Avi and Stacy <3

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  1. It is time... Time to take control of your life, Stacy... You have lived well with me for these years, but I must say, you must leave. There should not be any difficulties for you, since I trained you so well... Now, go... Be free, and teach those who don't know of peace or war, what you have to learn. It was the same words that would flow into Stacy's mind no matter what, it almost made her shutter when she woke up to see no one standing by her whispering into her ear. She never would have thought of it being just memories, day on and night off. Sitting up in her bed, her blonde hair clung to her neck, and shoulders, a few strands clung to her chin from how much she had sweated during that... 'dream.' Her blue eyes, so dull and just... Plain looked around her room. She slowly stood up and yawned lightly, moving towards her closet, she pulled out a white suit, and put it on. The material was loose on her and she just stood there thinking. Okay, Sensai said that for a reason, he always does. Did he have a vision? Am I supposed to do this great thing and become a hero, or something? Grumbling in despair she looked down, and lifted her right hand to press her fingertips to her forehead. "Well..." She spoke out loud this time, when she lifted her head and dropped her hand, "Might as well get this show on the road!" She smiled softly, and turned to leave her room and roam the street, even though it was dark outside, she still needed to get out and... Enjoy herself. Maybe.
  2. Avi looked around his room. It was time for him to be moving out of the orphanage, and the matron had given him a three hour deadline. When told this, he had shrugged, already having a modest apartment lined up for the eventuality. Picking up the box that held his possessions and his suitcase, Avi stepped out onto the landing and traipsed down the stairs and out the door without any look back.
  3. Stacy was walking along the road when she noticed a boy, her eyes narrowed but she did nothing. Talk to him! She winced and nodded her head, moving over towards the boy she spoke softly. "Hello, my name is Stacy... Can I help you with anything?" she smiled lightly, and put her arm out to stop the boy from walking away. (Sorry it's short, will get better. (:)