Avengers or DC fans Characters need Plots and Partners

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  1. Name : Jarvis Stark
    Age : 24
    Parents : None he was created by Tony stark
    Hacking expert - Hack anything he wishes to
    Attack and defense master- Knows how to attack a foe by looking at him for five seconds. He also knows how to keep others safe around him.
    Knows all forms of fighting styles- Up loaded and updates the files of fighting and still remains unbeat as a security personal
    Able to become one with things that use electricty- Can become one with Tech, flow through it and get out with no problem
    Most advanced intellegence life form- His mind always learning fles always updating he learns more every second then a human can in eighteen years
    Control tech with his mind - can control things that are metal, electric with his mind
    Decoding - he is the master at decoding any file given to him
    Expert senses of around the school - he will notice if something is off in the tower before anyone else
    Name recongintion, voice recognition , immune to illusions - he is able to recongize everyone by voice, name and his eye is impossible to trick with illusions.
    Virus can hurt him - Being part of the comptures at time he can get hurt by a virus if it leaks into him.
    Getting whiped clean - he can be whiped clean if the attacker knows how.
    Rain - Can't go out in the rain unless you want everyone electruted .
    Personality : Straight forward with things, can understand emotion just not use emotion. Can give very useful information to those who are hurt. He is more intellegent on matter of the knowldage of the universe of science and computer to anyone. He often is lacking emotion and seems to have a hard time shareing his feelings ti anyone he comes across and often hides his feeling in a file inside his body. he often makes sure if anyone breaks a rule he is often the one catching them and notifying the princeable to the action at hand
    History : WIP , the most anyone knows is he was sent to keep the school safe and the daughter of Tony Stark. Other then no one really know most of his past.
    Name : Ashley Stark
    Age : 18
    Parents : Tony Stark Pepper Potts
    Powers / Ability :
    Has a greater mind for advanced learning and technical classess
    Amazing mechanic and help make better equipment for others to use
    Amazing fighter
    Limits (be real limits not like kicked in the groin and his powers short out XD. I have seen it happen before, No joke)
    Can't learn simple things easily
    Hates to rain and scared of thunder and lightning the most
    Will never abandon a friend
    Personality : A shy girl, always to herself at times but when around a friend she often has a funny personality and great love for everyone. She doesn't care though for great grades and will slack off in her classes at times but somehow she manages to stay in a good B+ range
    History (Optional) : will discover more and more
    Name : Tyson Lokison
    Age : looks 18
    Parents : Loki Laufeyson and Enchantress
    Powers / Ability :
    Advanced Magic
    Good hold of Ice and snow manipulation
    Good at making illusions
    Supernatrual condtion - Able to lift two sons over his head, run as a fast as a race car, can punch through a wall, Can jump from a very high building without getting very hurt.
    Limits (be real limits not like kicked in the groin and his powers short out XD. I have seen it happen before, No joke)
    Can't use magic for more then five minutes or will faint
    If use of magic is for five minutes or more he will be in bed for a day sick with a flue like bug
    He can't out trick Jarvis (which annoys him to no end)
    Personality : Shady fellow with little to give to others. he is very smart when he wants to let it show but often he can be a dick at times. he really means well and if he belives what he is doing is right he will never stray from the path he has choosen for himself, Shy and timid around others he doesn't really know at all.
    History (Optional) : Will be shown later
    Name : Derek Barton
    Age : 19
    Parents : Barton and Natasha
    Powers / Ability :
    -Excellent athlete
    -Skilled detective and tracker
    -Expert marksman and interrogator
    -Master acrobat,hand-to-hand combatant, martial artist, and gymnast
    -Abnormally superior athletic condition
    -Photographic reflexes and agility
    Limits (be real limits not like kicked in the groin and his powers short out XD. I have seen it happen before, No joke)
    -He is a blitz fighter although he can take a lot of punishment he tires quickly
    -His bones hurt when it rains
    -He has little understanding of mathematics
    Personality :
    Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living, extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration, interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments, well-organized and hardworking, he works steadily towards identified goals, usually can accomplish any task once he has set his mind to it.
    History (Optional) Unknown
    Post here or PM me !!!
  2. Much more coming later, furst need some people for these
  3. No on wants to RP ?
  4. Do you not have any DC characters? I'd be interested in playing Raven in the DC Shared Universe.
  5. I have plenty of DC characters just have not placed them up
  6. Would you be willing to do this?
  7. Sure, shall I RP a male ?
  8. If you'd like sure :)

    FYI: I'm sort of a very detailed poster so I tend to have long posts at times but as long as you have at least a paragraph that's all I care about. I can't really do one liners/sentences.
  9. I can do 1-3 pharagrahs depends on what i am given to do back
  10. Okay that's fine with me! Who did you have in mind to rp with? Raven will start off in Azarath then make her way to Earth.
  11. Sure that would work maybe my character finds her and takes her in to keep her health till she can leave, and they grow close both demons are still after Raven by he father
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  12. Okay well I have the plot for Raven's arc it will be the Church of Blood going after her to get to her mother (who in the comics did a ritual with the Church and Trigon to have Raven) in order to finish what they started. What character will you be using?
  13. Did you still wanta do this?
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