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What POV should roleplayers have in this rp?

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  1. Welcome to Bayview High,

    or how most call it, the B.A.F
    Bayview Academy of Failure

    I don't have to say how rundown this academic building is. Pretty much everyone who can't afford to be in private schools or to travel from one city to another for education ends up there. The worse student across this gigantic city end up there and very little actually pass (or survives) high school.

    Expect an EXCEPTIONAL high school experience if you end up going there.

    2. Respect the beginners. It's a laid back rp (no post length expectation)
    3. I'm a goddess in this world and my word is supreme
    4. DO NOT ignore a roleplayer IC
    5. I want interesting backstories and be fucking creative man. I'll kick you out if you bore me. Seriously
    6. No Mary Sue or Gary Sue
    7. NPC's PERMITTED! (but CS required *precise NPC at top)
    8. Have fun. That's the most important :)

    The storyline will be mostly lifestyle and touch several social aspect. It's important to keep in mind that everyone has to participate in the plot and put down some of their ideas. It's VERY ENCOURAGED to develop your character even if few people interact with you. FLASHBACKS are AWESOME *hint hint*

    I decided to put no length expectation because sometimes long post can be fucking boring and sometimes they are really interesting. Length doesn't matter. The context does so please be interesting. Be a creative writer. This world is going to build with you and me. Together <3

    And during school, who wants to write wall of words really. I ain't got time for that. But I still want to rp!

    So, for everyone reading this, it's basically an rp where every level is welcomed from very advanced to elementary writer. I'm just asking to help each other to have fun :)


    Affiliation: (describe what type of student or person he is)
    Age: (15-19: must be student)
    Appearance: (Realistic Anime pics)
    Rumors*: ( basically, what people know -REQUIRED- )
    Theme Song: ( optional )

    The strict minimum. Done on purpose so people have to interact with you to know about that stuff ;)
    You can add more if you feel it's needed.

    No character limit

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  2. Just two questions:

    What is the age range?

    Anime or real photos?
  3. Age: student age... Can be 19 if he doubled a class etc... (Minimum 15)

    Anime pics mostly... But i prefer if its a nice anime picture ( like those really 3d realistic looking ones )
  4. As always, Jazzy, Character limit?
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Alex Cross
    Affiliation: Street fighter
    Age: 17
    Rumors*: She has beaten a man to a pulp, she is as tough as an ox, she lives alone, she has been arrested at the least once
    Theme Song:
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  6. Name: Belladonna Meiers
    Affiliation: Evil Pacifist
    Age: 16
    Show Spoiler

    Rumors: Is raised by a single father. Supposedly was kicked out of her last few schools for causing... conflicts that led to some rather unfortunate accidents, though her involvement in such things were never confirmed. Spends most of her free time daydreaming.
    Theme Song: Deja Vu - 3oh!3 (If you want an explanation for why I chose this song, you can ask)
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  7. [​IMG]
    Sanduni Sindulamai

    Muse Goddess


    Apart from the fact that Sanduni has a stunning voice, many people don't know extremley a lot about her. She mysteriously just popped up during the start of the year with no background information of her. Some say that she is from a different planet (mainly the sci fi groups) and some say that she used to live in the countryside hanging out with gangs. Thus meaning that the reason she moved to school was to clear the slate and start anew or to create more trouble after settling in. Most people are waiting for something excitign to happen apart from her astounding voice.

    ::Theme Song::
    (An example of one of her styles)

    Adolpho Dulcine

    The Triple Threat (Actor, Singer, Dancer and also Model)


    It has been a while since Adolpho has returned back home after all the places that his work has taken him. But people have heard that he just wanted to return home for a while and thus came back here. It wasn't too long ago that he was in high school but due to the fact he has missed several grades he had been pulled back a year to just make sure he gets everything up. Well that is what the rumours say anyway, but who knows. Maybe Adolpho appeared for some other reason.

    ::Theme Song::
    (I will get one up later)


    Uriel Arleong

    The Naughty Dreamer


    The largest rumour spread around about Uriel is the fact that he has slept with over 50 girls and over 60 boys. The true heart of the boy x boy fan club that is held within the school, Uriel is everyone's naughty little dreamer.

    ::Theme Song::
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  8. N
  9. I am going to assume she is alright? *yawns quietly*
  10. OMG!!!!! @ForgottenBlood IS THAT YOU!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!??! *thinks of a bunny*
  11. [​IMG]

    | Name |
    Haden Bourne

    | Affiliation |
    The King

    | Age |

    | Rumors |
    •He's The King of B.A.F
    •Apparently, he's known to manipulate people
    •Also known for having "connections"
    •Supposedly got people kicked out of his last school because he didn't like them
    •Supposedly sent a few students to the hospital

    | Theme Song |


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  12. Name: Aria Bale
    Affiliation: Creepy Kid in the Corner
    Age: 16
    • She's a kleptomaniac
    • She lives in the junkyard behind the school with a pack of stray dogs
    • She bit a few teachers
    • She can't speak any language except for 'dog'.
    Theme Song: Can't think of anything. T.T​
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  13. Yes! It is Forgo c:

    And Hipster Bunny was my old form,Punk Panda is my new form cx
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  14. So I just wondering do I do a character bio and that's how I join or what. !?(・_・;?
  15. Yas c,: *hugs*
  16. *huggles tightly before letting go* ..... I missed you~ It will be fun to RP with you again~
  17. i'll be joining soon. ( ^ ^)
  18. [​IMG]


    a f f i l i a t i o n

    that one angry metal-head.

    a g e


    r u m o r s

    he can hook anyone up with weed whenever they need it - for a fair price, in the case of strangers.
    he's dated most of the girls and a couple of boys in the school, and slept with most of them.
    it takes a lot of alcohol to get him drunk.
    he can win any fistfight that he gets himself into - and he doesn't give up, ever.
    he listens to metalcore/deathcore music whenever at school, but it's rumored that he also listens to ambient and chillstep music.
    it's said that he's a hell of a lover - dominant type, but really can turn you on when he gets into it.
    he's an only child, with a single mother at home.

    t h e m e
    s o n g

    hated you from hello - downplay




    a f f i l i a t i o n

    the really, really tired kid.

    a g e


    r u m o r s

    hasn't gotten actual sleep in like, forever.
    lives with her father, who is rumored to be a drunk - but few actually know that he isn't.
    literally will not give a shit if you insult her. seriously. she just doesn't care about anything.
    some say that she has good connections with the school staff, but that it's mostly due to her passive, chilled-out behavior.
    is actually really calm and most who know her well say she's a really good friend to have around.
    it's rumored that she has depression and might be suicidal.

    t h e m e
    s o n g

    don't go down to sorrow - 65daysofstatic
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  19. gosh both of them are bishies <3 *swoons*
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