EXERCISE Back-Story Challenge: The Ballet Girl

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  1. Back-Story Challenge, steelblue
    We all like to come up with back-stories for our characters, but keeping those back-stories short with only relevant information can sometimes be difficult. This challenge is designed to help cut out unneeded details, the details that should be saved to be revealed IC. :)

    Take Cinderella for example. We don’t need to know every unkind word her stepsisters said to her, or exactly what her father’s death scene looked like. The important events of her back-story are the fact that her father married an unkind woman with two daughters of her own, and he then passed away leaving Cinderella to become a servant in their care.

    The purpose of this challenge is to come up with a back-story for the image provided, one that contains important information without becoming a wall of text.

    To participate: I will give you an image of a place, a person, or an object. You write up a back-story for that image using no more than three significant events that may have happened.

    Remember, You are writing the back-story, or what you would put in the history section of a character sheet, not a scene!

    Here is your Image :)


    What is the back-story for this ballet girl?
    Some helpful things to think about - Why she dances. Where she lives, Why she chose ballet.
  2. She wanted to show the elegance in tje world, the gentle beauty that most rairly see. Tje first time she saw the dancers she knew her heart belonged to the sway only ballet could bring. Her shoes where beet up, her dress old and yellowed, but she didnt care for as long as she danced she was happy.
  3. Her feet may have blisters and bruises from the ballet shoes, but the passion of her deceased mother's dancing and her father pushes the girl to overcome any obstacle. She lives in the rich area of town, her father being a doctor while trying to be a father, often ignoring the girl without trying. She chose dance for her mother and to show her father what potential she possesses, hoping with her heart that he will finally pay attention to her.
  4. She is a ballet dancer by day. A famous ballet dancer who has been in all famous productions. Swan Lake, Peter Pan, you name it. But it just didn't interest her any more. It was a cover for her, more than anything. At night, she avenges the memory of her dead, ballerina mother, by killing all those who have committed heinous crimes. She truly is, a Black Swan.
  5. This is a girl who lives in a small village in Europe. She dances ballet and does it to make her older sister happy. Her older sister was once a ballet dancer but had become very ill and was bedridden and was never to dance ever again.
  6. She hates dance, but she's skilled so she was forced to continue despite her protests. Her parents hoped that it would be her ticket out of poverty and Russia.
  7. Yes, it was hard. Yes, she wanted to quit at times. But it was in her mother's best interest that she danced, like she'd asked many years ago. As a child, she had always been the perfect daughter. Now, she danced, and since ballet was the most girly, this was what she had become. A ballerina.

    (One of the many reasons I chose ballet as my main dancing style! Woo!)