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  1. It's bant yeah?
  2. Well yeah clearly
  3. Gil stepped out of class. As lovely as his little waltz with Yumi was, he and Luci had gained little to nothing from this class. Screw the next class, there were missions they could be doing.
    "Luci. We're leaving" Gil said, before turning to Yumi. "This was lovely, we'll have to do this again sometime" He planted a quick kiss on her forehead before exiting the class as the bell rang.
  4. Lucifer left the class as he brushed his shoulder for dust. The girl had put up a good fight, but unfortunately not a good enough one. The boy had left the girl Theo behind as he followed Gil, he turned to her and gave a little grin as he left.

    Luci didn't argue as he was told that he was going, he agreed with Gil that the next class would be a waste of their time. He was personally looking forward to a mission, it had been some time since he killed something. He watched as Gil said good bye to a girl from there class. As the two boys walked off Lucifer began to speak "So it looks like you've made a new friends" he said
  5. "Always keep your options open Luci" Gil replied looking at the requests "Speaking of options, pick one of these"
    He leafed through them. Mafia clearance, kidnapping retrival, club bouncer for a night, all manner of tasks to take.
  6. He averted his eyes for his weapon to the possible missions they could choose. He thought for a second before he responded. "Whose the kidnapped victim?" he asked is partner. Although Lucifer was leaning towards the mafia job, since there would be a lot of violence.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.