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I've been off for awhile and have just got back settled in and looking to get back in RPing. I can usually reply to posts at least once every Mon-Friday, if not more. I'm just going to list some basic ideas I have, but am open to most anything. I only play males, it's just what I'm comfortable with. The list below I can play either role, but I at least have a basic plot idea for each. I'm good with mature RP's, but it's not mandatory and I'm fine with keeping it PG-13.

Bounty Hunter x Target
Demon/Angel x Demon/Hunter/Angel
Supernatural x Hunter/Human
Mutant x Mutant/Hunter/Human
Assassin x Target
Post Apocalyptic Survival
Medieval Fantasy

And if there's any plot you're just dying to try and can't find a partner, message me and we'll see if it's a fit.
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The bounty hunter x target looks interesting. Do you prefer your partner to have a male or female character, I'm fine with either.
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