Avoiding Idle Hands

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  1. [size=+2]Don’t tell me ‘I’ve nothing to do’![/size]​

    • If you’re looking to inspire yourself, re-energize your muse, or just work on something with no time limit or commitment, the first and best place to start is in the Challenges section of the site. There are literally pages and pages of diverse options here for you to write on or, in some cases, art.
      Challenges can be found here:

    • What to do if you’ve already completed challenges and are looking for something else to do? Have you considered starting a conversation in the General section? Think about something you’d like to talk with the rest of Iwaku about and create a topic asking people to give their input on something that you’d like other opinions on! Try to make sure you don’t “double up” on topics that have already been posted by looking through the section first!

      General Chat can be found here:

    • Are you an artist? Do you want something more open-ended than the challenges to create art for? Then take a look at the Mythos art thread and perhaps consider submitting art based on your interpretation of the Iwaku Zodiac!

      Zodiac Art information can be found here:

    • Lots of people know about the monthly chat masquerades, but how many people know that you can start your own chat roleplay? This is a little more work and takes some planning and interest gathering, but this is a very viable option, especially if the chat box if full of people that you can entice into joining a quick, light-hearted chat roleplay with you! Just take care not to badger people too much if they’re not interested.

      Information on chat roleplays can be found here:

    • Have you ever played the Iwakumon forum game? No, you say? Create your first monster and play a free, simple game reminiscent of another game involving catching and training little monsters…

      Iwakumon can be found here:

    • No? Still not distracted doing way more productive (and interesting!) things than complaining about boredom? Have you taken a look at the Iwaku workshops, written by staff and members alike to help you become a better writer and a more knowledgeable roleplayer?

      Iwaku Workshops can be found here:

    • Still here? All right, last one. Take a look through the showcases and works of your fellow members! We have some really talented people here who write or art beautifully. Take a look and maybe even leave them a sweet comment!

      Writing and Art Museum can be found here: