Awe! Guys! Who brought Sparks to the party! D:

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  1. H-h-h-hey Bro's my name is peeewwwwdiepie. Wait. No I am Sparks. I am 19 years of age and I an quite a role player. I am expanding to other role play sights to push my boundaries and break out of the little shell I built up around one site. My average postings range from 2 paragraphs to 4 paragraphs. I like role plays ranging from Zombies to fantasy. I am online quite a bit so you will see a lot of me. Well I'm out! Later! ^^
  2. Welcome To Iwaku! ^^ Hope you enjoy!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. I saw you in the cbox yesterday!

    Hope you are finding the site catering to your every RP need!
  4. I see there is a member of the bro army among us! Nice to meet you Sparks! I hope you enjoy roleplaying on Iwaku! And watch out for those damn barrels!
  5. Hello and welcome to Iwaku Bandit! I'm sure you would get the chance to expand your RP capabilities here. The RP exercises can be a fun and challenging way to hone your skills and of course there's the community to be involved with. So RP to your hearts content and I hope you enjoy your stay!