Back from the dead and ready for action:)

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  1. Hiya guys, both old and new members! I’m back after over half a year of no writing either on or off Iwaku, which is quite a mood dampener. I have been away for Iwaku for quite some time now, and unfortunately I left some of my rp partners hanging back then which I still feel bad about.

    It’s been a busy new year for me, with some personal hardships, adjusting to a new place, living alone and having to work as well. It’s not an excuse for leaving though, although it played its part in dulling my creative juices and leaving me not in the mood to write a lot. The biggest issue has always been my problem to keep my attention on whatever I do at the moment, no matter how interesting it is. Sometimes I think I have about as much focus as a goldfish:)

    Something I have really missed during good and bad times is the friendly, welcoming community on Iwaku, a thing I haven’t really found on other sites I’ve been on before. Losing yourself in many different rp worlds and getting to know new people in the forums, although I’m usually too shy to enter the chat rooms, is really something that can refuel my energy to take on the real world when I feel down or overworked.

    To summarize for those who skipped that chunk of text, and for those who read it I guess; I’m glad to be back on Iwaku again and I’m sorry for my old partners who I left hanging. I will work on my attention span while I enjoy being back and maybe finds some new rps to join as my fingers itch to write something:p

  2. Welcome back elflady! :D
  3. Thanks Diana:)
  4. Välkommen tillbaka min svenske frände \(^^)/
    Never leave us again :3 *Ties Elflady to a chair in front of a computer, forcing her to forever be on iwaku* Mohahhaha
  5. Tack, det är skönt att vara tillbaka:)
    I'll promise to stay, not that I seem to have much of a choice in the matter:p *Pulls in vain on the ropes until a leftover cookie is spotted:3*
  6. Fine, but if you try to leave, I'll tie you up again. *lets you go free* And next time it'll be FOREVEEEEER! :3
  7. Well since I don't want to be tied in my chair as it would get boring after a few days of constant computer use I'll behave, I guess:3