Bad Days and how they really very entertaining.

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  1. So, everyone has had one.

    whether it was walking down the street and having someone blare the horn, causing you nearly to wet yourself but you drop your carton of milk, or it is a continuous onslaught of shitty events. While that day, we might have thrown a royal fit about it and even ate four cupcakes (I'm not proud of myself) to console our angry little heads, later on it is hilarious.

    Take my day today for instance;

    I had to run across town to get a money order so that I might pay my rent on time. I went into a coffee shop on the corner for a treat, and you know what happened? Two cops came in. I was just 'ah well, cool.' But this fatass sitting on the first table where the line started began to call them pigs and just a bunch of other gross things. They tried to defend themselves by telling them that not all were like that and he...wouldn't shut up. I stood there trying to ignore them when he addressed me and compared them (yes, you are hearing this right) to the Nazis in the Holocaust because they 'stole his weed'. So, I leave the shop, and head to the plaza. Some older lady was holding the door open for someone and I without noticing was heading through it. Before I knew however, the woman holding the door open pushed me out of the way and screamed that she would never hold the door open for a young shit. Needless to say, I....actually cussed at her. I never do that but eh.

    So I get home and guess what Molly has done?

    She got into the cupcakes, and proceeded to vomit her stolen goods all over my apartment.

    Thank you Molly. This day was made worse with your misbehaving.

    One day, I will look back and laugh. But today, I scorn.

    How about you? Any hilariously bad days?