baby swears in it's sleep!

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  1. every time u say doremi i keep thinking

  2. if u hav the villagers i want pls letme adopt them
  3. I'm not sure one can be good or bad at that. It's just you know how to do it or not lol
  4. i'll show you my very first animating work

    if i can find it that is
  5. Hello there people! I'm the newest member of the club.
    To share, my taste is rather metal centric, so if ever want to find anything new from that front, i think i can help with that :P
  6. "I said she's been managble. Never said better."
  7. I accidentally hit post before I was finished but It's fixed now.

    \_(ยด 3 `)_/
  8. "You saw her with Ashley."
  9. John: hello. So being a Angel under my fathers ( or myself now seeing as he is gone) is your calling. Well congratulations you have chosen the right side on this war. All angels under the false father are our enemies. We can not and will not stand for there righteous ignorance or there false prophets. Now come, stand with me as we praise our liberator and the one true god, my father, Lucifer Morningstar.
    Done with your prayers ? Good, now it's time to see where you belong in our army.
    Just like the false dogs army we have seven primary flames.
    There is only one archfallen per flame.
    Red- slaughter, primarily used by our most fiercest angels.
    Purple- used by our more mentally gifted angels. The strongest can glimpse destiny herself.
    Green- our nature loving angels, have the deepest gruge against the filthy monkies on earth.
    Orange- most common type, typically used as a way influence ones desires.
    Blue -a fallen that excels at creation and healing
    Yellow- a defensive angel used to guard anyone any anything from the false judgement.
    Black- only useable by descents of lucifer or beelzebub. Can mimic any flame, mostly used to curse or control souls.

    Name: John Lucifer Morningstar
    Type: Leader of the angels aganist god
    Flame: black
    Description : athletic build, stand at 6 foot. Has long dark hair going to his shoulders. Usually kept in a ponytail. Has pure black eyes.
    Past: was born during the time before time. Was raised by lucifer and micheal. He loved his life and the angels and saw the injustice god forced upon them when god created humans. Joined his father in the fight to gain there freedom and the right to choose. Was forced into hell during the fall. Became leader of the fallen when his father and uncles magically vanished. Seeks to eradicated humans and take over heaven while his father is gone.
  10. Only know to the archangels of each faction and to those they deem truth worthy with such knowleadge* this place hordes all of alexanders knowleadge and experiments. Only accessible through a specification teleportation spell
  11. Anya blush lightly, "I'm not that narrsicistic."
  12. If you want to do canon MG stuff, it can't be in PMs, as it needs to be publically viewable for archival purposes.
  13. "She's pushing the line. Some times I'm amaze she isn't a fallen yet." Kunari sigh, she got up from her throne
  14. "You sound like Kuna."
  15. "She not from this time-line."
  16. "No, but she seems to be mostly keeping to herself so I haven't said anything to her."
  17. "I love you."
  18. "She needs to be sent back, this is serious."
  19. "Hmm... None of us actually exist and they are all characters on an online forum?"
  20. "How wasteful."