Awakening: Darkness Returns

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    Long ago an ancient evil was sealed, a demon of pure evil. It is now modern times, and the demon has been set free once again and the darkness has been unleashed. Those carrying the ancient demon blood find something awakening in them. They notice shadows moving in strange ways and feel a newfound strength running through their veins. Some hear strange voices in their head and sometimes feel compelled to do things they would never have considered doing before, some go crazy, and others listen to the demands of the voices.

    Many don't know what to do with their newfound power. Some people try to hide it and go about their normal lives, others abuse their power and use it to commit crimes, and some use it to stop the criminals. Those that do not try to hide their powers acts do not go unnoticed.

    Soon after the appearance of the demons an ancient organization came out from hiding. This organization is known as “The Apollo’s Knights”, they are the demon hunters. Their ancestors were the ones that sealed the demon of darkness long ago. Now they seek to seal him once again and exterminate any demons. Bounties are put up by them so that others may help them kill the demons.

    Due to the awakening of the demons the world is now at war. Crime runs rampant in the cities as humans and demons battle it out. Criminals are able to take power with their newfound strength, and innocent citizens are killed by demon hunters for carrying demon blood. Some of the demon-bloods though choose to use their strength and power for good. A new organization was formed, which is known as “Black Dove”.

    Black Dove is made up of mainly demon-blooded humans, though some normal humans and ex-knights join as well. They are against both the demons and Apollo’s Knights. Their goal is to bring peace between the races and show the world that people with demon blood are not necessarily evil. But, they are having a hard time convincing people since the most powerful of all the demons happens to be the most evil.

    You take upon the role of a demon descendant, a knight/demon hunter (human only), a bounty hunter (bounty hunters may be demon-bloods or humans), or a pure blood demon that was freed with the lord of darkness (must be evil, or at least more bad than good). Demon Bloods are identified by their glowing eyes, which will only glow when they are feeling strong emotions such as rage, joy, or sorrow, or when they are using their dark magic. Some Demon-bloods also have black markings on their body, similar to tattoos. A few demon-bloods sometimes develop markings later in life related to their personality and what they associate with themselves.

    Those with demon blood flowing in their veins have many powerful abilities.
    1 - Shadow cloak: the caster uses dark magic and the cover of shadows to make themselves appear invisible, but only parts of their body that are shaded are invisible.

    2 - Shadow blade: a solid black blade formed from darkness. It can be in the form of a sword, axe, dagger, or other sharp weapon. Once formed the weapon can be taken away from the shadows, but disappears almost instantly if it leaves the user’s hand (ex. they're disarmed).

    3 - Shadow shield: the caster moves the shadows around them to form a solid shield. Nothing can penetrate it except for fire, electricity, or weapons that are blessed.

    4 - Black Claws: the caster uses the dark energy within them to coat their hands in fingers in solid black energy. Since it does not require shadows present the user can use this ability even in the presence of light (their energy is still weakened in the light though). The claws are able to block most metal weapons, but are weak against blessed weapons and might break if hit by them.

    5 - Wings of Night: a very rare ability. The caster uses the energy within and around them to summon large black wings. Once in flight though they have to rely on their own energy to keep their wings from falling apart. Most people can use this ability for only about an hour before collapsing from exhaustion.

    6 - Commanding Stare: anyone who stares into the eyes of someone using this ability will be paralyzed and rooted to the spot, but the user must keep eye contact with person nearly the whole time or the spell will break (except with pure demons). People who have a very strong willpower may be able to manage to make their eyes move and free their body, but if the demon-blood’s will is stronger than theirs they will stand no chance. Also, pure blood demons with this ability don't need to keep eye contact the whole time for the ability to work, unless the person they are using it on has a particularly strong will.

    7 - Cat’s Eye – perfect night vision.

    -(common to all demon-bloods)- One with the darkness: This is an ability which can only be used at night. When using this ability the person using it has their body completely coated in darkness and their appearance becomes more demonic. Some people grow horns and sharp teeth, others grow tails or sharp claws, and some both. The overall size of their body also increases slightly. Usual strength and speed is doubled in this form. Normal weapons can no longer penetrate their skin and blessed weapons also have less of an effect. The downside to this ability is that the user's willpower and their logical thinking skills is greatly diminished and they become much more impulsive. People in this form are more likely to obey the voice of the demon lord and make other rash decisions, which means they are more easily tricked. Most have a hard time leaving this form once they are in it. Sometimes people forget what they even did when they finally leave the form.

    All demon-blooded are more powerful when covered in shadow and become much weaker in light. During the day they are about as weak as a normal human and can use almost none of their abilities unless they are covered in complete shade. During the night though, the strength of their abilities greatly increases. At night their strength doubles, their wounds heal four times as fast, and their agility and speed is also much higher. Demon-blooded may only have up to three of the abilities listed. Pure blood demons may have four abilities, but they are weaker than a normal human during the day and more powerful physically than all the other races during the night.

    Apollo's Knights
    Demons are not the only ones with special powers. Those descended from the original members of the “Apollo’s Knights” also have a few special abilities. All people descended from the Knights have these abilities.

    1 - Bless: the object or weapon that this is cast on is imbued with light energy. Weapons that are blessed are the only kind that can break a demon’s defence. The larger the object the more energy it takes for it to be blessed. Blessings also have a time limit. If a lot of energy is put into the blessing then it will last longer. Most blessings are made to only last a day and take up about quarter of the casters energy. This size of blessing will bless about: 1 longsword, 2 daggers, 10 arrows, or 10 bullets. Armour can also be blessed. Bounty hunters often buy blessed weapons and armour from the knights.

    2 - Healing Light: the caster uses the power of light to close wounds. It isn’t a very powerful ability and is mostly used for minor injuries or to slow bleeding.

    3 - Sun’s Rays: the caster shoots a bright beam of light from their hand. This can be used to see in darker areas or to weaken demons. It uses very little energy.

    Character Application
    Race: (demon-blooded, human, knight, or pure demon)
    Abilities: (choose numbers from the list, and/or you can say how skilled they are with each ability< you must do this if they are a knight)
    Weapons and other inventory:
    Brief History:

    Character options and ideas
    -Leader of the Apollo's Knights (must be fanatical and despise anyone with demon blood in them)
    -Leader of the Black Doves (must be demon-blooded and very caring and only uses violence as a last resort, for they need to set a good example)
    -A powerful, yet inoccent demon-blooded citizen being hunted by knights and bounty hunters
    -An uncaring bounty hunter with demon blood that kills their own kind while hiding their own identity
    -Descendant of the Apollo's knights that doesn't know of their heritage
    -A knight with a lover who has demon blood
    -A demon-blooded in love with a knight
    -A manipulative demon that enjoys toying with humans
  2. Character Application

    Lorenza Clamair
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Race: Demon blooded
    Occupation: A club owner , managing a safe haven for the kindred of demon blooded with the Black dove.
    Personality: At heart Lorenza is ruthless, seductive and dangerous. Rather she have a goal or not she is only out for her own gain not the other way around. She can easily gain trust and at the same time toss it to the side when necessary. When something she wants regardless she will acquire it though detest a true interest in gaining a real relationship with anyone she is involved with. If someone manages what a interesting observation that would be.

    Appearance: Lorenza appears a fair brown skin young female will milky smooth bronze skin. Her Face is striking and fierce with narrow blood slit eyes with cat arch mascara giving her edginess. Her cheek bones are narrow and her full luscious lips, other than her mother that took a natural look Lorenza wore makeup a soft creme blush across her cheek with light lip gloss. Also as her mother with quiet a frame her shoulders will be slightly broad, her neck is slim. Her chest is 36" general breast cup b36 as it trickles down her delicate abdomen to her small navel and then her wide 45" curve hips. Lastly her strong muscular but attractive thick thighs, lean legs and size 8 feet slightly Taller than her mother though changes Onyx Black when enraged just as her.

    Weapons and other inventory: Shamshir the hilt will be a long ribbon wrap gold and red twisted out draped with fiery metallic at the tip of the ribbons. The Blade will be slightly curved out in a Persian style with thin incisions two inches apart which on a flick will extend a two inch sharp flexible plated blades giving this unique blade a whip like curve for close and ranged combat. The hilt will be decorated in similar ancient scriptures in red and orange hue as a silk constructed elegant scarf as long as over six feet will wrap half down over the scriptures wrapped and knotted at the tip with two razor jagged fang shape blades of eight inches long.
    Brief History: Lorenza a gift to her mother from Her father before his departure from them. In the caring for a unique and bright child she required much attention over her Venom and growth as a daughter of set. This enables Lorenza by default to acquire the bloodline of vipers and cobras transformations of varieties and size with their potent arsenal of venom. Though over time Lorenza grew more interested in her humanoid gorgon form instead of full vampire human appearance and nor Serpent. She felt just fine in the middle since her mother was a mutt herself she will take pride in her complex breed as she wore little clothes revealing her tone built body with millions of scales on choice or emotion which will change from the usual crimson Blood red to exotic hues of various snakes.

    After much nurturing, when Lorenza became of age Dracilla will give her a weapon specially forged from her father. The Shamshir, an beautifully constructed blade with an interesting twist and perfectly fit her style of fight. Also viscous in close quarter combat as her father but graceful as her mother with Shamshir, after much training with in their home of the shadow lands Lorenza and Dracilla will part ways, being that Dracilla has done her role as her mother and Lorenza in her late teens decided to travel the world with adventure and excitement running in her blood to be free. Over the few centuries Lorenza Will keeps a low profile building her underworld business keeping the balance between humans and supernatural as a restricted night club owner of E3.