Back agian...


J. C. Quiinn

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So, i have returned again from my vegatative state. It seems that life kinda caught up to me, i broke my arm... oh, and i discovered the world outside my house.
Hey again, old boy. Wondered where you'd vanished off to.

Arm better, I hope?
Yeah. I fell into an irigation ditch while playing airsoft. i was focusing on trying to not get shot, and didn't pay attention to what was in front of me.
Wow, that had to hurt. o____o welcome back!
You were sober, I presume? *Most ditch falls she's heard of have been after The Drunkening*

And welcome back!
Alright don't know who you.

Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any new questions just ask and we can help you

*walks off into the shadows*
Well my only question is whats going on in IW. But i think im pretty close to getting catched up already.
Spider robots happened. Shifter Town got exploded. Grant shouted at people.

Oh, and Asmodeus went ape-shit. Again.
BATTLE BROTHER! YOU HAVE RETURNED! Still untainted by the temptations of chaos I hope.
Yeah. I was busy discovering airsoft...

And it is good to see you battle brother...

EDIT: When the hell did you join the minions of Chaos?
Has anyone ever asked Ike a question?

I wonder what would happen...
I get the feeling it would involve puppies and explosions.
Indeed it would, Oh, and sorry, we killed you off in IW.

You didn't read the fine-print. if you suddenly break a bone, we break your character.
Well i havn't seen his dead body yet. If that is the case, link me.
Ok, on the second page, I suggested that you went into the city. Good luck surviving that.
Im actualy explaining that in my post.
Hopefully, it is painfully slow though.