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  1. Daniel walked alone at night, heading home from a long day of exploring the city, which was something he often did when he didn't have work or classes or homework to do. He kept special watch when he had to cross an especially shifty part of the city, looking around often and listening carefully to every sound.
    He was about half way through the area when he heard a commotion, and decided to investigate. Venturing quietly into the dark alleyway from whence he heard the noise, he looked around warily to see what was going on. This was not the first time he had done something like this, and he hoped for the sake of everyone involved that it was nothing serious.
  2. Heather had been on her way home after an acrobatic street performance when an unknown man,grabbed her and dragged her into a dark alley.At first a rush of fear flew through her but soon her fiesty attitude broke the haze clouding her thoughts.She bit down on his hand and stepped on his foot in hopes of him releasing her.Unfortuantely her plan backfired as he roughly let go of his hold upon her mouth and instead gripped her arms to throw her into the brick wall of the building infront of her.As she slammed into the unyielding wall,she clutched her head in pain and struggled to regain her vision.She lashed out with her foot and successfully struck the man in his shin and he cursed in pain.Finding her opportunity to escape,she was grabbed and pinned against the wall by the man."What's a pretty little thing like you doing out her all alone?"His disgusting voice asked,causing shivers to run down her spine in a mixture of disdain and fear."Just let me go."She replied angrily,still struggling against his bruising hold.
  3. Daniel looked around the dark alley until he saw the man holding her up against a wall. His eyes narrowed in concentration as he used his telekinetic abilities to pull the man away from the wall, pulling her with him, as he wasted no time once he figured out what was happening. "Let her go." He ordered, his voice sounding unusually calm for the occasion, but very threatening. He looked around for weapons he could use if the man did not obey him.
  4. Heather was both surprised and worried when the man appeared a little ways from her and her attacker.When the stranger spoke,her attacker's attention was drawn to him giving her a moment of opportunity.She kneed him in the groin and then his stomach.He let go of her and she quickly backed away from him before he could retaliate.She was unsure why the stranger was rescuing her but she hoped they could fight the burly man that had attacked her.
  5. Daniel kept the man still, making him hover a few inches off the ground for good measure, although it took quite a bit of concentration to keep that up. He looked at the girl he had just rescued in surprise after she attacked the man, although he was clearly impressed. "What would you like me to do with him?" He asked her without looking her way, keeping the man from moving.
  6. It was then that Heather noticed her attacker was floating above the ground,suspended by an invisible force that apparently was being controlled by her rescuer."I don't really care what you do with him as long as he gets some justice."She replied to the man,grabbing her purse and athletic bag from their forgotten place on the ground.
  7. Daniel nodded in understanding, using his ability again to unlock a chain from a nearby gate and re-lock it as makeshift handcuffs on the man who had attacked her, ignoring the sound of pain from the man as the chain was wound quite a bit too tightly around his arms and wrists. He suspected some bones were broken when he heard snapping sounds and more sounds of pain from the man. "Would you like to accompany me in giving him to the proper authorities? It would be best for you to tell them what he did." He said to her, allowing the man to drop to the ground as he looked over at her.
  8. "Fine.It's not like have somewhere to be."Heather replied with a soft smile,coming a little closer to the mysterious and powerful hero."Thank you for saving me.But before I accompany you anywhere I want to know your name.After all I think my hero deserves the credit for this man's arrest when I tell my story."
  9. "Daniel Ross.. But, don't tell them about my ability, that needs to be a secret. Just say I beat him up, with karate or something.. And you are?" He said, using the chain to pick the man up and drag him along, lightening his weight using his ability. He figured it was only fair for him to ask her name after he told her his.
  10. "Heather DiAngelo."She answered,smiling softly at the man who had rescued her with his amazing abilities."I don't think anyone would believe me about your abilities anyways but your secret's safe with me."Her gaze glanced over to the man he was dragging along as they walked and she chuckled gently at the rather amusing sight.
  11. Daniel nodded, smiling at that. "They'd probably think you're crazy if you did tell them." He agreed. They soon reached the police station. The man was put in proper confinement, while Heather was asked to describe what had happened.
  12. As Heather told the policeman what happened and he began to write in her report,her eyes drifted to where Daniel stood."He attacked me and the man over there rescued me.He took him out with some karate moves or something."She answered the cop's question with a straight face,biting her lips nervously as she thought about the attack.
  13. Daniel had also given a brief statement to another officer about what he had seen of the attack, telling a similar lie about how he had done it. That being done, he took a seat to wait for her, and offered a smile when he heard her say that he had used karate on the man.
    By the time she was done speaking with the police officer, Daniel was doing a lot worse, having developed a headache from overusing his abilities. This had happened before, but he had never before used his abilities as much as he did today, and the pain was much more severe than he had expected. He ended up partially curled up on his chair, looking quite pale and obviously pained.
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