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  1. Well--- okayyy, I'm sort of bad at making RP forums-- but I already have a partner, and that is the marvelous @Everglade c:

    We're (mostly me) testing our RP skills with violence and feels XD

    Everglade is being Bucky for me, while I am being my OC, Corbin.

    Corbin has sort of an obsession over Bucky, since they used to be best friends before he got his memory wiped and worked for HYDRA-- and she yearns for him to remember her, or at least Steve.
    In the process of getting Bucky to remember Corbin, she gets injured-- but keeps running back to him, as if she'd literally die to get him to remember.

    Steve says she's brave,and very strong for being able to handle the psychical and emotional pain, but everyone else thinks she's over-obsessive.

    What everyone else is oblivious of though-- is that Bucky had told Corbin that no matter what happens, he'll always be her 'hero', and she'll always be his 'lily-bug' (and that nickname is sort of a long story but it's not since her original name is Liliana (or Lily) and Bucky thought Lily-Bug would be a cute nickname for her)

    shhh, I know this sounds bad but Everglade and I already know what we're doing xc

    So uhm... I'm gonna invite her to this-- well... I'll add her or whatever-- I'm not sure how it works XD; but this is a RP for Everglade and I ONLY OwO
  2. Okay-- so we just start now? XD
  3. Yeah--- I think so OwO
  4. Corbin ran down the busy roads of Washington, DC--- going exactly to the place she was before. To Bucky.
    She knew she would get herself both psychically and emotionally wrecked by Bucky again, but at this point, Corbin was so desperate for him to remember; so she could finally feel more complete than she was before.
    Without Bucky, a piece of her heart was missing. She couldn't feel passion for anyone else but him. She couldn't grab the same exact comfort that Bucky gifted her with.
    It was a bit heart-breaking when you thought about it.

    Steve couldn't confront her the way Bucky used to in order for her to feel happy.
    She was a nothing without Bucky being there for her.

    "Bucky!" she cried out, not even attempting to make a move on him; she didn't wanna beat up on Bucky; she'd prefer herself to be hurt instead of him.

    Corbin came to an abrupt stop when she heard the loud screeching of a car slamming on its brakes.
    She looked up to see a red convertible stopped in front of her; the hood of the vehicle almost touching her stomach.

    "Hey! Get out of the road!" the angered person, who was a male yelled from the car.
    "No! What are you even doing ON the road in the middle of a dangerous scene! You can get killed out here you know!" Corbin shouted back at him, with an attitude that could make anyone run off in fear.

    That's all she had to say in order for the bright red vehicle to turn around and zoom off in the other direction.

    But behind that car; was someone she did and didn't want to see.
  5. Bucky's eyes darted around the crowded area.
    He was seeking for that girl he kept encountering over and over again.

    'At least 5 times a day, I see her.' he thought as he swung the midnight black machine gun back and forth with his metallic hand.

    There were wrecked cars emitting clouds of smoke into the air up against some of the skyscraper buildings, panic alarms also screaming loudly from the damaged vehicles.
    Bucky couldn't even begin to count how many he and another familiar person who kept repeatedly popping up had destroyed.

    About 50 as an estimated guess.

    He had never seen a city so destroyed before. He had also never seen someone so willing to die.

    'That girl wouldn't keep running up to me unless she wanted something from me...?' Bucky assumed, but he knew that wasn't exactly the case.

    From what he collected, the girl with the short black hair and different colored eyes kept begging him for something-- but what was it?
    He couldn't seem to put his finger on it, it was something about remembering though...

    Bucky was pushed aside from his thoughts when he heard quick footsteps pound against the concrete road.

    'How can she move so quickly?' he asked himself, but continued to focus on the same exact female he was encountered with more than once a day.
  6. Corbin huffed and panted as she approached Bucky with tears sparkling in her eyes.

    "He has to remember me." the same words she muttered to herself the last time she went after the 'dangerous' soldier.

    She blew a strand of black hair out of her face, never seeming to stop pumping her arms and lifting her legs up-- she didn't run out of breath that easily. Corbin could run on for at least an hour without stopping, since she was a very athletic person.
    Corbin could see the same deadpanned look on Bucky's face; he wasn't anymore surprised than the previous time he saw her.

    Maybe she was making a bad impression on herself? Maybe Bucky just wanted her to stop acting so psychotic...?
    Corbin was a bit annoying, but not as annoying as you think.

    She's only irritating when she wants to be, and is only that way when she wants something.
    Which in this case, Corbin wants Bucky to remember her, and maybe Steve.

    "Bucky!" she yelled, tackling the dark brunette close to black haired super soldier.
    She received the same thing she got before.

    An elbow to the face.
    An elbow to the gut.
    Which sent her to the ground, in pain.

    She looked up at Bucky, who's eyes were practically engulfed in flames; you could tell he was pretty pissed and tired with this.
  7. "Look-- I don't know who the hell you are! Can you stop acting like such a pest?" Bucky growled, glaring down at the blue and sea-green eyed female with annoyance.

    But somewhere deeper inside Bucky, he didn't want to do this anymore.
    Maybe she was trying to be his friend?

    'If she wanted to be my friend, why does she keep acting like such a nagging human-being?' he interrogated himself, but then shaking his head slowly.

    He wanted to approach her in a friendly manner, but more than half of him wanted her dead at his feet.
    Bucky's brain screamed at him; ordering him to murder the annoyance already.

    Bucky's heart screamed as well, but not loud enough for him to hear it.
    He knew it was telling him not to hurt her because she cared for him.

    'Wait... She cares for me?' as soon as those thoughts left his brain, his metal arm swung up unexpectedly and sent it through Corbin's face.

    He yanked his arm back and grabbed it with his only good arm.
    Bucky stared down at the somewhat flat-chested female, examining the damage he inflicted on her.

    He really didn't want to do that to her, he really didn't.
    It was his brain who was forcing him to hurt her.

    What did she ever do to him anyways? Besides being a psycho all the time.

    "I-I..." he stuttered before stopping.
    No. He didn't want to make it sound like he liked her.
    Then she'd be even more annoying!

    Well-- it wouldn't hurt to try... How hard could it possibly be?
  8. "Bucky... P-please." Corbin whispered as she wrapped her arms around her stomach, groaning in extreme pain.

    Several thoughts ran through her mind.
    Was she going to die today? Was she going to be spared by him?
    It was gonna be the same thing he did before-- based on the way he was looking down at her.

    'He's just going to walk away.' she sighed, trying her best not to cry in front of him.
    I don't see why she couldn't break down in front of Bucky, she always has done so before.

    Corbin coughed silently, only to be greeted with blood splattering onto the hard concrete road.
    She was hurt much worse than before, and that was a bad sign.

    "Ow..." she rolled around on the ground, trying to keep her arms wrapped around her stomach as best as she could.
    Corbin shook her head a bit, disappointed on how she kept doing this just to see Bucky.

    And it was interaction either way, it wasn't passionate communication, like she wished, but it's better than nothing.

    Feet shuffled about in front of Corbin, but who's feet?
    She knew Bucky was still standing there, but there was another pair of legs next to Bucky's.

    "Corbin!" she heard a familiar voice cry out concernedly.

    Steve found out that she was throwing herself into this, once again, only to be spat back out covered in cuts and bruises-- and even internal injuries.

    "Ugh. You're doing this again?" he huffed, looking down at his partner, and best friend, helpless on the ground.

    Steve was obviously angry, but knowing him, he was worried deep down.
    Bucky on the other hand, not responding to anything, which was usual, probably didn't care.

    It was either that or he was drifting off into his thoughts; which could go on forever.

    "St-steve. I'm s-sorry." Corbin continued coughing, but it only got more violent.

    Steve immediately dropped the angry role, and grew extremely concerned and worried.
    "Don't hurt me anymore like this Corby. Please." Steve spoke softly before lifting her up in his arms, trying to find all the injuries Corbin got on this round.

    She swore Bucky had said something though, but she was too weak and hurt to care.
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  9. "So her name is Corbin." Bucky murmured, and began to think if he knew anyone by the name of Corbin. Which would be a challenge for him, since he didn't even remember the man who was holding Corbin in his masculine arms.

    'Do I know anyone named Corbin?' he asked his consciousness, and he got the same response,
    'No, you don't know anyone named Corbin. Just kill the girl already.'

    His consciousness could be pretty mean to him, well-- it was mean to him every day.
    Bucky was always left dazed and confused with what his brain told him.

    Bucky didn't want to kill Corbin, he wanted to be nice to her.
    But look at what he did-- he almost killed her! Just like his mind ordered him to.

    Bucky didn't know who to listen to at this point.
    His brain or his heart?

    He quirked an eyebrow when he heard a silent voice call out to him.
    "Your heart... Always your heart."

    "Who said that?" Bucky questioned obliviously, looking around in a panic.
    He turned his head back in the direction he was originally looking, only to see some sort of memory flashing before his very eyes.

    'What is this...?' he squinted his eyes, looking more closely at the fading memory.

    "Hey. That looks like---Corbin...?" he raised an eyebrow, watching the girl in his memory look at him.

    "Listen to your heart Buck. You're my hero. I believe in you." he heard her speak again.
    What a sweet little shy voice. And for once, he actually smiled in what seemed like forever.

    The girl talking in the memory playing for him poked someone's chest, before the memory abruptly stopped.

    "Great. I'm even more confused." he sighed, kicking a few pebbles lying in the road, sending them to the other side of the sidewalk.

    But he was pretty sure that girl was Corbin.
    He was sure. 100% sure.

    He was questioning something else though...
    Who was the guy Corbin poked?

    'Was it me?'

    Bucky shook his head quickly, deciding to brush it off.
    "I'll probably get another one of those memory things later."
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  10. "Corbin, you need to be more careful! He could have killed you." Steve spoke to her as he ran to the nearest hospitalization facility.
    "I'm sorry S-Steve. I already said I was sorry. But you don--'t know what it's like." Corbin began, but her voice got cutoff.

    "What it's like to--" she stopped again.
    Was she losing her voice?

    Bucky knocked the wind out of her pretty good, after all.
    "Corbin. Keep your words for later. You need to rest, and I don't want you running back to him again-- do you understand?" Steve growled in a strict voice, which made Corbin squirm uncomfortably in her best friend's arms.

    When he growled, it was sort of cute, and Corbin liked it.
    She squirmed whenever he did it though, in attempt to obscure the blush that would dust across her pale white cheeks.

    "Do you understand?" he spoke in a more compassionate voice, which settled Corbin's nerves a bit.
    She nodded in reply, and then was kissed on her forehead.

    "Good. I don't want you getting hurt like this. Even though you are strong for not breaking down in front of him." Steve smiled down at her, continuing to speed walk down the sidewalks of Washington DC.

    Corbin grinned happily, and nuzzled her head into Steve's forearms, trying to relax a bit before she had to get all patched up and connected to machines at the hospital.

    If she could say thank you to Steve without losing her voice, she would.
    He cared for Corbin ever since the day they met. Which was a long time ago. Very very very long time ago.

    "Oh, and Corbin. You're gonna have to put up with Tony bitching at you for not being more careful around Bucky." Steve reminded her, and he was right.
    Tony pretended to hate Corbin, but he actually did care for her.

    What was their relation you may ask?

    Corbin is actually his aunt, but to avoid being picked on by Tony, she told him she was his sister. It's been working pretty well.
    They got along, they worked together, they didn't fight as much.

    But Tony will NEVER be like Howard. Her actual brother.
    Howard would always let Corbin vent when she was mad, and he never told their parents.

    Howard let Corbin do a LOT of things, and some of them weren't even legal.
    He introduced her to science, which she would not understand if her life depended on it.

    They would get in trouble, yeah, but that's what made them so close.
    He let her hang out with Bucky and Steve, which were literally her only friends besides him.

    Howard and Corbin's parents didn't let her hang out with boys that much. But Corbin did it anyways.
    Bucky protected her and Steve like they were his own children, and Steve was such a gentleman to Corbin.

    But one thing though--- her name wasn't Corbin back then.
    It was Liliana.

    Her middle name, however was Corbin.
    And as the years passed, Liliana got less popular, which made her change her name from Liliana to Corbin.
    As much as Howard wouldn't like it-- she did it for today's generation.

    Corbin missed Howard. A lot.
    So very much.

    Which is why, she will make HYDRA pay for what they did to him.

    'I will never forgive them. Never.' she growled, but was brought out of her thoughts by noticing a familiar face following her and Steve.
  11. Bucky tried to hide himself while following the same male in that red, white, and blue spandex uniform.
    He only went after them to find out if Corbin was okay or not.

    Or maybe he just wanted to do it out of curiosity.
    Either one seems fitting enough.

    But he didn't do such a great job on camouflaging himself, since Corbin was looking at him from behind Steve's forearm.
    He then saw her pointing in his direction.

    "Shit. That guy is gonna kill me if he recognizes me." Bucky cursed under his breath, now throwing his hands up in front of his face.

    It's a good thing Steve never turned around either, since he was too focused on carrying Corbin to the nearest medical building. Which wasn't very far away.

    And with how many times Bucky's hurt Corbin, she's got to be used to that place.
    'I bet she knows it like the back of her hand.' Bucky winced, feeling slightly guilty for putting her through all of that.

    'She's probably even more used to being hooked up to all those machines and getting patched up-- and maybe even surgery?'
    'but she keeps coming back to me everyday, so I doubt she's needed surgery... Yet.' Bucky hopped from thought to thought, some of them involving the health of Corbin, and even more of them concerning the damage he's caused her.

    This was the very first time he's EVER hurt her to the point where she was coughing up blood.
    Her bones are probably broken after being targeted so many times beforehand.

    Enough of that.
    He looked up only to see a bunch of random citizens rushing about.

    Bucky lost where Corbin and Steve went.
    This couldn't be good.
    How would he be able to find out if she was okay or not?

    He probably wouldn't know until tomorrow, when she comes running back to him.

    But Bucky heard Steve telling Corbin not to come back to him.
    After all, Corbin did obey that man like he was God or something.

    They were best friends, by the looks of it.

    'Was I included in that friendship?' Bucky questioned, cocking his head to the side, tossing the concerns about Corbin aside and replaced them with thoughts about friendship.

    'Having a friend-- would be fun.' a smile formed on Bucky's lips, then nodding.

    A friend. That did sound like tons of fun.

    Corbin could carry Bucky around all the time like that God-like masculine male did!

    Bucky then beamed brightly, which felt so unusual to him.
    Smiling. Friendship. Friends. Smiles.

    He wanted it all-- suddenly.
    But why did he feel this way?

    This blew his mind, quite a lot.
    He wanted to be friends with Corbin.
    He even wanted to be friends with that guy who preaches like some sort of saint!
    What was his name...?

    Steve maybe?
    But that was only because he heard Corbin say it once or twice.

    "Ummph!" Bucky grunted as he was pushed into a street pole, whipping his head back, his eyebrows knitted together in anger.

    People were so rude these days. But Bucky could be rude too.

    But Bucky wanted to be friendly!
    He wanted to turn a new leaf and make nice with everyone!

    Why did he feel this way though?
    Besides the Corbin thing...? Why?
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  12. "Finally. We're here Corbin." Steve's kind voice awoke her from a light sleep.
    Corbin blinked and rolled her way closer to Steve's chest, nuzzling him in attempt to tell Steve she was comfortable where she was, and wasn't moving anytime soon.

    'Where did Bucky go?' Corbin looked around the building, and behind Steve, only to see no-one.
    He must have gotten lost or something.

    Corbin slowly drifted off back to sleep as Steve signed her in.

    "Again?" she heard the voice of a somewhat irritated nurse at the front desk in the hospital reception area.

    Steve nodded slowly, as he grabbed for a pen carefully, trying not to let Corbin slip out of his arms.

    He wrote down his name and Corbin's name on the sign-in sheet, and sat down in a very uncomfortable and flat chair.

    Now we wait.

    "Corbin seems to be coughing up blood-- by the looks of it Mr. Rogers. Would you like to try to get her in a room immediately?" the same nurse questioned him, as her eyes locked onto Corbin's mouth.
    Blood was still escaping from the poor girl's mouth, and that might end up in something bad.
    Let's just hope it's nothing bad.

    "O-oh! Um. Yes please. Ma'am. That would be-- wonderful." Steve chuckled a bit at how nervous he was getting. Sure, he was a gentleman, but he was never good at talking to girls.

    Well--- he never gets nervous around Corbin because they've been friends for years and years. And whenever Corbin was around Steve, she always acted more boyish than girlish. Which was fine, but it wasn't really normal for a girl to act like a boy.

    "Okay, bring her back up here please." the nurse smiled brightly at him from a distance, which sent Steve into a tiny blush fit.

    Steve nodded and got up from the chair, with a little bit of difficulty since Corbin was kind of heavy.
    He walked back up to the front desk and stood there, waiting for the nurse's instructions-- or just waiting for her to do something.

    "Okay-- sir-- follow me. Luckily, there's one room that isn't taken." the nurse nodded, the smile never leaving her face.

    Steve did as he was told and followed shortly behind her.
    They walked past several rooms filled with patients, which broke Steve's heart.

    Every time he saw a little kid in one of those rooms, he wanted to run in there and hug them. And he'd tell them everything would be okay.
    But somehow, Corbin was his main priority.
    She always was. What was he thinking?

    Even though Corbin was asleep, she could hear faint footsteps slapping against the white tiles of the hospital floor.
    Who could it be this time? Bucky or Tony?

    Maybe even Thor?
    Or someone who noticed Steve and Corbin walking down the halls of the hospital. They were many fans of Corbin and Steve. But people knew them as Captain America and War Cadette-- as much as Corbin didn't want the name, she was practically Steve's sidekick.

    When she's not with Steve however, she's Captain Combat, which ticks Steve off because his superhero name has Captain in it. But that's why Corbin chose Captain Combat. It was either that or Captain Corbin.
    Which made Corbin laugh all the time because Steve would always say Captain Combat was better than Captain Corbin.

    If Corbin was able to convince Steve well enough, maybe she could change it to Captain Combat for good.

    ((OOC laughing here XD))

    But enough of all that confusing nonsense.

    'I wonder how Bucky is doing...' Corbin thought, hoping he was the person behind the footsteps.
    He's been acting real suspicious lately. And uber creepy with all the following.

    But Corbin had no room to talk.
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  13. "Where am I even at?!" Bucky flailed his arms wildly in mid-air, unaware of the many people around him.
    At least he didn't hit anyone in the face.

    Let's not jinx that. Eheh.

    Bucky walked around in circles of a crowded plaza. It was Friday afternoon, and it was obvious that everyone would be running around with errands to do.
    But not many people since half of them were in the hospital because of Bucky and Steve's feud earlier that day.

    He felt really sorry for that too.
    Wait-- no he didn't.

    'Oh no. My consciousness is taking over again.' Bucky sighed, immediately wanting to hurt someone.
    Or everyone in the plaza.

    Bucky gritted his teeth and slammed his hands over his head, trying to control his mind.
    He's not going to ruin another chance to befriend Corbin again. Not today.

    But if Bucky did win against his consciousness which was taken over by Alexander Pierce, he'd be all smiles and sunshine again.
    It would've been okay if Steve, Corbin, and him were all back in the 1940's again to be all smiles and sunshine, but this is 2014--- that would be weird.

    He should make a bet with his consciousness.
    Something kind of like--- he'd stop killing people, but would still be angry all the time, and only triggered to smile around certain people.
    For example-- Corbin and Steve. He'd smile around them only, and would act nice to them. But anyone else, pure hatred and mean glares.

    That sounded fair.
    Oh-- and he almost forgot-- he can be grumpy around Corbin and Steve as well.

    Now, if his consciousness was paying attention; it could be a done deal but unfortunately it wasn't listening. Well-- partially was listening to him but that's not the point.

    'Come on I need you to listennnn.' Bucky sort of argued with his thoughts.
    Which made him totally insane.

    ((hey-- can we continue this tomorrow? OwO)
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