'Ave You Gone Mad!?

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  1. Crow: Out of all the bloody-

    That Voice Inside My Head: You're looking for a partner...

    Crow: Yes I know that, but there has to be a less humiliating method. I actually have partake in advertising!

    That Voice Inside My Head: Shouldn't have skipped class...

    Crow: Shut the bloody hell up! It was a waste of time and you know it!

    That Voice Inside My Head: It was an advertising class.

    Crow: Skip class to go to see a therapist they said! And the voices would stop they said.

    *Clears throat*

    Well moving on to more important matters, I've decided that I'm in need of more entertainment from the public. And for once in my life I'm going to step off my fabricated beast and allow myself to be used for world domination and destruction of the human race any story your minds can come up with! Now I am willing to do most any genre! Though I can't do a boyxboy love also known as yaoi. I'm simply not the type.

    I can fit into any role like the master key to a city. Am I a prince? Or a commoner? Am I a god? Or a mortal? A lover? Or a fighter? I put details in my posts and if you're going to do a one liner make it count. Though you won't ever see me doing one of those, why I can't entertain my guests that way. It simply just isn't done. And if I believe it is necessary, I will drive the story ninety miles an hour into an explosion of plot candies from your resume and mine as well.

    Now keep in mind that my time is limited as I've been spending most of my time plotting the destruction of the world and rebuilding it in my image doing real life things. This means I've room for three other people. If you've an idea in mind, post it down below. Or perhaps, you'll all do the sane thing and stray away from insanity such as I. You're still reading this!? RUN while still you can. I'm telling you my insanity is contagious. *maniacal laughter and lighting strikes upon the earth*

    A small note: You'd have to be mad to want me as a partner!

    Spots Open: 1

    I've been claimed by these daring people and I applaud them for their bravery:
    Synthetic Seraph

    Those Subject to My Own Creations:
    The Sympathetic Assasin
  2. -claims a spot-


    Now to think of a plot..
  3. Of Course! There's no rush here! However I shall update this post now! When you have a plot or a story or even a skeleton of something, alert me and I'll help you fatten it up! Just send me a PM or post here.
  4. OKAY SO! I looked through my characters to see what I have that hasn't been played yet and I've come up with CHOICES! -victory dance-

    I have a character named Delia who is the lead singer in a band and has a crush on her manager. The night before a big concert, he confesses that he has feelings for her as well. He's late to the concert and Delia opens the show anyway, only to collapse halfway through the first song. Her manager died in a car accident, and she has no idea she's empathetic by those she is close to. So the story would like.. start at the concert? You could play a fan or a member of the band orrrr whatever else you come up with?? Maybe? :3

    I have a kitsune character named Livadia who is agoraphobic [afraid to leave her house]. Could go a few different ways with that one ^_^

    I also have a fallen angel character named Chalet who is all mopey and secludes herself in an abandoned temple to sulk. She fell in love with a human man, then found out he was married and killed his wife :x

    I DO ALSO HAVE MALE CHARRIES.. but I haven't checked your resume to see which gender you prefer playing yet >_>; .. SO LET ME KNOW! :3
  5. I play them both equally. As I stated above, I am available for any role your mind can conjure up. The first one seems like fun however!
  6. I would be honoured to take a spot. I'd also love to try everything on your wishlist ;)
  7. Only one spot left... Who's mad enough to take it?
  8. May I take the last spot? ~
  9. Aaaaahhhhhh. I wished to haven taken the last spot. :( we even had an idea going and everything :(
  10. Dr. Crow: I know this is going to utterly destroy a lot of people's hopes and dreams, but it appears that the slots have filled up. And that I am no longer available... However, since I am a generous world leader, I shall in fact allow Devil to be my roleplay partner as well. But the rest of you who feel that they are daring enough to roleplay with me will have to PM me. If I feel that I have enough time I will indeed allow you to roleplay with me. Keep in mind that the rest of you will be subject to ideas of my creation. I personally would consider that a great honor.

    That Voice Inside My Head: Good god you have a large head. No one is ever going to roleplay with us if you don't get off that fabricated beast of yours.
  11. ^_^ your amazing marceline *hugs*
  12. Seeing as some of the people that have requested me have allegedly died somewhere along the lines... I am still receiving requests for people to roleplay with me and I am willing to accept just one more. Is anyone daring enough to take the spot?