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  1. Was thinking of doing a male x male roleplay involving mpreg in an alpha omega universe.

    Just wanted to do a roleplay with an everyday feel to it. The alpha would be from a well known family and engaged to another woman, but accidentally gets the omega pregnant. The alpha knows what he did was wrong, but he ignores the omega and married the woman he is supposed to, impregnating her in hopes that he would rid of his guilt. She then passes away during childbirth, leaving him a single father and wondering about the omega that he had ran away from. Did he pass away as well? Years pass by and he's in his mid twenties before running back into the omega, who is now working at a local bakery part time. Old wounds start to reopen and before either know it, they are constantly bumping into one another, the alpha seeing his child with the male omega and awakening a desire to be apart of the male's life again, no matter what. My character would be the omega (submissive) and yours would be the alpha (dominant).

    Looking for a gentle but pushy dominant that will get aggressive now and then. The plot will be sort of a slow developer and I would like for each reply to be at least a paragraph (5-6 sentences) long. Feel free to contact me with any ideas you have on the roleplay. I did not tag many things because I don't particularly know what this roleplay will develop into.
  2. It's funny that I should find this right when I was wanting to do something with wolves :bsmile:
    Anyway, I would like to develop this with you ^^
  3. Great! :) I would just need you too message me a character sheet and I could set up the roleplay thread.