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  1. Ever since Aang defeated the firelord the world was at peace for centuries, but soon a war was waged by the water tribe. A new and corrupt leader took over after the death of the previous ones. Like Sozen and Ozai, he wanted to control every nation and disguised it as vengeance for past conflicts leading to the deaths of many water tribe members and lied to all the water tribe members saying that the fire or the earth nation planned on waging war against the water tribe in order to control it. There were many things he did in order to fool the water tribes even doing things before he became the leader. When the war began,the new Avatar was born into the Earth Nation. The Water Tribe leader planned to get rid of this avatar, but he knew another Avatar would be born sooner a later and decided that in order to stop the avatar cycle he would need to wait for the Avatar to actually put up a fight.
    It's been 16 years since the war started and there is no sign of it stopping any sooner. The avatar ,about to find out that he/she is the avatar, is going to have to set out and master all the elements and restore peace between all four nations.

    1.Keep Cussing to a minimum
    2.PG-13 Romance anything above will have to be done through PM
    3.No Dual Bending. You're not the avatar nor will you ever be.
    4.No killing or fatally injuring someone without the other person's permission.
    5.Pre-Planning fights that may result in fatal injury,death, or something like that with the user you are going to fight with would be a good a idea.
    6.If you are going to be gone for a while then please tell us that way we can find some way to fit your character in the RP while you're gone or find someone to take control of your character while you're gone.
    7.No controlling other people's character unless given permission
    8.No God-modding which can be sorta hard in an RP based on something like Avatar the Last Airbender.
    9.Have fun.

    Evil Overlord:

    Avatar's teachers
    Waterbending Master/Teacher: Mei Zhao
    Earthbending Master/Teacher:
    Airbending Master/Teacher:
    Firebending Master/Teacher:

    Water Tribe

    arachnidsGrip: Mei Zhao

    Fire Nation

    Earth Kingdom

    Air Nomads

    (appearance here)
    Are you a bender:
    If So what do you bend?:
    What is your level of bending: Are you a beginner, a novice, on an intermediate level, a master?
    Companions?: (like pets or if you are friends with someone then those people)
    Anything else?

    [​IMG] (same eye colour as the leopard)
    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Zhao,Mei
    Age: 25
    Are you a bender: Yes
    If So what do you bend?: Waterbending, Plantbending
    What is your level of bending: Master
    Weapons/Items: Throwing Knives, Bo Staff, Basic First Aid Kit, rations,some other stuff.
    Companions?:[​IMG] A Rare Snow Leopard (cause ya know. Finding animals that aren't a hybrid of two different ones is rare. Well she's actually large enough to be able to be ridden by maybe up to two people)
    The Name of this Snow Leopard is Anya. She's a very agile beast and very calm. Anya ,due to her large size, can carry up to two people but normally will only let Mei ride. Not only is she agile, but she is very strong and can be aggressive when she or Mei is in danger.
    Personality: Mei is a rather kind and caring person. She is able to contain her anger for quite a long time, but once in a while her anger take control. Mei seems rather trusting but she's usually able to see through someone's fa├žade rather easily. She doesn't take a lot of things seriously, but when fighting that changes. Mei is a person you can talk to about about your problems, feelings, etc. and most of the time she'll try to help you with them and she'll comfort you if you need it. She's seen as quite motherly.
    She doesn't really agree with the Water Tribe rising against the other nations which is why she refuses to help the army.
    Bio: Mei was raised by her grandfather who ,at the time, was the Northern Water tribe's water bending master. Her parents had died while they went to go visit friends from the Southern Tribe. When she was around 8 years old she discovered her bending. She told her grandfather who was quite pleased to know he had someone he could pass on his skills to. Since she was still pretty young she would mess around with her bending and sometimes did beginner moves on accident. When she was ten years old her grandfather started to train her.
    She was able to pick up the beginners moves within two weeks. By the time she was 15 she was basically one of the top water benders in the tribe. Unlike the other top water benders who liked to boast about their skills and believed they were good enough, Mei continued on training. She still had some time before she could reach her grandfather's level. After two more years of training, she was labelled the 2nd water bending master of the Northern Water tribe. Even though she had this title, she was still nowhere near her grandfather's level yet. It wasn't long after being labelled a water bending master He that her grandfather became seriously ill. He died a few months later.
    She refused to be called the water bending master by the others. Some water benders planning on entering the army wanted her training, but like her grandfather, she refused. She was against the war. Mei would always think of leaving the Northern Water Tribe and start travelling in secret to the Southern Water tribe where most of the people there were neutral when it came to the war. She never did though because whenever an opposing army attacked the city there would be tons of damage left behind, and she couldn't just leave them like that. Mei still stays in the Northern Water Tribe this day. She teaches some of the girls how to use their bending for healing and she also lives in her grandfather's old house. She still trains almost everyday that way she can actually earn the title of Water Bending master.
    Anything else? She is considering finally leaving the Northern Water Tribe and Heading to Republic City. Her white hair and her surprisingly light skin colour are due to genetic mutations.


    I put this as fan-based and in modern because It's set in a more modern period of Avatar The Last Airbender
    This is basically .

    There will be more technological advancements
    Since Legend Of Korra is set in the early 1900s (or maybe mid 50s) This will probably be in 2013 (so it's not the present present, but it's still gonna be modern) leaving room for korra to die (most likely in her early 60s, poor child..well aang died in his early 50s sooooo)

    Everything is much more modern than before
    You got televisions, cars, cellphones, basically most of the stuff we already have now but with more of an Avatar the last airbender flare to it (and sorta steam punky I guess)
    You still got pro-bending (there still aren't air-benders in pro-bending teams due to the fact 63 years still isn't enough time to repopulate the air bending nation itself. Most likely there are maybe 6-7 airbenders now :I)

  2. I said no dual bending :I
    there aren't fairies in Avatar the Last Airbender
    Once you fix those two things I'll accept it
  3. Plant bending is the same as water bending. As in the swamp episode. They're bending the water in the plants. Not the plant itself. I will post character sheet soon.