Bad Company in SPAAAAAAACE

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Okay, I'm blaming Ryker on telling me to follow through with this, and looking for interest. I've got all the groundwork laid, and I could follow through with it pretty easy - I just don't want to do all that work if nobody is interested in playing.

Game Masters: Reiz
Accepting New Characters: Bad Company is always accepting new victims military rejects idiots suckers SOLDIERS.
Posting Expectations: Once or twice a week is fine by me.
Rating: E for EXPLOSIONS. Will contain violence and bad humor.
Genre: Explosive Humorus Sci-Fi
Atmosphere/Mood: Comedic with short injections of action.
Timeline: This game takes place in the future. Way far into the future. The year is 2475, and humanity has expanded into space. Slug throwers have been replaced by laser and guass weapons, and outdated tanks have long since been replaced by far more powerful - and better armed - versions. Personal space ships are not uncommon, and travel between the stars is accomplished by week-long jumps.
Basic Plot: Years of fighting between the Core Systems Free Republic and the Spartan Brigade have taught both sides an important lesson: The Marines aren't enough to secure a planet and hold it from your opponent. Both sides have recently began converting Marine companies over to Army companies, much to the displeasure of both the new Army commanders and their former Marine commanders. Thus, both sides are doing their best to kill the project. With that idea, they've gathered the worst of the absolute worst into the Core System Republic Army's Second Corps, Third Battalion, B-Company.

One of those men? You. Welcome to Bad Company, soldier.

Various Notes: The game itself is set in an all ready established universe, collectively known by those who made it as In The Shadow of the League. There is a lot to this universe - and very little of it will actually apply to this game. The least you need to know is that you're part of the Core Systems Republic Army, just recently drafted in from the Marines, and you're at war with the Spartan League. You've been deployed to a planet to be chosen, and will have various misadventures with you and your other derptastic squad-mates. If you wish to know more about the universe, there's a wiki available here, and I'm always glad to answer questions in both PM and this chat. Do note that despite thing being a sci-fi universe, and there being a few aliens in the universe, all characters will be humans. A short rundown of what's what in this universe can also be found here.

Character Sheets!


Character Name:
Gender: (CSRA accepts both Males and Females)
Age: (18+ Only)
Birthworld: (Make your own up, or browse the wiki and choose one. If browsing, anything not from Van-Ryand or Prometheus are acceptable. )
Occupation: (What do you do in the squad?)


General Appearance: (A picture would be nice!)




History: (At the very least, include WHY you were transfered to Bad Company - how did you mess up so bad that the Marines conisder you the worst of the worst?)

Also, a touch of inspiration to show you the mood I'm aiming for:
[ame=""]YouTube- Battlefield: Bad Company - 'Totally Not' TV Ad[/ame]

Character Name: Brad Kevintus, AKA "BK"

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Birthworld: Davit III

Occupation: Recon, and medic. Also has "skills" in information extraction.

Rank Lance Corporal, E3


General Appearance:



Strengths: Close Quarters Combat, small arms, and rifle handling, and mechanical knowledge. Field Medicine, interrogation, and stealth.

Weaknesses: Poor aim with large weapons such as a launcher type weapon, or any vehicle mounted weapon. No knowledge of explosives other than a countdown is a bad thing. He also has a tendency to suffer from selective hearing.


Talents: Brad is a skilled mathematician, and medical genius when he applies his mind, and is also a very adapt strategist.

Inabilities: He is unable to obey an order that will needlessly endanger anyone in his squad. He is also unable to pass up a chance to kill an enemy unless he is strictly told to do so. Being unable to sleep, or take five unless his weapons have been completely cleaned twice. Finally he has an inability to respect the Brass due to the fact he doesn't have the soldier's obedient mentality.

Fears: His weapon jamming while in the middle of a firefight, having to shoot a fellow soldier in the event of no medical treatment options, being sucked into the vacuum of space.

Personality: Brad has a very morbid sense of humor. Death to him is as funny as a Jew joke is to a Nazi. He tends to stay quite for the most part... until he's spoken to, or is goaded into a verbal argument. He also tends to have a very loud mouth when he drinks as it nullifies his mental control over his mouth.

He also has an unnatural craving for fast food. Most notably Burger King.

(It'll become more detailed with the progression of the story.)



History: Brad managed to land himself deployment out on the edge of Ulda Prime. The area was known as a hot spot for "Nothing." The boredom of base life eventually drove Brad to steal a tank from the armory. What should have been a simple Sunday drive turned into one of the unit's largest Cluster fucks ever witnessed. When Brad went to park the machine, he spilled a bottle of whiskey which he'd smuggled from his Battalion Commanders house, and accidently fired a Gauss shell into the Battalion Commander's house, and destroyed the majority of his sport's memorabilia.

In his defense, Lance Corporal Kevintus only replied "I always fucking hated tanks..."

Shortly after, he was dumped onto B-Company.
D: I don't suppose there are any sexy mechanic's around?

Can I be a nerdy scientist soldier who operates tanks and screams and howls with glee as he blasts his enemies to their component atoms?
Jumi: Totally approved. Just the right mix of military and humor I was looking for.

Krom: Sure. Tanks don't have disintengrators, though. Just plasma guns.

Vay: I await your Earthshattering kaboom. I'm hoping for one more player, but I'll gladly run with three.

Also, apologies for the delay. I've been busy with my mother the last few days.

Character Name: Gregory "Boomer" Hunt

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Birthworld: Trovis

Occupation: Demolitions and heavy weapons handling

Rank Private first class


General Appearance:


Strengths: Mechanical and explosives knowledge, familiarity with heavy and vehicle mounted weapons (but not vehicle main weapons or driving)

Weaknesses: Lousy aim with anything smaller than a grenade launcher (they're boring anyway) small regard fr what he blows up so long as it makes a loud boom. often forgets its better to put distance between himself and the bombs hes just planted.


Talents: Great with electronics and mechanical devices and making snap decisions under preasure.

Inabilities: Verry little restraint and he has problems with orders that come between him and blowing something up. Personal safety and thinking about the consequences of his actions before doing them.

Fears: Bomb-gremlins, atmospheric fight, mild fear of doctors.

Personality: The trick is not to get Greg to talk, its getting him to talk about things that don't bore the pants off of you. Hes always thinking of new triggering mechanisms for his 'boomtraps' or this explosive compound or that incendiary. On the battle field his quieter but hes trill thinking about his bombs.



History: "There has never been a better candidate for b-coy." those were the words of Greg's CO when he stood in front of the informal tribunal as they tried him in abstentia while smoke still billowed from what was once the armoury. It seemed a few of the charges inside had been modified and then stored while armed. The resulting explosion had cost the entire division their hearing and had caused the entire region to be put on alert until the cause could be found. There was of course only one logical suspect even if no proof was left intact.