Bad Blood

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  1. Vampires. this single word alone strikes both fear and interest in the hearts and minds of millions. the blood sucking creature of the night has been made into legends, books, movies and even games; but despite thier popularity they aren't real. they are nothing but fictional monsters with interesting myths... right? wrong. since the dawn of man, the creature known as the Vampire has hunted and killed humans for both survival and sport. that is, until a small few rose up against them, and fought back. they discovered thier weaknesses, exploited thier vulnerability to sunlight, and drove them into the dark.

    But the battle was far from over, for the war waged in secret for thousands of years; taking countless lives of both Vampire and Hunter. until... the treaty of the blood oath. upon this oath, Vampires and Hunters could live in peace, so long as Vampires did not kill when they feed, then the Hunters would keep them in the shadows as nothing more then legend to the world of man. but recently, the treaty has been threatened by a group of Vampire extremists known only as Umbra. they are dissatisfied and disgusted with the way modern Vampires are in hiding, and seek to put Vampires back on the top of the food chain. this is where you come in, as you awaken in a dimly lit room, bound tightly to a chair. you are with others, and you get a simple choice. join the world of darkness, or fight it. there's no
    turning back now... make your choice
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  2. (i apologize for only posting the plot and no character bios or sign up sheets. i tried to fix it, but the device i'm using currently is... frustrating. once again, sorry for the inconvenience. i'll fix it as soon as possible.)
  3. Hmmm, interesting plot, I like! If I may, can I post a character bio here, and see if you approve?
  4. I'm definitely interested in this
  5. I like the idea of it, might join.
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