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  1. Frank Black stood in the door way. The millennium group had contacted him saying they would stop hunting him if he agreed to a special task only he could do. Jordan was with her grand parents so his daughter was safe. He was suspicious of the offer but he knew he couldn't keep a reasonable life with his daughter on the run.

    " welcome Frank it's good to have you back." an older aged gentleman said sitting behind a desk . He rose and headed to the doorway. "that's close enough. I'm not doing this for the group I'm doing it for my daughter." the man nodded as if he understood " alright then let's get to it. Three bodies were discovered at churches. Every one had your name carved into them. Also a relic believed to be the crown of Christ was taken. This object has been able to show the Group brief moments of the future if it is worn by a member who is near death. We need it back and you need to find out who this killer is. We can't be sure if he took it but it is likely." frank nodded and headed for the door. With files in hand on the crimes and their locations he would head to the churches first