Back From My Long Weekend!!!!

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  1. Sorry for those who have been waiting for my posts, my family kidnapped me into an epic weekend, and I couldn't log on to say so. For those of you who are witing for me to post, a new reply should be up by Thursday, I'm getting back from Winter Break in my online school, and everyone's grilling me to do homework :/ also, I got back from hibernation on ( << ignore the part where i say i'm 15, i'm trying to be young and awesome like the other squeally fangirls are), and I have 6 stories to get back up and running. so, see you on in soon!!!!
  2. -tackles Aleyna-
    -cuddles with joy-
  3. -ish tackled-
  4. It's good to see you back, Aleyna!
  5. Welcome back Aleyna D: I was wondering where you had run off to ^.^ Glad you are back safe and sound <3
  6. *sigh* I got a new fulltime job this week. I'll only be able to post once or twice a day now >.<

    Gotta start being responsible....also I need my phone bill paid.