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  1. raven/sam --> already got that covered

    Lorentz vs all --> I figure the fight would evolve in 2-3 stages.

    first, we focus on Lorentz vs Sam/Cross, with Lorentz eventually getting upper hand.

    then Jade, Raven, and Erika show up (Jade is trying to lead the girls away to safety), with Lorentz spotting them and focusing his efforts on them. since you said Natalia is going to slink off to cope, she won't participate here. we can have the girls show their stuff against him while Sam and Cross are recovering for a minute or so.

    Blood puppets show up in force, probably with Sam and Cross doing what they can to slow them down while working their way to assist the girls.

    Now we're in a free for all mode, with all the principal heroes fighting against Lorentz and his blood puppets. at some point, Lorentz is forced to retreat, leaving a small army of blood puppets to overwhelm the heroes and giving Natalia an opportunity to show off her power.s
  2. finished mine.

    now would be a good time for Jade to bring the girls out, trying to escape, only for Lorentz to see them
  3. I remember you!

    I think xD

    Welcome back :)
  4. I ALREADY KNOW j000!!! *points*