PROMPT Back-Story Challenge: A Pair of Sneakers

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  1. Back-Story Challenge, steelblue
    We all like to come up with back-stories for our characters, but keeping those back-stories short with only relevant information can sometimes be difficult. This challenge is designed to help cut out unneeded details, the details that should be saved to be revealed IC. :)

    Take Cinderella for example. We don’t need to know every unkind word her stepsisters said to her, or exactly what her father’s death scene looked like. The important events of her back-story are the fact that her father married an unkind woman with two daughters of her own, and he then passed away leaving Cinderella to become a servant in their care.

    The purpose of this challenge is to come up with a back-story for the image provided, one that contains important information without becoming a wall of text.

    To participate: I will give you an image of a place, a person, or an object. You write up a back-story for that image using no more than three significant events that may have happened.

    Remember, You are writing the back-story, or what you would put in the history section of a character sheet, not a scene!

    Here is your Image :)


    What is the back-story for these sneakers?
    Some helpful things to think about - Where they were made. Where they were sold. Who the first person was to buy them.
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  2. The shoes where created by an old man who, with the last of his strength delivered them to his youngest granddaughter. It was in these shoes that the girl won some of her best races, and it was in these shoes that she danced with the love of her life. The shoes where finally put away after being worn to the hospital so that she could deliver her daughter.
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  3. The shoes were a cheap replica of a famous brand made in some third-world country. Without proper quality checking, the shoes found their way into the hands of a young boy. The heel suddenly separated as he crossed the road and the boy tripped, luckily falling there just before a drunken driver ran across the space in front of him.
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  4. Once, there was a poor young boy who needed to scrounge around for money because he had no shoes to wear. He eventually made enough money and bought the shoes. Then, disaster struck when another boy held him at gun point for the shoes.
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  5. The shoes were a birthday to a girl from her loving parents, as everyone in school was wearing them at the time. Unfortunately, she was a spoiled little girl, and she soon moved onto the next new trend, leaving her practically brand-new shoes sitting in the back of her closet, along with the other trends that failed to keep her interest.
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  6. A girl grew up in the ghetto of a city with a poor family. Little by little, she saved up when she found money in random places. Eventually, she was able to buy these pair of shoes, but she never wore them because she wanted to keep them nice for a special occasion. Unfortunately, she dies in a gang shooting and never gets to wear the shoes at all.
  7. A long time ago, these shoes were made by a hidden organization, but they were discarded and thrown away because the result wasn't what the company wanted. A little girl named Rin Megumi found said shoes and decided to wear them, really liking them and finding them comfortable. However, one day, as this girl lost her humanity, the last thing that her family and/or friends saw were those shoes on the floor of her bedroom..
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