Backstory Challenge #1

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  1. A character's backstory is incredibly important! Where we came from, the experiences we've had, the associations we make with those experiences, the habits we form and the lessons we learn all define who we are. If you know nothing about what your character has been through before they appear in a roleplay, you're going to have a very hard time developing them as a round and dynamic character

    In this challenge, look at the picture below, and invent a backstory for the character; define things like what their childhood was like, and what personal moralities they have formed.

    If a character is angered by animal abuse and passionate about protecting animals, it could be that they lost a pet to violence, or that they watched a lot of suffering that they couldn't help with, and use that past frustration as present passion. Maybe their parents raised them to really appreciate nature, and people abusing animals is seen as insulting to the philosophies they grew up with; it's all up to you.

    Create a backstory for THIS GUY!

    Form for those stuck:

    Where was he born, define a little about his early childhood (who took care of him, how was he educated)

    What is his passion? (Where did he go to school? What was his career choice, what did he want to be?)

    Does he have any significant traumas or happinesses in his past that put him where he is today?

    What was his relationship with his family? With his friends?

    What's his love life been like?

    Has he ever moved? Where has he lived and how did these places affect him?
  2. ...Why do I get the urge too write a story about the life of the bird (or spirit, which it's transforming into in my mind) instead of one about the Elf? Heh, I'm always like that, playing with the rules of any and all writing contest I find interesting ^_^;
  3. Go for it!
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