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    t's been 22 years sense Avatar Korra's passing, and no New Avatar had come to light within this time. Meanwhile the world grew and expanded, and as it did so the world began to break down with out the guidance of the Avatar. The four nations were getting dangerously close to a full scale war the main aggressor's being the earth kingdom, now Under the rule of Katsuki Manimoto, a corrupt and power hungry Earthbender master with corrupt and hospitable enemy. The new avatar unknown to the world was Kye, a young girl who was orphaned at a young age and has kept her true nature a secret. She grew through many hardships and things have escalated to the point where the four nations are in desperate need of the Avatar. Will she decide to come to the rescue or simply let things continue down the path of destruction? Only time will tell.

    So basically, i want to start my own avatar story based after the most recent line with Korra and the Gang. Things will not be very advanced past the Legend of Korra so don't expect airplanes and fast cars we've got pretty much anything you see in the show. I want this to be a darker more gritty and serious RP rather then the light hearted show we know and love. It will be starring my Character Kye who is the new avatar and then the 4-5 other character's you all create. I will leave romantics available but no sex sorry. It can be implied but not RP'd ^__^ now onto the Character Sheet.

    Character Sheet




    Appearance: (pictures are fine ^__^)

    Nation: (I.E. Earth Water Air Fire)

    Bending: (You can be a non bender if you want)





    Name: Kye

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler


    Bending: All


    Weight: 123 Lb

    Bio: Kye was born to a poor family and a Podunk town in the middle of the earth kingdom. Her parents being simple farmers she had a simple easy life. However at the age of 7 her family were attacked by a group of fire and earth benders and her parents were murdered leaving her orphaned and with one less arm. As she grew up at the age of 13 she ran away from the orphanage and went on the run living on her own taking whatever jobs she could to get bye. Her life was hard and she put her natural talents for bending to good use getting jobs at factory's or even for the mob as a body guard. Over time she gradually got more and more skilled and gained more and more scars as she grew up. Now at the age of twenty two she spends her time drinking and working so she can drink some more not really giving a shit about the current state of things.
  2. Just so we are clear i have basic chapter's planned so if you have any question's or doubt that this will not go well then please say so or ask me.

    Also I would appreciate it if when you post an application if you post an image for your appearance then please post it in spoiler's ^__^ thank you.
  3. Name: Sho-he Mire

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Damn.jpg Click to make bigger

    Nation: Fire

    Bending: Fire/lightning

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 180

    Bio: The pride of the fire nations darker circles, the bane of its enemies, and the best assassins the nation has to offer, the C.E.S. (Covert Execution Squad) Sho is one of their most promising... and dangerous members.

    Born the third son of a poor family in one of the fire nations industrial cities Sho's family noticed his extreme bending strength practically from birth. Before even his first steps he was doing small things such as burping out small jets of flame and making sparks by clapping his hands. By the time he was 4 he was already beginning to control his bending to a point and his parents could not be happier.... they finally had a chance. As the world moved around them the fire nation sent out a call for strong benders, for training, for the glory of the nation, and a small stipend to the benders family. His parents, sensing a chance for more money than they had ever hoped to have, happily turned him over to the fire nation. They walked away, pockets full and never entered his life again.

    The guard looked down on the boy with a small grin," So kid, you are going to be a soldier how do you like that?" Sho looked up at the man with a face bereft of emotion.. hed already shed every tear his small body could muster," I dont." The soldier grinned all the wider," Huh smart kid. But at least your not going to go hungry now." The boy only nodded in reply and the guard sighed," Well I guess ill take you to the watch commander for testing. Ive already seen that you can bend but hell figure out how much, and how well." The man set of at a quick walk, turning his head slightly to make sure the kid was following. He was.

    They neared a large wooden door and the guard knocked. After a moment filled with the sounds of shuffling paper a voice from inside the room called out," Come in." The guard opened the door and shuffled the child through," Excuse me sir but we have a new bender it seems." The commander laughed at what he thought was a good joke," A bender eh? Why not show me a little bending then?" The mans voice dripped with sarcasm. The boy took a moment to look the man over... tall, thick muscled, scraggly beard with a drooping mustache to match, a bald head covered in intricate tattoos. The child smiled evilly and took a deep breath stretching his cheeks with the air he brought in, with a slight roar he let out a puff of flame igniting the mans mustache and sending him reeling away in surprise and no little pain.

    The commander quickly slapped out the fires and stood back up to look down on the child," Guard... take this boy to one of the barracks.. see him fed and clothed. Im going to the comm room." The guard nodded and took the boy away.

    "Divine fires ive never seen a kid that could do that..." The commander shook his head and walked out of his room heading straight for the comm room," You! Get me headquarters.. Now!" The comm officer fumbled slightly but quickly righted himself and got them on the line," Here you are sir." He said shakily handing the link over to the commander. Hed never see the man so bothered.... and the smoke still curling about the mans bearded face did not help any. He quickly snatched the receiver and moved to the side," I need to make a report.... tell them I have a new recruit for that 'special' project. Yes im more than sure hes worth the trouble. Yes well send him on his way as soon as possible." He closed the line and rushed out laving behind a flurry of papers and a confused officer.

    (Long story short hes taken to a secret training ground put through terrible painful exercises including but not limited to gladiatorial battles with other students, pain endurance training, corporal punishment, and many other such horrors. Eventually at the age of 13 he showed that he was the top 'student' and 'graduated' early turning into the youngest C.E.S. member in history. Less than a month later he was sent on his first assassination mission and did exceptionally well earning him a new rank. Every single mission afterwards was a great success and he quickly rose through the ranks becoming one of their best before he was even 17. He is now ranked high enough he is generally allowed free reign, picking and choosing his own targets.. "For the good of the nation".

    If youd like I could actually write all this out but... itd be loooong XD.)
  4. ^__^ . . . . that was awsome . . . Welcome to the Rise of Kye Book one.

    ps. that means your accepted!
  5. :D Cool how many we need till we start?
  6. We need a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 . ^__^ Tell everyone about the epic Journey to come and recruit your friends!

    (Only if you want to ^__^)
  7. Name: Airi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She has long flowing dark brown hair with a hint of wave. It falls a little past her shoulders and is rarily up. Her eyes glow bright green like a cat's and piecre through the night. She always wear her earth nation attire, a one-shouldered dark green shirt and a long flowing green skirt with light green leggings underneath.

    Nation: Earth Nation

    Bending: non-bender (has throwing knives at her waist)

    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 110lbs

    Bio: Airi grew up in a small village in the earth kingdom. Money was always short and so was food. In her early life she tagged along with her father to go hunting. It was always a part of her. By the age of 10 she was going out on her own and hunting down huge animals with a just a bow. Later on she was introduced to throwing knives by a group of traders and now keeps them on a belt around her waist. She is the only child in her family so she always helped with the selling and trading. She has seen things that the traders bring in and is amazed by the trinkets. Now, she wants to go on her own journey to unknown places. She wants to discover different nations and different ways of life. Her parents try to hold her back but she wants this more than anything that she has ever wanted.
  8. Accepted! ^__^ Welcome to Book One!
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  12. Name: desu

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Short dark hair, eyes are dark blue, brown skin(Most water tribe people are dark skinned), Wears a think fur coat but its always wrapped around his waist, light baggy pants than are a gray color, has a tunic that is black.

    Nation: northern water tribe

    Bending: water bender and able to bend ice without movement



    Bio: Born normally as a child but grew up to be trained as a warrior but it changed when his mother moved him to the republic city. While growing up he started to hang out with the local water bending gangs. His life became easy once he got fed up with the gang and attacked the leader. once he was the leader he gave up the gang went on to be a normal child. His personality began to show though, he is a little immature than others his age but is a kind person. When he got his first job his mother died, he was 16. He lived in his old home until he moved out at the age of 18. Now he is currently back in the water bending gang rising to the top.
  13. Water bending is fine but blood bending and ice bending is a little OP'd to start off with that. Don't expect to really get new powers until the second book.

    Also i take that back we are full ^__^
  14. Allright ill just take out the blood bending part because my character is fairly young still and it would make more sense if he learns it later
  15. Name: Ty Lee

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG] (The one with the red hair. But without the belt and the pistol on it)

    Nation: Fire

    Bending: No bending (She is a Chi blocker)

    Height: 5,6

    Weight: 116lbs

    Bio: Ty Lee was born in a small village in the Fire Nation. She was named after her great grandmother who was also the first chi blocker ever known, every female that was born in her family was a chi blocker, there was a code that said: only women can be chi blockers, but now everything has changeed, males, females now everyone is a chi blocker, but her family still keeps the tradition that only women can become chi blocker. Ty Lee was one of the best in her family, her training became when she was at the age of five, she had a lot of potential in her and her mother knew it. Ten years later she has become a excellent chi blocker and an amazing acrobat.
  16. Name: Shiro Azuri


    Nation: Fire

    Bending: Fire bending

    Height: 6'0

    Bio: Shiro grew up as a street kid his parents were murdered and he was left for dead, while still young he searched out his uncle who took him in gratefully and trained him under his wing, taking the fine arts in the bending he leard from highly trained masters and a little more bending from his uncle, he was wery good for a young age and he got stronger over the years, he ocasionally travles and has street mentality being known as a theif ad trouble maker wherever he goes.
  17. OK I will get the IC up ^__^
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