Awakening (MxF Male Partner Wanted)

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  1. It's a classic story but I really wanna do it, also it's a bit more romance based then sexually based. I'm comfortable doing any kind of relationship sort if thing but MxF is what I'm looking for. So it can be a half brother pursuing his half sister or something, if you've got a particular fetish.

    Every one thousand years a human is born with a special ability that can give ayakashi great power and strength, simply from touching that human. Devouring that human grants immeasurable power and eternal youth, having a child with that human will result in a powerful ayakashi being born that will bring prosperity to their clan. There are factions on both sides, evil ayakashi that simply want her power and to live forever, and then there's the ayakashi that want her to have a child with them, these ayakashi she can make an agreement with in return for her protection she agrees to bear his child.

    Normally the one born with this power is purely human, the twist to this story is that she's half ayakashi herself. She's not a defenseless human who can't keep herself safe, but she doesn't have a lot of power, she's weak among the lowest ranked in the clan village. She has no idea she's part human and none of the ayakashi clan heads know she's the one they seek but are instincivly drawn to her but ayakashi all over are being drawn to the village she lives in and homing in on her power. Now she has to make a pact with her clan head to live but nobody can approve of such a weak member of their clan being beside their leader.

    So there are five possibilities of what I wanna do; honestly I wouldn't mind doing them all with different partners but here they are.

    Okami(wolf) Clan: image.jpg

    Kitsune (Fox) Clan: image.jpg

    Oni Clan: image.jpg

    Tengu (Crow) Clan: image.jpg

    Tora (Tiger) Clan: image.jpg

    Each girl's personality will be tweaked depending on the clan she's from. If you've read this and are interested I would be so happy to play this with you! I really want to do this so thanks for looking!

    P.S: PM me or leave a message on the thread so we can talk about the details better. Have a good Roleplay day!~ <3
  2. Why am I bumping so early? Because I really wanna do this story. Any takers? Bump~ <3
  3. Hai! Since you're interested which clan girl would you like to play with? And if you'd like we can move the chat into a PM
  4. Either tengu or Kitsune then and pm and well discuss more
  5. I would do this RP with you. Instead of the other RP idea we had, we could do this one with my Character (Picture) I had for the Oni Clan or Tiger Clan.
  6. XD stalker~ but it's cool. Yay lets do the Oni one then!
  7. Yes. Stalking o.o -Or random searching lol-
  8. Hey hey, I was kidding mister
  9. I was too. Or was I?
  10. Bump~ cuz I wander if anyone's available now.
  11. Kitsune or okami clan? C:
  12. Sweet! So is Okami okay?
  13. hmm, i could be interested in this.
  14. Oh? That's good to hear! Wanna talk more over a PM?