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  1. I'm working off my phone so it will take a while to edit.

    I'm looking for more roleplays (obviously) mostly MxF.. MxM pairings.
    I would like to do these in pms since they're easier for me to find.
    I post multiple times a day if I post too little make sure to talk in OOC so I can add more i cant really tell on my phone haha. I'll be updating this lots if I have more ideas.

    Things I don't like
    ⇢ Toilet Play; Feces, bodily fluids (such as pee), are not welcomed.
    ⇢ Furries; They make me uncontrollably uncomfortable, sorry.
    ⇢ Age Difference (Major); If the age difference is over twenty or twenty years older.
    ⇢ Canons; I dislike canons. I can't bring myself to role-play as one or role-playing with one.

    Role-play Candies
    ⇢ Obsession; Whenever a character is obsessed with another character.
    ⇢ Love Triangles; Two characters that are fond of one character.
    ⇢ Accents; Unffff ~


    Nerd x Popular
    Royal x Royal
    Mafia daughter x bodyguard
    Childhood friends
    Best friends sibling x friend
    Pirate x Pirate
    Sibling x sibling
    Knight x Royal
    Ninja x ninja

    There was an offer for people to become beta testers for the new Android coming out codename E5393. Your character got chosen to test it out everything done with it will be recorded and sent to the HQ for improvements in exchange for a sum of cash.


    You and your friends were on a trip during spring break. A storm appears out of nowhere making the cruise go off course when you wake up its no one there but a woman in tattered clothes or a passed out woman from the cruise maybe they can help each other find a way off the island.


    In ancient times of China each year they would pick the most beautiful girl in the village. The girl will be nominated as a sacrifice to the God. The girl will be usually drugged and sent off into a small boat taken by the large tornado out in the sea. The tornado will take the young girl into the World of the Gods.


    In a World where male dominance is normal there is a Kingdom where it is ruled by a Queen. Beside her side is a knight. A knight different than the rest, a woman. The Queen is usually ridiculed and hated on by other Kings. Each day a King would come to her Kingdom asking for her hand in marriage, but they would be turned down kindly. The Queen will not stand for being dominated by a man. Her knight, a woman, is quite special to her. They share a bond not known by others.
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