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  1. So, who's impressed with this new sleekness Iwaku renovated into? I know I am.
    It's catchy, slick, and works great; or it seems to be working good for me anyway.
    Has anyone experienced any difficulties ever since the ostensible update?
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  2. I hate it. Then again, I'm a hateful bastard. So...

    I much prefer the old version to whatever this visual atrocity is.
  3. It looks good on the darker skins, but the lighter ones are quite blocky. D: You can see the dropshadows on the tables and I'm not particularly fond of it, which is a shame because I don't like reading text on dark backgrounds!
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  4. Anything and everything new is TURRIBLE, because everything used to be soooooo much better back in the past.


    It looks nice, but it reminds me of that one RP forum @Asmodeus showed me that one time when I was really emo about Iwaku where all those sexual deviants were.

    I like it.
  5. I don't like change.
  6. I'll have to agree, its a different look with a few bugs. Change is sometimes for the best and often times the worst. There is a theory though, if it's not broken don't fix it. Some people often times fix things simply not realizing they are messing something else up. Oh well though, I guess we shall get use to change :D
  7. We don't talk about site, Torsty.
  8. I can dig it!
  9. One thing I will say is that when hovering over a thread, the transparency of that window that shows you a bit of the first post is a little high. It makes it hard to read because you can see everything behind it competing with the post's text. Other than that it's awesome.
  10. I like the fact that there are some new categories for the group roleplays. Division is nice. If anything, I would say they needed more. But I'm sure there is a reason we got what we got.
  11. Don't use mean words, admin feelings are easily hurt! ;_;

    There is a special style bug thread to report weird problems too. I am trying to fix some of the stuff that got jacked up during the update. D:

    We will actually be adding more genre categories in the future if Iwaku's roleplay sections keep growing. O_O We just added what was needed right this moment.
  12. Ah, well I pretty much dig it.
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