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  1. So, i have returned again from my vegatative state. It seems that life kinda caught up to me, i broke my arm... oh, and i discovered the world outside my house.
  2. Hey again, old boy. Wondered where you'd vanished off to.

    Arm better, I hope?

    I may just be a lurker for now...we'll see. This seems like a good idea, though. o.o
  4. Wow, that had to hurt. o____o welcome back!
  5. You were sober, I presume? *Most ditch falls she's heard of have been after The Drunkening*

    And welcome back!
  6. I'm too young to drink...
  7. Alright don't know who you.

    Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any new questions just ask and we can help you

    *walks off into the shadows*
  8. Tegan
    (Trying to think of what to do with her ..)

    I see her blush and smiled...she was cute when she was flustered like that. She patted my head and I couldn't help but chuckle a little at this sign of affection. She then says how I am the nicest and goofiest person she had every meet as she leaned on me. I wrapped my arm around her as she is leaning on me. I am still surprised and happy that she thinks that way about me.
    "Thanks..that makes me feel a lot better." I admit shyly looking away. I am happy and then bite my lip...
    "U-um....Winnie I have something to tell you." I then say as the weight of everything had been to much for me now. I was never good at keeping secrets. I looked down not sure how to tell her.

    (lol alright then XD)
    "That is true everyone is a bit of a procrastinator." I say agreeing with her. She then talks about how she is calm about being sick because she doesn't think anything bad is going to happen. I see she blushed...she always seemed surprised by my show of affection. I guess with their powers not many people were scared of them. I could related with my powers as fire powers wasn't the most welcoming....

    "I see..well like I said I am glad you are fine." I say. I remembered how tired I had felt and that was after having extra energy I wondered how a normal person would feel if they took their energy. Well it wasn't their fault they had this power and need energy to survive. They also didn't seem like the type to intentionally hurt anyone.

    "Yeah I agree about dogs.." I say with a nod matter of factually. She then says how Jack is being quiet
    "Oh alright.." I then say with a shrug. He must be tired or something although I wasn't sure how it worked.

    My eyes are closed as I continue to listen to the story. I feel him wrap his arm around me after I had snuggled up next to him and I just let him. He felt warm as I stayed next to him quiet. I didn't notice how he seemed nervous....
    I slowly was drifting to sleep again. I am surprised how easily I am able to relax and even sleep around him.

    "Yes I think you are." I say with a gentle smile.
    "Hu..yeah you were my first friend here." I say and laughed as he still seemed surprised. He then mentioned how he never expected to fall for me in the matter of two weeks
    "Honestly, yeah I am surprised as well." I admit," although it has seemed like longer with everything that happened."
  9. Spider robots happened. Shifter Town got exploded. Grant shouted at people.

    Oh, and Asmodeus went ape-shit. Again.
  10. BATTLE BROTHER! YOU HAVE RETURNED! Still untainted by the temptations of chaos I hope.
  11. Yeah. I was busy discovering airsoft...

    And it is good to see you battle brother...

    EDIT: When the hell did you join the minions of Chaos?
  12. Has anyone ever asked Ike a question?

    I wonder what would happen...
  13. I get the feeling it would involve puppies and explosions.
  14. Indeed it would, Oh, and sorry, we killed you off in IW.

    You didn't read the fine-print. if you suddenly break a bone, we break your character.
  15. Well i havn't seen his dead body yet. If that is the case, link me.
  16. Quinn | Hospital

    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    As Carrie presses another longer kiss to my forehead, I don't resist. Not the tiniest bit. I bask in the affection, knowing damn well that I rarely get to receive anything like this. Things like hugs and kisses and "I love you"s had always been a distant thing for Colette and I. We never knew what was so great about it. Never understood why people did the reckless and impossible things that they did for love. It never made sense.

    But now? Now...Carrie's brought clarity. The answer is so achingly clear that I'm blindsided by how bright it is.

    A shuttering sigh escapes me, but I've cried so much that I can produce tears anymore. It just hurts my eyes too much. I can't bring myself to say anything as Carrie reassures me that the mansion is a place of protection for abnormals. That may be true but...I've met some of people there. They're all really great. Full of great personalities and fun and just wholesome all around. They deserve the best life and dealing with my psychotic blood relatives is not apart of that. I'll be for the better.

    I have to leave--


    I'm so used to my evil twin's voice now. Isn't that just...awful? Sad? Insane? Her comment does confuse me though. Why? Why should I stay? Is this Colette screwing around with me again? What if...W-what if she's plotting against me? Can I even trust her anymore?

    I look up at Carrie in shock. "W-wha...What?" I swear my voice devolves into that of a child. I slap a hand over my mouth, barely muffling another sob in time. There's no way she said that. Please, God, don't toy with my emotions. Not now. Please, please, please, please, please! P-please...

    "D-do you mea--*hic!* Mean that...?"

    To be called Quinn Kimberly. To have a sister. To have family finally. To have a family that actually loves and cares about me. Whoever's listening up above right now...I-I'm begging you. Don't let this be a cruel, heart-wrenching joke. Don't take my one true wish in life and rip it away from me. I'll plead to you on my knees if I have to. I gladly will.

    When Carrie collapses back onto the bed, I follow her, making sure our hands stay connected. I'm kneeling on the floor now, eyes wide and undoubtedly red. I'm desperate, I know I am. I must look it too, but a blessing is far too within reach for me to ignore. "P-p-please Carrie...please t-tell me that's true. S'il vous-plait!"

  17. Im actualy explaining that in my post.
  18. Fun times!
  19. I see no problem with Aurora.. I dont like the word immune so much. No defense is absolute. But I expect highly resistant should be enough for what you are looking for.

    I would lije to wait just a little bit on saphire. So I can discuss with staff more. Hopefully wont take too long.