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  1. Some powers are--let's put it plainly--fuckin awesome.

    What are some powers from animes that you find just AWESOME??

    Yomiko Readman and the Paper Sisters Maggie, Anita, and Michelle - Paper Manipulation (Papyromancy)

    Yomiko: SORRY NO ENGLISH SUBS! (Personally I really, really hate her Japanese voice in the OVA. It's too whiny and Japanese-porny, but this is all I can find.)

    Paper Sisters: The Paper Sisters' English voices are better, but Yomiko's English voice here is TERRIBLE.
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  2. I second paper powers from read or die
  3. Pocket space might be the most universally useful power in anime. It pops up mostly in comedies, but anyome can use it.
  4. Also known as Hammerspace....or Katanaspace in Highlander. I want a katanaspace.
  5. Three words.

    Extreme. Jiggle. Dodge.

    Add enough bounce and nothing can hit you.
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  6. Waaaaaaaaaaatatatatatatatatata!

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  8. I definitely need that as my ringtone
  9. Also, Unlimited Blade Works from Fate/Stay Night - this is truly an awesome power to behold
  10. A friend made me watch the movie to that. Then he told me the dude couldn't even use any of them very well but his own. But I also imagined him doing it with marshmallows or balloons and winning any water balloon fight.
  11. The movie won't make as much sense if you didn't know the story already. It was one of those "for the fans" type of movies.

    I love the concept of being able to shoot swords at people.

    I love even more the concept of being able to spontaneously make any weapon and immediately gain mastery over it on near-par with its original owner.

    But mainly shooting swords.
  12. That's what he said too about understanding it.

    Should've revealed it to be hundreds of laborers who have rubber bands to fire them off. They go on strike and they all just sorta flop out.
  13. another great power from Fate Zero is Berserker's "Eternal Arms Mastery"

    basically, anything he touches (sword, gun, PLANE, lamp pole) instantly becomes a weapon he can use with a master's level of skill and his touch makes said item capable of going blade to blade against even mythical relics.

    required secondary powers to this ability include super strength and agility.

    it is a hard counter to any ability that shoots swords since he just catches it and uses it himself.

    here, he hijacks a jet fighter and uses it as his own weapon

    its a nice, subtle power with a lot of potential.
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