Awkward Is The New Black

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Okay so let's start this story the way that I would love this story to be. My sister is lesbian and I love her for it, I'm glad she came out and I'm glad she found someone to make her happy. They've been dating for two years now and she's certain that this is the girl that she wants to marry. Of course I'm happy for her and I'm even happier that before I know it, I'll be in a bridemaid's dress cheering her on from the sidelines.

Now let me tell you how the story actually is. My sister is still lesbian and I still love her for it. She came out to me when we were thirteen and I've watched her go in and out of relationships quicker than a child who just got a new toy on Christmas. Until one day she finally met the love of her life, they love each other so much and I think it's so sweet. But here's the part where it gets a little...awkward.

One night I was at a party that my sister's girlfriend had invited me to and Carly couldn't show up because she was I stepped in for her. It was my first party ever, and I'm not huge in the whole partying scene so it took a lot of convincing. I was standing there just watching people hump on others until before I knew it my sisters girlfriend was right by my side, drunk. Okay for all you watching this is actually the part where it gets awkward. So I'm okay with her being drunk, but she starts flirting with me. Of course I'm thinking it's because she's drunk and I look like a younger version of Carly.

But then it happens, she pulls me to the dance floor and we're dancing...then, through some weird magical force her lips are on mine and I'm not pulling away...but responding instead, by kissing her back. I love my sister to death but...I love her girlfriend too. And i've been in love with her girlfriend before she even knew that it was going to be her girlfriend.

Great, in my life forget Orange Is the New Black...but instead I feel that Akward is the new black.


Muse A has been in love with Muse B since she was in 8th grade and Muse B was in 10th. Muse B had never noticed her because Muse A was the artist that hid in her notebook or a book instead of being in the real world. Then Muse A's sister falls for Muse B putting Muse A into a deeper state of insecurity where she decides that there is no point to being in love because her sister is always the best one, and will always be the better one. Then one night when her sister gets sick, Muse B invites Muse A to a party which eventually leads to them kissing, While Muse B was drunk.

Now Muse A is confused and more in love with Muse B as she tries to decide if the kiss that night was something real. But what she doesn't know is Muse B had also had a huge secret of her own.

What I'm looking for!

•This will be a F/F role play so I need someone who is okay with playing a lesbian character.
-I also need someone okay with playing side characters

•I am looking for a Muse B, but my Muse B is not a strictly dominant character!!! Just because my character is a bit shy doesn't mean she doesn't have a backbone! So don't believe that your character is dominant because she's older.

•I forgot to mention, my character will be a sophomore in high school meaning you character is a senior.

•Its up to you how you want to play out Muse B's character during the party. She could be actually drunk or acting drunk, it's up to you!

•Since I am 17 this can only become sexual if you're under 18 but if you want to role play this idea with me you don't have to be under 18.

•Please be intermediate, I want at least two paragraphs (but if you can do more please do!!) I also want you to have some grammatically knowledge, I'm no grammar nazi but it do NOT want to spend twenty montes trying to decipher what you're trying to say.

•If you're going away for a long time please tell me! I don't want to get totally invested in this idea and you just disappear. It really sucks waiting for a really long period of time because I feel that I'm the issue.

That's it for now! Hopefully I find someone to roleplay this idea with me! I will do more than one variation of this so don't be afraid to ask if you already see someone has shown interest.

If you're interested please! Pm me or reply below.

I hope to see you seen~ >_<
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