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  1. Hey everyone

    This is my first attempt on worldbuilding, and I think it is better to ask for help before I screw it up. I cannot give precise details in which categories I need help, but probably all of them :D

    At the moment I am only just carving in the races, which may take some time. I plan to have multiple gods that personify things and live in peace with each other. They have created the world of Avraltis and all life's origin, but they created each race individually. They gave the Elves their language, so they could also weave the world as they saw fit, but were limited by their own magical power. If anyone would try to alter the world in a way that only a god can, he would most likely kill himself.

    Here is the part about magic from my interest check:
    And here is the wiki about this world.

    Thanks for all efforts to help :)

    I would mostly need help with making each of the races more unique and the layout for their wiki-pages
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  2. Hmm, I really could use help for the Lore of the Elves. Right now I am struggling with their Politics, I don't know when such things establish and how I should describe it... Also thinking about what kind of system it should be, but I hope to figure that alone
  3. I find it helpful to complete a quiz on subjects to help flesh them out!

    Elvish politics:
    Is there one main ruler, or many rulers of equal power?

    How do the rulers get their power?

    If a ruler is unfit, what provision is there to remove him/her or reduce their role?

    Is the government divided into departments, or are all decisions made as a whole?

    Are the Elvish nation a democracy? A dictatorship? Something else?

    What policy is there if another nation commits a wrongful act against them like cutting off their water or killing an elvish citizen?

    What is the policy if another nation declares war on them?

    What are the plans in case of continental drought or famine?