Avenging Justice: Young Marvel/DC RP concept

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  1. Avenging Justice: The Age of Superheroes

    The idea of the meta-human, the very pinnacle of any and all human feats, used to be something that could only exist in fantasy, an imagination. However those with only the most top secret of information available to them have begun to see this very once imaginative idea start to become frighteningly real. Crimes being pulled off with means and methods almost inconceivable. With things becoming more and more dangerous drastic measures were called in.

    Assembling the best forces in any military willing to help, the US created a new agency known as Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate, or S.H.I.E.L.D. With a top military agent in Nick Fury assigned to executive director of the operations. Plans were put into motion to start up a top tier team of young meta-humans. Those who can help oppose any and all threats no normal man or individual meta-human could handle. The code name for this new super group is listed simply, as 'Project Justice League'.


    The idea for this is a combination Marvel/DC roleplay where the gist is the young heroes in both universes are now without mentors or time as a sidekick. Plus loosening the idea of how extensive you can modify their history and even abilities. Though the biggest thing about modifying the character is to try and keep their core style intact. The main thing that makes them who they are in the first place.

    Other than all of that things will be fairly straight forward. Post relatively often, at least every three to four days or so, and aim for as best a post as you can. While realizing I'm not really crazy strict on grammar, length, and other stuff. Don't be a dick about things, and generally help make this awesome.

    Also its worth noting that for this RP, Gotham City on the map of the US replaces Chicago, and Metropolis replaces Boston.

    So far character wise we have a Superboy, Mr. Fantastic (Franklin Richards), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Traci 13, Red Hood, and Elixir. To give some idea of what kind of changes are expected. Superboy is Connor Kent as the more original origin of Superman. Only instead of ever finding an alien pod he has dreams occasionally of Krypton, his parents, and the name 'Kal-El'. Only he doesn't realize that they adopted him from an aunt who took Connor away from CADMUS. Where he was a test tube baby that was created from the genes of Kal-El who died upon crashing to Earth.

    Mr. Fantastic meanwhile is raised by a normal Susan and Reed Richards. When Reed's top project of a teleportation device gets tinkered with however by a particularly scorn young rival. Franklin ends up getting warped through the negative zone. Seeing all kinds of different realities and ending up with all four of the Fantastic Four powers, which he can only use one at a time. He returns to this dimension where his father and uncle talk him into becoming a superhero. Though Franklin isn't quite sure of the idea himself.
  2. Any other characters allowed or are you just looking for those six?
  3. Actually those six have been taken, Superboy and Mr Fantastic are mine and the other four are two friends. We've been working on the idea and our characters on skype before this.
  4. Ah. I get it now. If everyone's going to be playing one Marvel and one DC character I may be interested in Speedball and Milagro Reyes (as a Green Lantern).
  5. Don't have to specifically, we just did just cause really, would be preferred though.

    Also with Speedball is this pre, post, or mid Penance? Because we gon have issues if you have Penance all up in this... FO REALZ YO.

    As for Milagro, you could even just suit her up as Blue Beetle too... but either way having a Reyes makes me happy.
  6. Actually, I was thinking more like classic Speedball because Penance for me is just meh. It was interesting enough but I don't have any desire to use that version of the character.

    And I hadn't considered Milagro being Blue Beetle instead of Jaime. I think I'll keep her as a GL though because I like the idea of her and Jaime being forced to be mortal enemies.
  7. Sure, hopefully we can get a Blue Beetle, or a Nova, or a Wiccan, or a Hulkling, or a Speed, or a Beast Boy, or a Kid Flash/Impulse, or a Legion of Superheroes character or two...
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