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  1. Warning: this roleplay WILL contain in-depth, gory violence, language and possible scenes of torture.

    Please try to write a paragraph per post or two lines per character if you choose to have multiple characters.

    I will make it up to You whether you remember anything or not similarly it will be up to you to desire the condition of your character.

    I pit the warning up for a reason so be as graphic as you see fit.

    Every now and again I will PM a random person with something that I want them to incorporate into their post.

    Jump right in...

    You wake in what appears to be a shower cubicle, attached to you are a series of tubes and wires. You are naked except for a damp towel. From outside you can see a flickering light and between breef moments of light you can see blood, is it yours or someone else's?

    Ryu first feels the cold tiles on his back then the flickering light. He opened his eyes taking in his surroundings, "what the fuck?" He asked himself "What the fuck is this?" Coming to his Seneca he felt the needles in his skin, all connected to wires and tubes and hanging from the ceiling. One by one he pulled each of them off, gritting his teeth as he did. He counted fifteen in all. "Fucking needles... I fucking hate needles," he said to himself as he stood. He whipped the blood away with a towel that he had found at his feet when he woke up.
  2. Sutra awoke, her head splitting. Her eyes opened slowly. feeling the cold tiles against her back and bottom she moved her hands around the floor. "What? Where am I?" Sutra's eyes adjusted and she saw the flickering light, looking around she saw the blood on the floor, and the towel laying on her body. Lifting the towel she gasped at the needles and wires exiting her body. "The fuck?!" Sutra tugged on the needles. She cried out in pain, continuing to pull as the long sharp blood covered needle exited her body. As she continued to pull she bit the damp towel that once covered her. Tossing each needle to the side and wiping the blood.

    Sutra looked around some more and could swear she could hear the sound of someone else moving. wiping the rest of the blood up and wrapping the blood around her small framed body she attempted to stand only to fall down again. "Ow, son of a bitch!" Satura slide back against the wall and caught her breath. "Hello!!" She called out and waited for a response...even though she didn't expect to get one.
  3. The chill of the tiled floor seeped into Nadia's back as she laid sprawled out in the stall. She shivered and shifted her body, making the towel fall off onto the ground. Something constricted her movement and she opened her drowsy eyes to see tubes and needles stuck into her skin. Her blue eyes widened in horror, and fear made her heartbeat quicken. She flicked her right arm in panic which cause a few of the needles to rip out painfully. She gasped in pain and watched as the blood trickled out of her arm. She felt herself begin to shake and closed her eyes, trying to compress the terror that was threatening to overwhelm her. Once she had control of her breathing, she opened her eyes again and slowly began to bring her hands to the needles. With shaking hands she pulled the needles out of her skin in small, quick movements, gritting her teeth. As soon as she was sure they were all out she began to assess the situation that she was in. She grabbed at the towel and frantically covered herself, brushing the tangled locks of light brown hair off of her face. Her head whipped around in either direction looking for any source of life. She heard a voice coming from somewhere in the room and relief washed over her. Her mouth opened to form a reply, but she hesitated. What if they were the people who put her here? She quickly dismissed this thought and answered the voice. "H-hello?" her voice was shaking despite her best efforts to steady it.
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  4. Satura was seconds from falling back asleep her head resting down eyes on the blood covered towel covering her small framed body, her dark Black hair hanging over her eye's. Quickly looking up as she heard the faint "hello" Satura slide forward on the tiles of the shower. looking out into the darkness. a faint light, much like her own glimmering in the distance. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" Satura kept her eye's on the glimmering light, maybe it was her blurred vision that made the light seem so far away. Finding a new sense of strength in herself she brought herself to her feet, the towel falling into a small puddle of water on the shower floor, blood from her body slowly streaming out of the towel. Satura turned the water knob of the shower, but no water exited the shower head. Satura Scoffed. "If your gonna put us in a shower at least make them working. Satura looked around some more, the pipes and needles that were once attached to her body seemed to come from nowhere, at least the darkness all around her made it seem that way. Satura looked back at the glimmering light, yet to hear a response she tried one more time. "Helloooo! If you're out there you better respond!" Satura stopped yelling and mumbled to herself. "Otherwise I'll think I'm going insane." Sliding back down against the wall Satura brushed her black hair out of her face. There was no where she could go, and whoever brought her here could come back at any time.
  5. [ My apologies if I have gotten something wrong, or incorrect.. Or even if this is too long. ; - ; ]

    Something covering her.. it was moved.
    She felt no longer warm.
    Milk.. Dreams of milk. Smooth and white.
    Calamity in her environment.
    She felt it.. Something constricting. Someone beside her.
    Eyelids fluttered open. The light was confusing, dimming and brightening every so often.
    It hurt the sensitivity of her sense of sight.
    She made no other movement besides the darting of her gaze.
    Slowly, as her sight took in what was in her line of vision, did she become aware of her body.
    Feeling. Touch.
    The sticky connection of her backside to the rules.
    Body heat and sweat creating a stick.
    She could feel her bare skin, nothing covering.
    She was, naked.
    Her chest rose and dropped, increasing in speed.
    Lips slowly parted, a sharp intake of breath, to which she took in to call out. But someone interrupted.

    • "Don't." •

    His voice rang clear in the room she was laying in. Twisting her head to the right, her gaze fell upon a male figure crouched, back against the wall. He wore his usual attire. A plain black t-shirt, form fitting and bland. Like what she normally wore, upon his lower regions was lain a pair of large grey sweatpants. He wore no shoes at this time.

    "Saku.." She muttered. With a cough, she strained to sit up, restricted somewhat as she noticed needles connected to tubes, alongside the length of her body, injecting possibly and perhaps receiving.
    Her lips quivered. In a haste, she brought both hands up, and commenced removing the needles from her skin. Thin lines of blood rolled down the surface of her flesh, as of which grew goosebumps at the site.
    Tempted for that taste.. Quickly shook out of it.
    At first, she was quick about it. But something tinkered in her mind. Her right digits wrapped around a narrow and thin hold, slowly pulling out the short needle from her skin and what lay beneath.
    The feel of the metal shard slipping out was extraordinary.
    It was a releasing feeling. As if being free.
    Her fingers trembled and dropped the object to the ground beside her bare thigh. Inhaling sharply, continued with the rest, ending completely about 16 seconds later.
    Saku, at this time, was dead silent, just watching her, she felt.
    Turning her head back to gaze at the male.
    "What is going on? I cannot remember previous before my wake."

    Saku responded, his voice a low gravely tone. More somber than most days he spoke with her.

    • "I know no more than yourself, Via."

    After speaking such, he went silent for a moment. She knew he had something more to tell.

    • "You can.. Look around, and use what you can. Here." •
    He stood up smoothly and lifted his head, indicating for her to follow suit. And she did. Rocking to her knees, rolled up and stood, spine lengthened out and upright, her gaze roving over every detail of the room.

    • "What can you tell?" •
    He questioned.

    Via's gaze caught not many things standing out.. But, still, she narrated, adding along her assumptions.

    "I was naked. Not tied up. And the needles. It gives me the idea that the person, or persons whom have chosen this are not wanting me to die off so fast. Which gives the thought of them playing a game. Survival? Or merely, sadistic intrigue. Are they playing cat and mouse? Tch. And the needles, I do not know what they put into me.. Nor how long I have been out. How could they have found me? They must be very well resourced to figure out my schedule and bring me here. As well as secretive tactics to remove me from wherever I was without being caught. Dammit.. They know what they are doing."

    She muttered curses under her breath, spinning around, shoulder length darkened tresses tickling the sides of her face, neck and tops of her shoulders. The tip of her toe touched the side of a needle and bent over, swiping her hand, pushing all of them off to one side.
    She would not wish to step on one.
    Uprighting herself again, stepped to the shower head. She turned the handle, but no water came out.

    "... That can't be.."

    Looking at her feet, noticed a damp towel. She grabbed it and walked underneath the shower nozzle, grasping the edges of the weighted item, spinning the thick and damp cloth around its head, looping it in and out finally tucking it away, in-between layers, removing her hands an inch to see if it would stay. It did. A step or two taken back did she look at her handiwork.

    "Just in case.." She muttered. "I am not taking any chances, Saku."

    She was completely naked, and not having the towel to cover herself was irritating.
    She debated mentally... And in the end, chose her body over possible survival.
    Whipping the towel off, untangled and wrapped around her chest, letting it fall to the mid-sect of her thighs.

    • "Really.." • He spoke sarcastically, clearly annoyed at this choice.

    "Quiet. If I get out, I cannot walk out naked. And even if such is not possible, I don't want to die naked."

    She graced a tinge of a smile at the thought.
    This was innapropriate for this situation, but it was just like her to not take serious situations to heart.
    It was a defense mechanism of hers.
    And Saku's reaction was all the more reason to cause her grin to widen.
    All in all, she was happy to have her "friend" beside her. Ever since she was young, as far as she could remember, Saku was there.
    And in this plane, and at this time, he was only seen with her eyes.
    She felt as though she could speak to him freely as she saw no shadows creeping, nor wandering eyes.
    But, surely she was being watched.
    She wanted to give no indication of this, so she forced herself to not look for surveillance.
    That could be the end of it for her.
    She might have been over thinking this, but it was no joke.
    She could tell, by the blood..
    The darkened and red liquid around her and on her.
    She payed no mind to this.
    She was not fearful of death.
    Torture was on her mind.. And that is what she feared.
    Not the pain necessarily, but the fact that she might have no choice.
    Sure, she would get no choice in recovering torture or not.. It was just..
    Anonymous. She wanted to see her foe. She wanted to see him or her or them..
    She needed a reason why she was chosen for this. Chosen specifically, or chosen randomly.
    She wanted something with meaning behind this all.
    Not just some empty and pointless reason for kidnapping and the possibilities of torture and death.
    That would be annoying, but she held an ounce of respect for whomever organized this. It would be almost pathetic.. Just entertainment.
    She scoffed. She could not be honest with those assumptions till at least she heard their voice, or something from them.
    And even then.. She leveled her eyes and glanced around once again.
    There, of course were numerous reasons why Via believed her to be taken from society, kidnapped, drugged and sent in here.
    Her "crimes," people might say.
    Revenge, they would say.

    { People had their suspicions, but evidence only goes so far.. }

    She did not do such things without purpose. Each person deserved what she had in store.
    No death with her went unrecognized nor without reason.
    Life is precious.
    It deserves not to be taken unless of circumstance.

    But now was not the time to delve into sentiment and shit like that.
    Parting her lips, she exhaled.
    Remarkably, she was rather calm.

    Her body gave odd reactions.
    Her heart was slightly elevated, her brow furrowed, skin heating up, fingertips itching and twitching..
    Lips dry, so she had to continuously stick out her tongue to wet them so as to avoid cracks.

    By this time, Saku had disappeared from her sight, silent and brooding in the confines of her mind.
    She felt not one spark from him. And that terrified her.
    She wondered if she was alone.. Where she was and if these walls were thick.
    As for now, she would observe and watch.
    "Well..." She spoke whilst simultaneously exhaling. "When shall the festivities start..?"
    At saying such, bent to her knees and plucked up a few tubes with her right hand. With her left, clenched the needles in her palm, ignoring if they jabbed her.
    A few inches past the link from tube to needle, did she lower her maw, chewing on the odd plastic tube material, breaking through each separate link, leaving 6 needles in her left palm, 4 of which had imbedded barely past her skin.

    "Not much.." She exclaimed as she dropped the bitten off tubes, looking to the needles in her other hand.
    "But, it'll do."

    Her gaze twisted around, looking for and at the exit.
    If she were to die, she would at least want to put up a show. What a.. Glorious way to die.

    "Memorable and fantastic." She had no plans, but at least she had something going.. She was not going to simply sit around and wait for the show to start for her.

    She would be prepared.
  6. Ryu felt fear race through him and in a fight or flight moment he scurried up the door slipping through a small gap between the top of the door and the ceiling. He became light headed and fell head first. He regained consciousness only a moment later. He saw a plaque on the door, it read:

    FREAK 001301a
    Ryu Silvers
    Resistance: Medium

    He sat up looking around the room, ten cubicles, twenty lockers. He searched the lockers, only four of them were open. He found a vest and cargo trousers in one locker, he knew they were his. In another he found a key just one key. The third one was empty but the fourth one made his heart sink, a plain white shirt and grey skirt. Covered in and stinking of blood and vomit. He checked the name: Kiyra Silvers. He scanned the other shower cubicles in the low light it took a few minutes to find what he didn't want to find.

    FREAK 001301b
    Kiyra Silvers
    Resistance: High

    Kiyra woke with a choked yelp, she was cold and in pain from head to toe with no memory of... anything. She felt something in her hand and without thinkin, she clenched her fist in an attempt ad diverting her thoughts. Red blood seeped from a deep cut as she lifted her hand, letting the small knife clatter onto the floor. She felt around, until from the other side of what looked like a cubicle door a gentle hand held her reassuringly. "H... hello... where am I? what is this?" She took crappie shallow breaths before trying to talk again only to choke and splitter as she panicked while hearing a rattling at the door.

    "Kiyra it's me, I'm going to get you out of there."
  7. Via stood there for what felt like an eternity, and then she started to feel giddy.
    Stepping back a few steps looked down at the ground as she had stepped on something cool. Lifting her foot and setting it off to the side, bent over, right arm stretching out to grasp the small object. She up righted herself and looked around where it was placed.
    It was set right underneath her, a piece of tape in the area as well. Someone put it on here.

    "This must be a game. Of course, but..A.. Key?"

    She was about to openly ask what it was for, but then she randomly heard the rattle of a door handle in the distance as if on the outside. Spinning around, stuck her gaze to the long handle and immediately walked.
    She was in mid of slowly opening the door.
    It twisted fully and knew it was unlocked.
    She had noticed a note stuck to the frame of the entrance, but she would pay no mind as she needed to see what was out there.
    She swung the door open suddenly, casing it to slam to the wall. She instinctually came to a crouch as if expecting a lash out, or poison darts, who the hell knows??

    Seeing nothing in the dim yet lighted setting, stepped out, darting her head from side to side..
    Nothing impeding in sight, except for a receding voice around the bend..
    Sounded like a boy.
    She broke out into a run, but skidded to a stop.
    Twisting around, slid back to her door and tore off the note attached to it and ran, only to see a boy nearby a set of lockers and locked doors.
    He seemed to be in the same predicament.
    She instantly broke out in calm conversation.

    "What is going on? Why are we here even? No, shit. You probably don't know what is going on either. I don't know how limited we are with time. But, I have.."

    She looked to what she held in her hands. The key in her right, and the note in the other.. Two needles remained in her hand. The others must have been dropped on her way.
    She spun around and looked at all the doors and lockers, soon turning back to face the male.

    "I found this note on my door. And I just.. It reads, well, I'll sum it up. ~"

    She scanned over it, confused at first. Reading it over once again, exhaled sharply.

    "I can use this," She held up the key.
    "--only once. It can open up either a locker filled with things I could use or what we could share and divide. Or. ~ Open the door for someone named, 'Keey-yer-ra'? Tch. How the hell would I know who that is? But, it comes with consequences; of course."

    Gritting her teeth, looked to the door he was nearby and her brow raised.
    Any one of these lockers could have that person. It would take a significant amount of time figuring it out.
    Plus, if there were any others whom were locked in, it would give her a pang of guilt at her inability to free them.
    Ah, lovely. And now her humanity seeped through those concrete cracks.
    Vulnerability does wonders to ones mentality.

    So far, she had heard no other noises.. And she figured that them two and the other person listed were the only ones alive.. Or at least, conscious.

    Remaining calm, as if nonchalant and oblivious, knew it was in her right place to stay collected.

    "This is such a drag."

    She was in a tight spot. Inner turmoil really. She was a selfish and greedy person, and she would have preferred to take the locker..
    But she knew the perks of having someone, one or more, to have along.
    Clenching the key in her hand, shook her head slightly, this while situation slowly starting to piss her off.
    She did not want to play a game.
    She would have rather been in a fucking slave arena forced to fight to the death rather then go through with this damn puzzle.

    But it intrigued her. ~
    Who would have the guts to call the shots, especially with her.
    Did such person(s) underestimate her?
    She knew not to go too deep into her thoughts for fear of losing it this early.

    "Dammit.. Whatever choice, it has its drawbacks. I just need.."

    She remember the needles and he came up with a possible idea.

    "Could we pick locks with these?"

    She held up the hand which was holding the needles used for injection and/or extraction.

    She wanted to win.
  8. Ryu didn't look at the other person for a moment until his sister was mentioned. "Kiyra... She's my sister and... the needles don't work, I've tried." He clenched his fist as the situation becomes ever more real. "Some sick fuck's getting kicks out of this.. this fucking mess."

    Kiyra coughs doing nothing to stop the saliva from running down her chin. "Ryu? I... there's someone there, who is it..." She flinches as more needles are removed from her body, some however snap lodging deeper. "That key you have, use it on the locker. I'd only slow you down."

    Ryu growls, "what the fuck are you taking about, I'm not leaving you here." He turns to the stranger and talks with considerable calmness at first. "Please use the key now, help my sister... get her out of there..." He holds his sister's bloody hand again. "I'm not fucking..."

    "Stop it. I... I can't see anything out of my right eye... I... I've gone blind in my right eye..." she slides the knife under the door.
  9. She was silent all the while.
    Taking all into consideration, knew that she should be thinking logically, not compassionately.
    Knowing full well that being compassionate and taking a possibly burden would only slow her and the brother down, more likely to lead them all to their death.
    But, leaving the sister to scrap for what lay in the locker would give more practical benefits.
    Not MUCH, but a start.


    For shits sake.. She was practically blind.

    Cursing under her breath, scanned over the note once again.

    She knew what the contents were in the locker the key could unlock.
    Then again, the note said of a chance that in Kiyra's chamber that there could be everything she needed or nothing at all of use.

    The left corner of her lips twitched downward.
    Via was one to give a smile whilst her lips were downcast.
    It..Made her look smug.

    She stances forward, slightly crouched in anticipation.

    "Kiyra.. What is in the room with you? Anything at all? If you can move, you need to move around and call out what you see.."

    She was basing her choice if there were objects of use for them to escape.

    Eyeing the knife that was slid under the door, she bit the inside of her cheek, hoping for all that was holy, that some things of use were in Kiyra's room.

    There had to be.
  10. Ryu picked up the knife, shaking. His eyes were filled with mixed emotions, anger, fear, helplessness. He looks at the knife, covered in his sister's blood. "Damn this shit," She was blind in one eye, she would at least for the first few days be largely dependent on him. He had a grim feeling that what ever this was it would continue for some time and he Knew that while he didn't want to admit it, Kiyra would slow them down. But then he knew she could be helpful. The two of them were members of an airsoft team, Kiyra was one of their most valued members.
    She was the team's youngest member but the only one who could sit in total silence with a sniper rifle for most of the game and the fact that she was an ambidextrous shooter made her all the more valuable.

    Kiyra searched the area letting shuddering breaths break the forboding silence. "Ryu... there's a g..." something stopped her, at first it felt like a small pin prick but after only seconds it felt more like a thousand needles puncturing every part of her body at once. She screamed and threw herself at the door as electricity courses through her body. She said nothing for almost a five minutes, she could hear the voices of th other two on the other side of the door but as though something was muffling them.

    "...Kiyra?" Ryu panicked, he had heard an unmistakable hum of electricity. Moments later a gun and a simple first aid kit were slid under the door.

    "I... don't know if there's any more here, I can't see or feel anything..." Kiyra Sat against the door as she removed two needles from each of her temples; three clustered at the base of her spine and one on each heal.

    Ryu picked the gun up, "Glock 17... used by the Brutus armed forces. It's, the real thing as well. Full magazine, well lubricated..." He couldn't help but smile, if they were going to have to survive for a while this was probably the best thing for him at least, they could have found. Thanks to many long ours of being a cadet he was fully qualified to use one of these weapons as well as others used by the British army.