Awaiting Death

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  1. Its been about 4 months since the fall of the Alkayta kingdom, everyone believed the Princess of the kingdom to be dead but she lives. She CONTINUES[​IMG] to hide and travels with a large wolf, keeping her distance from others. Unfortunately now the assassins that had destroyed kingdom know about her existence and their mission is to get rid of her. As soon as possible.

    Princess Nova HIRES[​IMG] help from a strong man named Damnati with strength that caught her attention. Of course Princess Nova doesn't believe he can keep her alive for to long and he finds it his JOB[​IMG] to prove her wrong.

  2. Princess Nova ran through the forest with the wolf name Nani right beside her. Her long curly red hair flew behind her, those icy blue eyes of hers filled with panic. Nova's delicate facial features were covered with sweat, her dress was hard to run in but there was no way she would be ripping such beautiful silk. Behind her were sounds of leaves crunching and twigs snapping, it all encouraged her to run faster as if her life depended on it. Okay, scratch that. Her life depended on it. This wasn't the first time she had to runaway from a group of men and women who were after her head. Its been 4 months since the Alkayta kingdom had fallen and since then, Nova had been hiding. Trying to get a normal life but sadly had noticed her face, which all in all... has her running for her life. 3 weeks! She's been running from death for 3 weeks! Don't these idiots ever think about giving up?

    "There's nowhere for you to run Princess! We'll get to you eventually!" One of the assassins shouted from behind her, making her fast beating heart beat even quicker. Them finding her was something she already knew. All of this was inevitable, she would die sooner or later but at the moment Nova felt like 'later' was better than sooner. She didn't want to die like how everyone else had died... didn't want to suffer the same death those selfish royals had died. What was she thinking? Nova is a royal herself... well, she doesn't consider herself one anymore. It wasn't like it mattered anyways, she never fit in with the royal families.
    Something dark had caught her eyes, it was a small tree trunk that would be big enough to hide herself in.

    "Nina, go hide!" Nova ordered the large wolf before she herself bolted off toward what looked like safety. Stuffing herself into the empty space she tried her best to keep quiet, putting a hand over her mouth in order to silence her breathing. Okay... it was official... she needed someone to protect her.
  3. Damnati was a hunter, a assassin and a protector. He was roaming the woods in search of food that he could cook. That was when he saw the girl and the large wolf. What an odd place to see the two, then he heard the yelling. "Princess?" His eyes widened, as he slowly worked out what was going on. That was the last princess of Alkayta kingdom which had recently been destroyed. He knew there was a large price on her head. If he gained her trust, maybe he would be able to finish her off when her back was turned to him. He smiled at the thought of that.

    When he saw her chasers he grinned, slowly climbing up the closest tree to him. He slowly climbed through the trees, slowly but carefully. Not wanting to make any mistakes, he watched the girl and wolf split apart. And then the others slowly run through. They looked like angry peasants who were trying to chase a monster from their village. He drew his bow. It was about 3/4 of his height and was made of a great tree. The wood had turned black from use and age. He placed and arrow against the string, slowly pulling back on the string, then letting go once he had perfect aim.

    A loud noise could be heard for a mile or so, as the arrow was launched at tremendous speeds. Damnati quickly drew another arrow and notched it, ready to take another shot. However, his first shot had worked. One of the men at the front of the group was gone. The arrow, had pierced through the side of his head, going straight through the mans temple which was the softest part of the males skull. It had come out through his gum and cheek. The mans body went limp as he fell to the floor slowly. The other man watched in horror.

    Damnati moved around the trees, making sure that if they tracked the arrow back. They wouldn't see him. After they had looked around, they started to panic. This made them grab all the possessions of the recently deceased, and headed back to their camp. To restock and rethink their strategy.
  4. Nova froze and waited, noticing how the footsteps had retreated quickly. She didn't want to get out too early and then get noticed so she waited it out, letting her heart calm down a bit. After what seemed like quite some time Nova slowly crawled out from the tree, dusting herself off as she tried her best to listen. Running her soft fingers through those long red curls of hair, those intelligent crystal blue eyes of hers examined the forest around her as she waited to think things through. She could go into a village and stay for a night or two but then it would be a waste of money when she could stay outside. Of course staying outside has a large disadvantage because the assassins seem to be all over the place. No, Nova knew what that 'king' was planning. He was sending assassins out in groups and more than likely having them play a chasing game. Whoever got Nova's head first would win but running away was Nova's specialty, which is why she's still alive.

    "Stupid king," Nova mumbled under her breath as she tried her best to get rid of a grass stain on the beautiful silver dress that hugged her petite yet curvy body but flared out at the bottom.

    "So much for style," She whined when she finally noticed the mud and dirt that covered the end of her dress, the cute boots were smudged but they would last with a good clean.

    "Now... were do I get protection from?" Once again speaking to herself she turned around and finally noticed the dead body with an arrow through the head. A shiver crawled up her spine when images of fire and the scent of blood attacked Nova. Bodies laid all over the place with blood spilled all over the place, screams and shouts made it all more realistic. Wait... this has happened already, this is just an illusion.
    With that thought Nova stopped thinking about it, pushed it to the farther ends of her mind. Ugh, she hated how the silence seemed to entrance her like that. The shouts from the assassins had been far more comforting.

    "So, who shot the arrow?" Was the next thought that popped into Nova's mind and with one quick look she noticed the direction the arrow had come from before spinning around and running behind a tree. Earlier with the assassins, it had been easier to deal with because she knew what group of assassins this was. It was an assassin group from last week, one she managed to escape about 3 times. They weren't that bright.

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  5. He watched her, having remembered where she was from earlier. He smiled, she seemed different. She was scared, but she was brave at the same time. She was no damsel in distress, she could hold her own. That was something he was sure of. But that didn't change the fact that she was still a easy picking for him right now, but seeing her in this new and weird light. Made him pity her slightly.

    What was he thinking! He is an assassin. He is trained to kill people in the most efficient way possible. He doesn't feel pity, he doesn't know the meaning of mercy. He is a killer, a born psychopath hell bent on killing everything he finds, until this world is either reduced to chaos. Or is under his control.

    As she looked around, he smiled behind the leaves. He had her panicking, when her back was turned, he jumped down from the trees. Crouching his knees and rolling forward, into a stand. His weapons stayed close and he didn't allow his back to touch the ground. If he had, his weapons would have meant he could get up. He walked towards the girl, who was now covered in grass and mud.

    He hooked his bow over his shoulder, his eyes set firmly on her. He walked forward slowly, but he had a serious and determined murderous look in his eyes. Like he had the urge to pry her head off. His left arm swung gently at his side, while he right gently rested on a dagger. The dagger was belted to his hips, his fingers gently wrapped around it to be able to pull it out at a moments notice.

    He knew the wolf would be around somewhere, so he kept his senses risen and didn't relax his guard. He stopped 7ft away from the girl. His lips and the rest of his face gave off no expression at all. Except for his eyes, which glared down at her with those murderous eyes. "I am the one who shot the arrow." He continued to watch her. Unsure how any would react to a man who had saved your life, appear out of nowhere and look like he was about to tear you limb from limb.
  6. "Holy shit!" Nova shouted when she seen the large man, her eyes went wide from the surprise and she moved backwards until her back hit the tree. Fear tingled up Nova's spine before she forced herself to swallow it. This wasn't the first confrontation she had with a man, especially one that had killed someone. An assassin, it was written all in eyes. Quick to grab a dagger with the blade in a swirl, it looked normal but in the hilt was a small container that held a strong poison inside of it. The liquid would travel through the blade, poisoning the weapon which made it easy for Nova to use. She'd taken the life of a few people with this knife and even though it was for protection, it was still something she didn't enjoy. That rusty smell of the dark red blood always made her stomach hurt.

    "Don't come any closer," She narrowed her eyes while keeping her back on the tree. With that deadly look in his eyes Nova felt as if she would more than likely die today. This was it, death was going to come to her sooner or later. But... this seemed a bit too soon. Man, maybe she should've just died that night when the kingdom had been under attack. It would've been easier than living the life of a runaway. The wind blew gently against Nova and if she wasn't in this horrible situation, she would've thought it was a nice day. Sure, the dude saved her and all but if he could easily kill someone... why believe he wouldn't kill her? Did he know about her identity? What if he was after her head like the other assassins? Yea, that was more than likely. There wasn't a single assassin she's ever met that didn't want to kill her. Wow... this was almost like being some super important person, if she wasn't being hunted down than she wouldn't mind the fame one bit.

    "Why did you help me? What do you want from me?" Nova questioned with a wary look on her face, caution was always the best way to go about things. Especially when there's a guy with nothing but muscle standing in front of you. Okay, now that Nova took a good look at him he was more attractive then she thought. Snap out of it Nova!

    The only question is: Will today be her last day?