Avengers: Age of Ultron Post-Credits Stinger *SPOILERS*

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  1. Apparently, there's been a LEAK of what the Post-Credits stinger is...

    Thoughts? Fake? Real? Excited? Awesome?

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  2. I'm not sure either way....I hope it's not fake.
  3. It might be, it might not be.

    The animation for spiderman seemed off though, which makes me lean towards fake atm.
  4. If this is real:

    If it's fake, whoever made this should be taken out back and shot.
  5. I remember vaguely that Spider-Man was announced to be officially joining the Marvel Universe now that Fox (I think?) reacquired the rights from Sony.

  6. You got the right idea!!

    The official "thing" is that Sony still owns Spider-Man as far as film rights are concerned, HOWEVER, now they will only be exercising executive production rights and distribution/publishing rights. They've given all creative and production control back over to Marvel Studios (under Disney), meaning Spider-Man will be an official part of the MCU, and the next Spider-Man movie will be a Marvel Cinematics Universe movie (but released by Sony in some weird profit-sharing deal. Whatevs.)
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  7. If this turns out like the Fake Fallout thing from a few months ago, I'm gonna crucify someone.
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  8. Tunnel Snakes Rule!
  9. Please be real, please be real!


    You know how Marvel Universe can go bigger, better, and higher after Infinity Gauntlet?

    NEW AVENGERS - rope in your stolen franchises! Get Cap, Wolvie, Spider Man, Iron Man, Luke Cage all in the same team

    Their storyline?

  10. No reason to leave Thor or the Hulk out there Razilin. :(
  11. bro, its okay

    after Secret Wars, its World War Hulk
  12. But where's Thor?
  13. So long as the Thanos Arc the movies are currently going in is good(Which is so far) I can die happy and not give a single fuck of what happens post-Thanos.
  14. Secret Wars and World War Hulk would be AWESOME.

    ***SPOILERS***: Thor and The Hulk will not be in Captain America: Civil War. They were described in-house as "game changers", and thus will be written out of the story. We know that the plot of Thor: Ragnarok will keep Thor busy, but so far no one knows what will keep Bruce Banner out of the fighting. Presumably, it's going to be not wanting to fight his friends, but that's too simplistic.

    My theory? He gets blasted off to Outer Space and we'll see the events of Planet Hulk either fold out into the next Hulk stand-alone movie, or will happen as a backstage for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which results in Banner joining them), or we just won't see Banner again until Infinity War.
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  15. And thus keeping to the story of the original Civil War.
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  16. What would be interesting is if they decide to keep Hulk in and use him in place of Ragnarok (Robo-Thor), but give him a conscience when he's... Killed civilians? I don't know what they're going to do in lieu of killing Black Goliath. Or if they'll use that plot-point at all.
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  17. oh, you mean where they had the GREAT idea of launching Hulk into space, having him land on an alien war world, gain a million extra levels of badass by being a green Conan the Barbarian, and then coming back to Earth all pissed?

    yeah, because THAT was a GREAT IDEA

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  18. It's fake.

    Found this..

    "During the press panel for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, director Joss Whedon was asked about that post-credits scene featuring Spidey that was supposedly leaked, and confirmed that -- impressive though it may have been -- it was indeed a fan-made fake."

    For more on the Story...

  19. don't care

    Still good idea
  20. Agreed. God Damn, just do this already.
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