Awesome Combinations

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  1. What are your awesome combinations, whether they are food, activities, ideas or a mix of those things?
  2. Sun & Rain
  3. Peanut Butter and Cheese sandwiches.

    They are amazing~ And I recommend them to everyone.

    Fireplace and a mug of hot chocolate or tea. 8D

    A really good movie and popcorn and a glass of cherry coke!

  5. Good beer and good food.

    Good beer and great food.

    Coffee and whiskey

    Whiskey and a terrible piece of fanfiction.

    The original Highlander 2 film stock and a weedwacker.
  6. Chilly nights and bonfires

    Hot apple cider and gingersnap cookies

    A perfectly warm evening and the scent of night jasmine

    Lively conversation and amazing friends AND good beer and food!
  7. Fireplace and a good book
    Rum...and more rum
    Rainy day inside and goofy best friends
    HORRIBLE movie and goofy best friends (good times :P )
    Chocolate and ...more chocolate?
  8. Coffee and anything chocolate

    A warm fire on a snow day (back in the days when those happened...)

    Hans Zimmer and herbal tea

    Fuzzy stuff and a good movie

    A mocha on a rainy, windy day

    And like a billion other things...
  9. Lots of money and a huge mall. And a friend. /forever alone

    Lace and anything.

    Whipped cream and sprinkles!

    Warm beds and snowy mornings are my favourite though... I love winter
  10. Applesauce and cool h'whip.
    Weed and video games.
    Pouring rain and an open window.
    Cold days and the fireplace.
    Panda bears and Kung Fu.
    Candles and intimacy.
    Cupcakes and ice cream.
    Kittens and laser pointers.

    To name a few.