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Where should our first adventure take place?

  1. An Unexplored Island of the Archipelago

  2. Outside of the Archipelago

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  3. A dungeon below a city

  4. Other (leave a suggestion below!)

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  1. The background structure of this roleplay is still under development, do not hope that this will be out soon

    Welcome to Avion (A-V-on) Archipelago! A fantasy adventure roleplay chronicling the heroic adventures of the Avionese.

    The Avion Archipelago is an isolated place in the middle of the Sheyfaric Ocean. The Avion Archipelago is inhabited by mostly Birds and bird people known as the Avionese. The Avionese, are a grouping of many races of bird people.
    The Avionese are in early Civilization age.
    This roleplay runs on a dice system but is not as structured as D&D

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    There are many races of avionese (suggestions allowed)
    none of these races can fly, this is because of thier human size. each race has it's specific skills.

    The Hawkortons(ha-court-ons), omnivores, a race of parrot like people that skill themselves in weaving and magic. They wear hooded robes that indicate thier family, males are green and have 2 or four decorative feathers on thier heads (behind where the ears would be, each feather is the same color ) that can be either red, white, red and white (in a pattern), and blue(which is rare). They can wear only armor that has a woven pattern to them such as cloth, woven leather, chainmail, and scale mail. Their first level spell is Feather Bolt.

    The Krown (crow-n), carnivores, a race of crow like people that skill themselves in archery and cooking. They have long tufts of feathers covering thier bodies like cloaks. Thier feathers are black and they can see better at night, unlike most of the avionese they do not have decorative feathers. They can only wear light armor i.e. cloth and leather, but they also gain specialized hide armors. This is due to their tufts of feathers. Thier first level skill is Sure shot.

    The Pengu (pen-gu), carnivores, a race of penguin like people they are shorter than the other races of avionese. They skill themselves in diplomacy and fighting They like to wear coats. They can wear any armor but they become slower if it is too heavy, they also cant swim with heavy armor. They are black and white and males have yellow decoration feathers on the eyebrow region of their face. Their first ability is Blind Swing.

    The Oowlon (ooo-wl-on), carnivores, a race of owl like people that skill themselves in medicine and education. They sometimes wear capes but most live nude, with thick feathers. They, like the Krown can see at night. Thier decoration feathers are patterend on the area of horns (like the horned owl). They can wear all kinds of armor. Their first level spell is Healing Glow

    The Apresno (ah-pres-no), omnivores, a race of emu/ostrich like people that are skilled in running and close quarters combat. They are also known to be nude, they believe clothes make them slower. They are brown and black and have decorative tail and head feathers that appear in yellow, red, or orange, they can wear only special armor. When an Apresno does not attack, it increases its speed score. increased speed decreases accuracy but increases attack, initiative and evasiveness. Speed also effects, and is effected by abilities. Their first level ability is Fury Peck

    The Paradines (pair-a-deens), herbivores, a race that resembles Birds of paradise,they are skilled in acrobatics and home making. They wear clothes that compliment their colors and prefer shiny objects. The decortion feather of a paradine is a color that "pops" from their already bright color scheme which is any color. They can wear leather armor and specialized armor. They start with an initial armor bonus.

    The Docken (dock-en), omnivores, a race of Duck like people that are skilled in sailing/fishing and medium range weapons (staves and spears, etc). Like the Pengu, they can swim, however, they cannot dive. These Avionese wear vests and jackets usually. The male's decoration is thier heads which can be green, yellow, or blue. Most of their other feathers are white, brown, or black. They can wear any armor but prefer leather.

    The Falcortons (Fal-court-ons), carnivores, a race of Falcon like people that are skilled in hunting and short range weapons (like tomahawks, and knives). They like headwear and gain an armor bonus with helmets. The Decoration feathers are on their backs though they are designed for camoflauge, can be black, green, or white. Their primary feathers are brown. They can wear any armor.

    Peaken (Pee-ken), Omnivores, a race of Avionese resembling peafowl (peacocks) that specialize in weapon and shield combat as well as a variety of primitive ranged weaponry and also farming. Warriors wear headdresses made from their tail feathers in order to enhance their display as well as a means of intimidation towards the animals they hunt. Decoration feathers accumulate from the tail using blues and greens in color as well as the head and neck being signified by a blue color and a darker blue pattern across their eyes in the shape of a mask. They wear any armor, but cannot wear helmets.

    (created by acarbane)
    Ravelon, carnivores, are always rejected from society, and are found everywhere. They are beggars, born too weak to do anything of use, but rarely, there will be one who is skilled enough to steal food and feed him or herself. In these cases, the Ravelon are fierce fighters, willing to use anything, regardless if they're proficient with it or not. Due to their small frames they have slight gliding skills.

    (created by Enorym)
    Currios, carnivores, A vulture-like species. They are naturally skilled at being stealthy, and they make close to no noise. They can feast on raw/rotten meat, unlike other Avionese, so they have more food available to them. They also grow hungrier quicker, so they have to eat a bit more often. They can only wear light armor, like cloth or leather, as heavier armor makes too much noise and weighs them down.
    They are a bit large, and their beak is larger than most Avionese. Their beak is usually black, or dark gray. Their head is mostly featherless, and are usually either white or black skinned. Most of their feathers are brown or black, including their complementary feathers, although their complementary features may be white or gray.

    All females of any race do not have decorative feathers and are either white, black, brown or grey.

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    Standard rules apply,
    no god modding
    no metagaming
    no trolling
    cursing is fine when appropriate, don't do it too much
    no controlling other people's characters
    no killing off other people's characters(only i can do that)
    use logic and common sense
    romance is only allowed between those of the same race, it is highly taboo to have interracial relationships
    remember that the technology is early civilization, no guns, motor vehicles, etc,
    The racial limitations are strict but if you can convince me otherwise, I may allow you to bend them.
    There is experience, levels, and abilities
    Combat is Turn based
    have fun!

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    (suggestions welcome)
    other than the skills that are dictated by your race, you can choose one extra skill

    SURVIVALIST-when camping you are better at getting food, you can also survive fatal injury once per encounter. (All races)

    STURDY- you have more health and have an armor bonus. (Not allowed for Peaken or Falcortons)

    STEALTHY-you can sneak behind enemies, you are less likely to get noticed during a camp raid. (Not allowed for Paradines, Hawkortons, Peaken, and Apresno) (recommended for Currios and Krown)

    BEASTTAMER- you are able to train a single pet, you can get another when it dies, it can help with certain situations. (Not allowed for Apresno, Currio, and Pengu) (Recommended for Krown)

    RESOURCEFUL- you can find food when camping, you also loot more items than others. (Allowed for all races)

    LUCKY- you survive more things you also get rarer loot, but you loot less items than others. (Allowed for all races)

    BEZERKER- your attack is multiplied by two during a camp raid or at low health. (Not allowed for Hawkortons or Oowlons) (Recommended for Docken and Pengu)

    INSOMNIAC- you stand watch when camping, decreasing chance of a camp raid, you also don't tire out as easy as the rest. (Not allowed for Apresno, Peaken, Docken and Hawkortons) (recommended for Oowlons and Krown)

    RESEARCHER- you can depict the meaning behind mysterious objects and writing/symbols, you also receive Hints for puzzles (allowed for all races)

    Starting Equipment
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    You automatically start with a starter racial weapon and clothing, (you may have accessories which have no advantage)
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    Hawkorton: Mystic dagger, Robe(unremoveable)

    Krown: Short bow & Small Quiver (contains 50/100 arrows), Feather cloak(unremovable)

    Pengu: Large axe, Large hammer, or Bastard Sword, Fur coat

    Oowlon: Short sword, Silk cape

    Apresno: Nothing

    Paradine: Curved short sword, Cloth pants

    Docken: Bo Staff, Cloth Vest

    Falcorton: Club, Bandana & loincloth

    Peaken: Javelin, leather sheild, headdress (unremovable)

    Ravelon: rusty short sword, tattered rags

    Currios: Collapsable dagger, a hooded shirt and leggings.

    Additional equipment, choose only one, remember to be intuitive with these items, you can do many things than what is listed!
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    Tinderbox-to make camping easier, allows you to easily light torches/lanterns, or set fires.

    Rope-good for climbing and holding things together, you can also choke enemies with it.

    Backpack-good for holding extra stuff in, reduces weight of carried items.

    Map-reduces chance of getting lost, it records events that happened.

    Tarp- better for making a camp with, also used to make smoke signals and makes good camouflage.

    Herbal medicine kit-can temporarily heal others.

    You also get 500 D(Dorians) when you start

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    Combat is turn based and dice based (all rolls made by myself)
    Turns are sorted based on initiative, a value assigned to each race/creature. When making your move you may choose to attack, use a spell/ability, use an item, make a creative action, defend, or do nothing.

    When attacking you may choose which weapon to use (if your weapon requires ammunition, keep track of it or you will run out and have to use another weapon. or you may use your talons or pecking (2-4 damage (1d3+1)).

    Using spells and abilities. All races have different abilities/spells and will gain a new one each level up. I will describe these Spells and Abilities upon Level up, and will post them in a section on the OP as well. Know that spells and abilities use "charges" this is the amount you can use these abilities/spells per battle, these can be recharged by multiple means but mainly by camping. Not all spells/abilities have charges. I would like to also note that not all spells and abilities can be used in confined spaces, it doesn't make sense to summon meteors when you are in a cramped dungeon hallway.

    Using items: Items, including starting equipment, quest items, purchased items, potions, environmental items (such as a rock) can be used to attack or become part of a creative action.

    Creative actions: typically involving environment, creative actions are entirely based on the player/character's inventiveness and improvisation. This can include: digging holes, construction, crafting, etc.
    As well as creative actions with abilities, such as using fire on water to create a mist. Creative actions can be made both inside and outside of battle.

    Defending: Defending increases your chance to parry by +1, if you have a shield, this increases your Armor Value by 1. You may also defend an ally, making one attack change targets to you instead of your ally.
    Running: Running gives you a speed stat of 1 which increases your evasion by 1 and decreases your accuracy by 1, as well as increasing your initiative by 1. Apresno gain an attack multiplier as they increase in speed. For most Avionese speed caps out at 2, but for Apresno, this is capped at 10.

    Doing nothing is just that, doing nothing. This action is taken by default if you do not respond during combat.

    When in combat, I will gather all character actions before starting the turn. In which I post the results.

    If you cannot post an action during combat for some reason (real world stuff) feel free to ask a friend, another player, or myself to take temporary control of that character, if you do not ask anyone to control your character, another player may ask permission to control your character.

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    Upon reaching a certain experience level, you will level up, every time you do you will learn a new spell or ability based on your race (for now it's linear, but in a future installment I may create skill trees/branching paths) and every 5 levels you will unlock the next weapon and armor levels

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    The first Avion Archipelago was the story about a party of Avionese lead by the now famous Hawkorton Fenix Testa. They traveled to La Isla del Concord and solved its mysteries revealing the Lost ones, a group of subhumans that lived on the Archipelago before the Avionese did, they have been reduced to crazed savages which have no chance of returning to normal society. The group disbanded but Fenix continued to adventure by traveling to far off lands. He returned to be rich and famous. He currently governs the Eastern Islands of the Archipelago.

    The Avion Archipelago is in The Sheyfaric Ocean, an ocean that connects to other dimensions by their oceans. This is how Fenix travelled to other lands. Spanish conquistadors from colonial times travelled here and are now stuck here because they missed the window of time to return to earth. They are known to live on a desert island that is very far from the Archipelago, but the true prize is the Archipelago due to its rich minerals and land.
    There have been several expeditions and expansion attempts on the Archipelago, their last attempt was by force, many Avionese died because of this, the Avionese are very cautious and suspicious of Humans. The attack has also caused an issue about the human invention of firearms. It is a controversial topic and The vast majority of the Avionese were against them, as a result, use of human firearms are forbidden. There are still many unexplored islands out there

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    I am aware that the actual latinization of bird is Avian

    If you find this roleplay "limited" here's some information.
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    No, you can't be human, don't ask.

    Why birds? While birds are annoying in real life, I do find them interesting and I like the colors on tropical birds and the stealth of night birds, and who doesn't like penguins? Especially when carrying a giant axe? I also find them easy to draw and they have great potential as an intelligent species, you know how parrots mimic sounds and words? What if they could quickly pick up what words mean and become completely fluent in a language?well, all Avionese are aurally omnilingual! Isn't that cool?

    Why can't they fly? There is a reason birds and bats are small, organisms that are large aren't very aerodynamic, especially the humanoid form, they are also really heavy.

    I don't like the races. Well, as previously stated, you can add your own race of Avionese.

    But I want to be a halfbreed! Halfbreeds are a problem to me and I MIGHT add them in a future installment of AA, but for now no, and here's why: first off, most races live far away from each other, it's very rare for a Pengu to be in Oowlon lands. The only real chance is if they met in the central isles of the Archipelago, and even that is a long shot. Halfbreeds would also be culturally confused, as well as outcasts from which ever race they lived in. Frankly this means that they wouldn't be able to use certain abilities.

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    Why does each race have starting equipment? Why can't we choose?
    Well, each race has weapons based on their culture, and thus grew up only learning to use those weapons, and many weapons are only available to a race because of their racial abilities. Starting equipment is just what you were given when you went on your journey. You should also remember that you have 500 Dorians! You can easily buy a better weapon, but merchants aren't exactly fair, and plenty of haggling is needed.

    What about magical or unique items? There are plenty of those! You have a chance to loot them from, creatures, chests, and treasure rooms. You can also buy them off of adventurers turned merchants.

    If you need to drop the roleplay completely, you may ask me to either kill off your character or allow your character to be "put up for adoption" in which I or another player will control your character until someone else applies and asks to play that character, the new player may freely change personality aspects of your character, but cannot change the name, level, experience, gender, race, biography and skills of your character.
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  2. Yes maybe sure kinda
  3. I put up a poll about plot direction, even if you are not interested, feel free to vote
  4. Added Peaken race to races. Mechanics still being worked.
  5. Created section about combat.
  6. Finished level charts of Hawkortons, Krown, and Pengu

    Things left to do:
    Level charts of other races*: Oowlons, Falcortons, Apresno, Docken, Paradines, Peaken, Ravelon, and Currio
    Weapon descriptions/damage values.
    First Quest structure
    First Quest

    * will take the most time
  7. Looking forward to it, Kraz :>
  8. Oowlon and Apresno charts complete, changed Apresno from bonus armor to bonus evasion, bonus armor added to Paradines
  9. Reworked Apresno, Apresno now have speed stat, increasing speed affects abilities, increases evasiveness, increases attack and increases initiative, but it also decreases accuracy
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  10. I have only gotten a vote and a like so far, but no real replies (outside of Gg, but he was already part of this to begin with) Is anyone interested? Is no one interested? Does anyone have any questions?
  11. Feedback given by VerbalAbuse And my response

    VerbalAbuse: It feels a lot like a text RPG like if Zork and the Elder Scrolls joined into the same game. The problem with that type of game, though, is that it's too restrictive. Yes, you have to make sure people are evenly balanced, but you also have to give them options. Really, Zork-type text adventures feel like a bit of an exaggeration of why I'm not interested in your RP. For instance, instead of giving each race a set of equipment, you could have listed equipment produced by each race. A traveling type would have equipment from outside of their race.

    My Response: Not exactly sure what you mean with the first part, though I do understand that it is restrictive.
    Regarding your second comment "a traveling type" doesn't really exist unless you are an experienced adventurer or a Ravelon who, when reaching level 5, is able to use nearly any low level weapon. Each race is spread amongst the archipelago with the only real meeting point being the largest island Skraw Mas'ech, which is where the rp will start. Starting equipment is not set for long as players will get wider ranges of weaponry every 5 levels as well as being able to find magical or rare weaponry like in any fantasy RPG. However it is the fact that race=class in this rp that limits weapon selection
    In the end, when someone joins, it should be their character's first adventure.
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  12. Added information on leveling, also edited some information answering possible questions.

    Changed starting equipment for Apresno, Krown, and Currio.
  13. Due to being sick, I am not going to update until further notice.
  14. Updates returning soon
  15. Apresno ability chart complete
  16. Only if I can make a Heavy Metal-playing Docken called Dokken.

  17. There is supposed to be a joke there but I don't get it, so I'm going to just say no, because that kind of music doesn't exist in the archipelago.

    Edit: an '80s Metal band apparently.
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