Ava'yorn fronah. (Hello everyone.)

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  1. Coi ui vi petranaswin ekess tafiaf wux shio tenpiswo. Sia ominak ui *waruira* vur si ergriff ehtaha nomeno goawy filki jaka. Si tir ti tepoha tikil ulhyrr svabol si mi tirir tenpiswo ilroevi, shar si filiik batobot ui creolnali si tepoha ekess xurwk tir mrith: annishir sva halitrad epanomisi ini apzen. Si jahus tora ekess goawy nomeno youwe shafaer tenpiswo vur zyak tenpiswo coi ui... Si tir ti majak vi xsio zahae voranir urgthumnum montuic shafaer tenpiswo, zyak filki confn ehtah ve vur ehtah ekik ihk doutan, kruth?

    (OK, OOC time. I don't care what I'm called, I've just to say Hi everybody and what on earth Waruira is saying. Normally it can be translated via a Draconic Translator [Despite her/them not being a dragon], but I'll just post the translation here:

    It is a pleasure to meet you all here. My name is Waruira and I only found this place just now. I do not have any idea what I am doing here exactly, but I guess that is something I have to make do with: appearing at mystery places by luck. I was asked to place this thing on here and so here it is... I do not give a damn around adding personal points on here, so just come find me and find out for yourself, okay? ))
  2. Welcome to the community, Waruira! :D
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    Welcome to Iwaku Waruria!