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  1. I'm back after a very long absence on this site, and I am itching for a new RP but for the life of me can't come up with plots or characters at the moment, so here are the generals.
    Though I haven't been at it in a while, I consider myself adept and expect the same of my partners. I also have a degree in English writing and expect proper grammar and all that jazz. For those of you for whom English isn't your first language, I'm willing to work with.

    I am a male, and while I am open the prospect of playing a female character, can't promise it will be good as I'm working on that in my personal writing.

    I think for now I want to do something light-hearted and smutty just to get into the groove of RPing again after a loooong hiatus. I'm not too squeamish and have an open mind, so pitch me your ideas in a PM.

    General Fandom/Genre Interests:

    Star Wars
    Harry Potter
    Doctor Who
    Marvel and DC
    Fallout(Mainly 3 and New Vegas)

    Friend of mine turned me on to the Monster Girl thing, and would like to give that a whirl. So if you have a Monster Girl character in mind, shoot me that idea as well. ​
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  2. ill rp with you
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