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Back from the Darkness of the INTERWEBS (AGAIN!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Blackangel, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Yes, I know...this has got to be the third (or is it fourth? Fifth? Seventh? Insert-Number-Here-st/-nd/-rd/-th?) intro thread I've made here...

    Well, Now that Iwaku is now Mobilized, I'll be spending more time here...do a few short post rps...laugh...joke...*random thing*...etc.

    Now...COME AT ME BRO!
  2. You're hooked! There is no escaping Iwaku, no matter how you try!

    Welcome back : )
  3. [dryhumor]Thanks for the big 'Welcome Back' everyone. Nice to know I was missed.[/dryhumor]
  4. No, don't be distracted here.
    You're supposed to post in roleplays!
    That's why.
    **Serious expression**
  5. ..........did you bring your imaginative dragon-friend?

    Come at me bro!
  6. You mean Kira? She's around here somewh-

    *A rather largeish dragon comes out of nowhere and glomptackles Blackangel, pinning him to the ground*

    [muffled voice]Elow Earia[/muffled voice]
  7. Yup.

    *stares at the camera*