needed to do everything he could to arm himself against what lay ahead. That included trying to make Elijah realise he wasn't here to ruin his life, although that was easier said than done as he had to try three doors (knocking on each of them), before finally coming upon that of the young vampire. "Young master, I know you don't want me anywhere near you, but neither of us have a choice in that." Although Zach enjoyed the opportunity had, he wasn't exactly a fan of Elijah himself, and he saw no reason to lie about that, "If you want me to just be your shadow, then that's what I'll be, but if you ever need anything more than a guard, I can be that too." He would run errands if he had to, fetch drinks, almost anything to ensure the vampire remained cordial, but he would draw a line, as he knew full well that his good will would be abused.
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    The parents exchanged an exasperated look, as their son retreated upstairs. However, Zach's presence was definitely a comfort. The response they'd received from Elijah was disheartening and unfortunate for the kitsune, but knowing that he would be safer now took a load off of their shoulders that had been bothering them for a while. And the devotion Zach showed despite that was admirable. The two gave him a nod as he headed off upstairs, noticing how intently he was observing everything around him. They had definitely made the right decision about choosing Zach. They just hoped Elijah wouldn't continue to torment him. As the kitsune disappeared from view, they decided to check on dinner, hoping it would be long enough away to give Elijah the chance to calm down.

    Elijah was sitting on the windowsill, looking out across the city. His room had a nice view of the area that his parents controlled, the territory that belonged to their clan. What did this whole thing mean? His parents had come home with a guard, and were more protective of him than usual. He'd never thought that the Darcien clan would be able to pull off a large scale attack, or organize enough to pose too much of a threat to his family or their clan. The other group had always been small in number compared to their own, and without powerful allies they wouldn't get much further than the borderline... had they gained dangerous new allies that his parents would not speak of? Who could be backing such an attack? Given the fact that the young man had never feared a true threat from the rival clan, the thought that true danger could be closing in on his family was, at the very least, intimidating. Truthfully, he was a rational person; he only acted out toward his parents because he had thought they were overreacting. Of course, he'd never admit to this. He would never hear the end of it, so he thought.

    Once Zach got to the second door he tried, Elijah picked up on a knocking noise and soon realized it was his guard. 'So he's bold enough to come looking for me?' He thought, turning away from the one-way glass. As the kitsune opened the door and began to speak, he gave the man a chance to speak without interrupting him. "Anything more than a guard?" He repeated softly, mainly to himself. True, if Zach had proved to be another one of his parent's undyingly obedient servants, he would have preferred a shadow rather than deal with that. But this man was different. He would fight if provoked, and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. No, he wanted to keep Zach close. What was the fun of having a willful guard if he remained distant? "That depends." He answered, heading away from the window toward the kitsune with a grin growing on his face. "Are you offering me your blood?" This was more of a tease than anything else, but the young man desired to see how Zach would react. What were the boundaries? How far could he push his luck before the kitsune showed his teeth and spoke up? Or would he only react to being threatened, and otherwise be complacent with all other requests? Elijah hoped it was the former, as the latter was not intended to be acted upon. For the moment, all of this was fun and games; there had only been two others that dared to speak up against him, both of which return the challenges. Adding a third to the count was intriguing to say the least.
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  13. Standing upright but relaxed, Zach was in a passive stance a fair few paces away, hands clasped behind his back as he remained in a respectful pose. He knew that it was imperative for him to observe his new master, and so he kept his eyes on him as the young vampire reacted to his presence. It became immediately apparent that Elijah had not expected the presence of his guard so quickly, or perhaps at all. Clearly, he was used to getting his own way, and also being left to his own devices when he sought the solace of his room. Unfortunately for him, Elijah was just going to have to get used to a few changes. Of course, the kitsune had no desire to muscle in on the silver haired lad's life too much, but there were certain things that he would not let slide. The parents were the true masters here, afterall.

    As Elijah approached, a lesser man might have taken a step back in the face of the grin that could only mean trouble. Zach, on the other hand stood fast, showing only a flicker of surprise as the blood question was raised. He wasn't entirely certain whether this was a serious proposition or just the vampires way of teasing, but either way the answer was exactly the same. "No. Of course, in an emergency I'd be willing, but I'm sure there are better options than a mutt like myself." He saw no reason to beat about the bush, his emphatic denial immediate, even if it was followed by an explanation and a little self deprecation.

    His bushy tail twitched slightly as he considered the best way to respond further, wondering whether he ought to elaborate or just leave things be. The kitsune soon decided on the best course of action, feeling that he ought to be as clear as possible in everything he did with Elijah. If he spoke and acted precisely, and with detail, then he would leave little room for the young vampire to exploit any weaknesses. This wasn't going to be an easy relationship by any means, but he could make it as simple as possible. "What I meant, is that I can offer support and help you actually enjoy your youth." He shrugged, "You want out of this house, but how much of the world have you really seen?Let my experience help you." It wasn't much, but it was a window that might help him to forge some sort of a friendship that might see them through their many years together.
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