AYO COFFEE! The wuxia RP thread, get Jinx's lush ass up in this!

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  1. So sup Coffee, revisiting the wuxia RP. We gonna do this comedy style or drama style or dramedy style?
  2. I don't care.

    I'm here for the WUXIA!
  3. It seems we may yet return to the same premise as your earlier attempt(Rival Coffee/Tea Houses) with some alterations. This would allow the option of reusing characters and ideas that didn't get much of a chance last time.

    Alternately, I was considering a basic "underground-rebels-against-a-corrupt-emissary-of-the-Emperor" plot stuffed with as many of the related subplots members were interested in playing(best friends/lovers on opposite sides;plotting a palace raid;stop the emissary's enforcer from getting away with a list of the rebel conspirators;infighting over who is best fit to lead the rebels; switching sides; infiltration; etc).

    But a lot of the ideas in the latter could be reworked into the former, really.

    I propose mostly the same style as the chat game, but perhaps with room for melodrama.

    Though players will only get out of it what they put in, obviously (Can't promise romance to players who aren't trying to play romance), I like the way the original was fairly light-hearted, though the characters took their situations very seriously.

    I'd like to preserve that feeling, but still have the "heart string moments" (to be true to genre) where things "get real."

    It strikes me as a very pre-2000, Hong Kong style. You can have lots of slapstick moments juxtaposed with serious moments where people worry about their endangered lover, best friend's betrayal, or vengeance for the death of a parent/teacher, and the story does an entertaining balancing act until it culminates in a decidedly serious final battle.

    Despite the challenges involved, I think it could be worth it if that's what people really want to do.

    I've asked in the c-box, but it isn't always clear. What do the players want? Purely light? Or light with some dramatic moments?

    A few other thinks I'd like to put up for consideration/discussion:

    -Factions. How many? I propose we at least consider readjusting them so that more players are allied with each other and the teams aren't so skewed.

    -Factions. What kinds? I'd like to propose, for consideration, having only two factions. Both sell coffee, tea, and pastries, but one is local, old, and beloved and the other represents the Greedy Foreign Corporate Invader. I don't feel too strongly about it either way, but I do feel it bears mention.

    -NPCs. I understand we don't want it turning into "I send my NPCs to kill you while I sit back and stroke my long white beard," but it's kind of a key genre convention that, as the main characters are usually some of the best fighters in the story, there have to be plenty of other, mediocre and worse fighters to give a frame of reference and meaning to boasts and technique. That's all I'm going to say for now in order to avoid reposting my proposal about NPCs from the old OOC thread.

    Somebody respond with feedback please. It's hard to feel motivated when no one answers. [/hypocrisy]
  4. Yeah, the first dry run got bogged down with the shit we're gonna attempt to rectify up in this joint. To keep shit simple might be the best course for the folk from the old game returning and the new fools who want in on this shit. I like keeping it to coffee shop vs. teahouse to specify maybe the teahouse workers as the established, local crew and the coffee shop as the newschool, foreignese motherfuckers encroaching upon territory and customers' favor.

    And jesusfuck, we might wanna think of a time period to draw from and a place. I'm still partial to using Hong Kong just as a nod to the fight scenes, or probably a province between a rural area and a larger town in mainland China. The time period I'm thinking alternate timeline to excuse a steampunk element or maybe just fudge a little with established history. Like for instance, coffee drinking in Indonesia started around the 15th century so we can postulate that some random, entrepreneur from there walked up in Ming dynasty china with the new drink.

    And since Jinx is a lazy-ass mofo, we'll just be co-GMing this shit, picking up slack when one of us has work needing get done out-of-game.
  5. *presses his face to the window*

  6. *takes a bottle of Windex and a cloth and begins to clean the window, furiously scrubbing at one spot*


    Oh shit I didn't read one of your proposals as thoroughly. I can dig the difference in factions being just about a mom & pop shop versus a corporation (because omg how many Starbucks references could we make amirite? :D) it'd take some fiddling for a decent name for both stores, we'll put it up to a vote on tea vs. coffee or local vs. corporation since I can swing either concept right now.

    NPCs... I feel like it'll depend on how many actually show up in the game, if not a lot show up then it won't be too hard to slip in an NPC or two. How we establish them'll be something else. How are you for roughly putting together an NPC and leaving it up for grabs for players if they like the NPC we describe or they're interested in playing an NPC on top of their character.

    I'm still for light, campy wuxia with sudden bouts of, "You spilled my tea. We now duel. Amongst this crowd of birds who will inevitably fly up in a flurry of wings and feathers once we start fighting. HYAAAAAAH!" If it really had to come down to it we could yoink some of the fight scene tutorials from the RP Academy group and point players there and if they don't even bother to skim the tutorial... they can die by a sudden allergy to delicious cupcakes.
  7. Light and campy sounds good, but I do want those "heartstrings moments" you speak of.

    Steampunk? In my wuxia?

    I like it. :U

    Okay, so mom & pop, traditional, small-town tea house suddenly facing competition from a new, foreign, corporate coffee shop? Drama, action, romance optional?

  8. Okay, so mom & pop, traditional, small-town tea house suddenly facing competition from a new, foreign, corporate coffee shop ALL LIGHT AND FUN ALL THE TIME MINUS MOMENTS OF DRAMATIC HEARTSTRING PULLINGS AND OR REVENGE DUELS.

    Swear to god, I'mma draw'n quarter the next ass who tries to grimdarkify this game.


    - Alternate universe Hong Kong, smidge of steampunk-level innovative technology. Shit like an eight-spouted teapot, machine that perfectly shoots pork buns onto customers' plates are excused as well as adorable little put-put delivery scooters. Keep your shit within that realm.

    - Factions are as follows:

    Team Local Mom & Pop Teahouse and Team Invasive Foreign Coffeeshop Chain. Pick one, you wanna be neutral you talk that shit over with me and/or Coffee. You make your character offa which place you want your character to "work" for. Coffeeshop workers won't necessarily be like Cobra Kai-level villains but you wanna work that shit then work it, you just ain't obligated to be the evil asshole coffeeshop worker.

    - NPCs will be used by players... who know how to use an NPC properly during roleplay. A.k.a. none of that bullshit havin' NPCs tip you off about an ambush or a bounty on your ass or defendin' you from another player character in a fight. Tutorials for this type of shit will be in the OOC when it's made.
  9. Does that mean a technique like fart-based flight would be acceptabo? Not that I actually want to use the technique, just wondering. o.o