INTEREST CHECK Bad Guys Always Get the Cooler Toys

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  1. That's right.

    A war RP set in a somewhat futuristical world. A group of assassins/ninjas, soldiers, scientists and engineers, generals, and other higher-ups are attempting the age old "taking over the world". They've got some Super-Tech gadgets that always get them an upper hand in combat. They specialize in ambushes and battles on water. Land battles are somewhat difficult for them, but they still manage to kick-ass, of course they lose sometimes too.

    On the other hand, we have the good guys. Sure they have pretty cool stuff too, but they're hardly as advanced in technology. Sometimes it seems that all of the smarter scientists and engineers went to the dark side. But of course, they fare quite well when on land. That's their specialty, land-battles. When it comes to land-rovers and tanks, they are doing pretty well.

    So, I was wondering if I should make this a Jump-in RP or not, what do you guys think?
  2. Make this a Jump-in. A plot with enemies and such like this would require a lot of planning and possibly, if you want it to go a certain way, you'd have to PM players on their part. Of course, they would have to keep their piece a secret and then watch it play out :P But I think this is an epic jump-in piece.
  3. Sounds like an interesting idea. Dunno how well jump-in would work, but definitely piques the curiosity.