Avengers & X-Men: Of Sons and Daughters

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  1. So what I'm thinking of here is the next generation of superheroes. This rp would sort of circulate around the heroes and villains as they either attempt to go about living their normal lives or following in their parents footsteps. The maximum # of children per superhero will be 2, so we don't end up with aan overflow from any particular hero, and it's fine to mix and match any pair of adult heroes you want. While my idea is still a bit in its infancy I'm thinking that there will be some sort of cataclysmic event that will force all the supers to work together in the end...and perhaps the beginning would be their recruitment into the newest form of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    If you find yourself interested and have some ideas of your own, feel free to share them, as it's 2:30am and I'm trying to get this idea down before I pass back out. I'd expect there to be internal conflicts amongst the heroes, fights between them, romance is a possibility, and more than likely outrageous levels of destruction. I'd also allow for Cannon Characters if anyone cared to take on a sort of Mentoring role within the rp. If there are any questions, feel free to post it here or message me.
  2. Hmmm... I'm interested and once I have a clearer head I can give some idea's.
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  3. This sounds like a fun idea! I wouldn't mind portraying one of the canon characters to help with the mentoring part.

    Would the villains have their own organization to rely on or no?​
  4. I would think that they would as well. Sort of like a Magneto type mentor and setup. Or perhaps something like a villain in a position of power that helps out his brethren or something like that

  5. A Magneto type setup, like the Brotherhood, would work out rather well for the villains at least. Maybe one of the second generation of children could be the leaders of that particular group?​
  6. Yeah, I like that idea. I'm also thinking there will be those who dont consider themselves affiliated with a side and can be won over or manipulated into joining a side.

  7. That definitely sounds exciting to incorporate in the plot.

    You also you mentioned an cataclysmic event- would there be some type of doomsday type of setting going on in the background as well, during this time?​
  8. What I was thinking was something like: The alien scientist, Bertron, who was responsible for the birth of Doomsday and subsequently killed by him, had his findings and information found and used again. The one behind this could either be the child of Lex Luthor or simply some organization completely unrelated to the two primary parties who has their eyes on world domination, thinking that they can do right where Dr. Bertron went oh-so-wrong. I'm thinking that they created a humanoid female version of doomsday, expecting her to go through the grueling process of being killed by all the supers and eventually ridding the world of them.

    The more I think about it, I think that could be just one subplot, being carried out by a secret government agency or something. The actual doomsday event could/should be something else planet threatening, but at the same time doable yet challenging. Not quite sure what that is yet, but the doomsday girl will certainly be a reoccurring problem of sorts.

  9. The Doomsday girl would be a great subplot to have ongoing in the main plot. Oh! Seeing as how you mentioned Lex Luthor, would the DC universe also be involved in this plot as well or just the Avengers and X-Men? ​
  10. I was gonna just have it Avengers and X-men, but I think I'm fine with it involving the DC universe as well. The more the merrier, right? Could make for some interesting characters and later clashes
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  11. I can't deny that. There's also the possibility of two super groups deciding which one could potentially be more hazardous as well. Not to mention the villains would probably stir up a great deal of trouble especially if they're in the same universe. ​
  12. I'm totally interested! I'd give ideas but I might be a bit to out of the sober zone xD I'll think of somethings soon
  13. Hahahaha, all input is welcome
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  14. That's a great point and would be pretty cool to see played out. One set of heroes believing the others to be more of a danger than they are help and possibly attempting to force then to disband or even trying to just get them to integrate into their system so that they can keep a better eye on them. I picture some villains teaming up with others while other might try to out do one another, but either way, any villain interaction will just be more work for the heroes.

  15. True villains interacting with one another is never a good thing for any supers.

    Hm.. I can definitely see the children of either Iron man or Steve Rogers being one of the first to speak up about the other groups being bad.​
  16. Hope to pull in enough people to make these ideas a reality

  17. You should get quite a few considering there's two separate comic universes involved. ​
  18. I can't even choose what side I want to be apart of =.=
  19. Hahahaha, feel free to make one of each. It's fine as ling as you can handle the workload
  20. I am very interested in this idea. Keep me posted!!!!!