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  1. Alex moves back to his old town and meets back up with his old best friend/ crush after 7 years. Will the old feeling come back?
    -Character Info-
    Name: Alexander Bergman (Goes by Alex)
    Age: 17
    Height: 6 ft
    Heritage: Swedish
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular
    Personality: Smart, Creative, Tough, Artistic, Stubborn, Caring, Loving, Protective, Funny, Can be pretty short tempered, Respectful to women, and Outgoing.
    Hobbies: Excellent at drawing, boxing, guitar, drums and singing. (He mainly sings heavy metal)
    Bio: Alex was born in Sweden and lived there until he was 4 and had to move to the US because his father got a new job in Colorado. Luckily not only did Alex know Swedish but he also knew English already. When he moved to Colorado he made friends rather quickly, but his best friend was the girl next door. Alex always made new friends rather quickly due to his warm and kind personality, and his looks were always another plus. Girls especially seemed to like him but he never understood why. As time went on he developed a crush on his best friend. Of course being 6 he didn't know what to do about it. They grew rather close. Sadly when he turned 10 his father got a new job back in Sweden. Before he moved back to his birth place he gave his best friend a golden heart shaped necklace which he bought with his allowance. He was both sad and happy at the same time. He missed his Sweden but at the same time didn't want to leave his best friend and crush. As time went on he did date quit a few girls but they never seemed to click to him. When he was 14 he did form his own heavy metal band with a group of friends, he was always an excellent musician. He also continued his boxing which he started doing when he was 6. Every now and then he did think of his old best friend. When he was 17 once again his dad did get a new job back in Colorado. So Alex, his parents and his 5 year old sister ironically moved back into their old house. Of course when they moved back the band had to break up.
    Looks: (Pics Below. It actually shows him as a kid and now. ^^)
    **If you want to join just ask! I already have the RP made! :D**

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  2. Actually since we are already doing an RP I figured I could let someone else have a chance to do this RP if they want.
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  3. Remember me. :P Well, I was reading this and I wouldn't mind doing it, if you wanted to.
  4. Of course I remember you! And of course you can! ^^
  5. Great, I'll put up a character soon.
  6. Alright sweet! :D
  7. Name: Lacey Clovers
    Age: 17
    Height: 5' 5"
    Heritage: American
    Body Type: Thin (in healthy way)
    Personality: Clumsy, upbeat, smart, friendly, kind, and always likes to help others though does love having fun too, easily jealous.
    Hobbies: Running, writing, volunteering, cooking
    Bio: There's not much to say about Lacey. She grew up and stayed in the same place all her life. When her best friend left, she was quite lonely and decided to focus on other things to distract her. Those things however, she began to love and does them all the time. She joined volunteer groups and ran for her school, becoming one of the fastest girls there. She worked hard, trying to help people in her neighborhood and decided to get many jobs. She always has been an only child, but most of the time her family is out working themselves. So, she learned to do many of the things back home for herself like cook and clean.
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  8. Accepted! ^^ I already have the RP set up. Just click on the link on the first post I did! :D
  9. Okay, I'll go and post then. :D
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